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All About Fat Transfer in Scarsdale

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Fat transfer is also known as lipofilling, fat grafting, and fat injections. In this procedure, an individual’s own fat is used to fill the irregularities and grooves. This is a very popular medical procedure that was started somewhere in the early 90s. The procedure is safe and provides sure outcomes after the treatment. That’s why this technique is very popular. So if you are wishing for a fat transfer in Scarsdale, then this guide might help you.

What is Fat Transfer?

This involves transferring fat from regions with extra fat like the outer thighs and injecting it into parts of the face, arms, breast, and buttock that may be deficient in volume. This process is long-lasting, safe, and well-tolerated, and the outcomes are natural-looking.

The Procedure of Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is also referred to as fat injection, fat grafting, or lipofilling. It is a treatment that uses a user’s own fat to fill in grooves and abnormalities. This is now a popular approach that was refined into a repeatable process in the early 1990s. In the procedure, a restricted liposculpture with one or more 3 to 5 mm incisions is used to acquire the requisite fat. It’s usually obtained from the abdomen or inner thigh.

Centrifugation, filtration, or rinsing are used to treat the aspirated fat. The end outcome is a liquid form of fatty tissue suitable for injection. The fat is then infused into the required areas. By infusing minute amounts of fat into the tissue, the fat is equally dispersed throughout the area, and the infused fat is well protected by normal tissue. 

This keeps the transplanted fat in interaction with the external tissues, which are responsible for supplying it with nutrients and oxygen.

Risks Associated with Fat Transfer

There are various risks associated with fat transfers which are as follows:

  • One might see bruising, tenderness, and swelling in the donor area for up to 24 hours.
  • Further, you might also notice swelling, tenderness, and bruising in the treated area.

To avoid swelling, use a cool pad or a bag filled with ice cubes. Usually, the swelling will rise up to 3 days, and then after that starts subsiding. It is better to check doctor credentials and reviews before going for fat transfer in Scarsdale. And it is better to ask about any queries and doubts related to the procedure. After the treatment, post-care is a must.

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