June 10, 2023

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Now marks the commencing of Bola Tinubu’s presidency in Nigeria. The incoming administration faces a challenging established of challenges, which include persistent insecurity and an unstable economic system.

One of the difficulties that proceeds to puppy Nigerian politicians is clinical tourism, or travel abroad to search for professional medical care. Nigerian elites devote massive sums on overseas health care – amounting to above US$ 7 billion involving 2016 and 2022, in accordance to the newspaper PUNCH.

It is significant small business for the abroad healthcare amenities, some of which have focused international promoting and welcome models, including arranging transportation and language solutions. Other individuals get the job done with medical tourism organizations to aid referrals.

The trade can also be rewarding for professional medical tourism facilitators in Nigeria. These could be medical practitioners or other brokers who refer effectively-heeled purchasers to healthcare companies abroad, obtaining a fee. The ethics can be murky.

Olusesan Makinde, the managing husband or wife of Feasible Knowledge Masters, a wellness and advancement consultancy, thinks that “there’s higher possible for abuse” in the process. He suggests that health care practitioners have an ethical obligation not to promote health-related tourism companies. This can lead to “physician-induced demand” for unneeded providers, as properly as a mismatch involving what is becoming marketed in shiny international campaigns and the true good quality of providers.

Prevalent locations for Nigerian professional medical vacationers consist of India and the United kingdom. A single estimate is that for surgeries, 30,000 Nigerians went abroad in 2019. These contain orthopedic, cardiac, and other surgical procedures.

Some tragic surgical procedures cases involving Nigerian clinical tourists have become intercontinental news. In 2005, Nigeria’s previous first lady, Stella Obasanjo, died out of the blue in Spain through a liposuction course of action in which a tube was mistakenly inserted into her belly cavity, puncturing her colon. Four a long time later, the plastic surgeon was convicted of negligent homicide.

Kidney transplant surgeries are also executed on Nigerians overseas. In a notorious 2023 situation, Nigerian senator Ike Ekweremadu, his spouse Beatrice, and the health care provider Obinna Obeta were declared responsible of conspiracy in trafficking a 21-yr-previous street vendor from Lagos to the United kingdom in get to harvest his kidney and transplant it into the couple’s unwell daughter. The sufferer was in a position to escape just after overhearing of the plot’s details.

Health practitioner Obeta, who housed the sufferer, organized the transplant by means of a clinical tourism business charging £10,000. He ran a non-public medical center in Nigeria and experienced earlier gained a kidney transplant in London himself. Obeta claimed that he had been fearful to have the transplant for the Ekweremadus’ daughter carried out in Nigeria or India, because of to the superior death charge of the course of action.

These are severe cases, but they place to a url

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Bodybuilder and YouTuber Will Tennyson has experimented with a broad assortment of workouts and diet programs, trying out the work out regiments and meal strategies of some of the world’s fittest men and women, including Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, World’s Strongest Male champion Brian Shaw, the late boxing legend Muhammad Ali, and Ironman triathlete Nick Bare. In his most recent movie, Tennyson turns his focus to one of the swolest—not to point out booked-and-busiest—movie stars on the world, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and sets himself the obstacle of next the actor’s rigorous morning program.

This begins with a 4 a.m. wakeup simply call a high bar to apparent appropriate off the bat. “Having up at this time seriously can make you come to feel like you have your lifestyle figured out,” states Tennyson. “I will not, but it genuinely feels that way.”

Johnson commonly begins his day with 30 to 50 minutes of cardio, commonly both jogging or on the elliptical machine, and Tennyson opts for an early morning run. “I was ready for the runner’s substantial the entire time, and it failed to exhibit up,” he states. He then spends some time meditating, which he describes as “the best challenge of not slipping asleep,” right before heading out for a hearty breakfast of steak and eggs with watermelon and toast.

When he is all fueled up, it is time for Johnson’s big back working day workout, which is composed of:

  • large-grip lat pulldowns (4 sets of 12)
  • bent about barbell rows (4 sets of 12)
  • 1-armed dumbbell row (4 sets of 12)
  • barbell deadlift (3 sets of 10)
  • pullups (3 sets)
  • dumbbell shrugs (4 sets of 12)
  • inverted row (3 sets)
  • hyperextensions (4 sets of 12)

Soon after a put up-workout shake (designed with an apple, creatine, protein powder, electrolytes, and carbohydrate powder) and a chilly shower, Tennyson will get on with the rest of his day—and finds that relatively than staying fatigued, the rigorous start out to his working day has energized him.

“My productiveness is just kind of overwhelming correct now,” he says. “I bought all the perform done I required to do right now, began stuff for tomorrow, and the stunning thing about it is, it’s only 1 o’clock in the afternoon… I currently have all my techniques for the day. I was contemplating by this time of day I might be pretty drained and it would strike me, but nope!”

Philip Ellis is a freelance author and journalist from the United Kingdom covering pop society, relationships and LGBTQ+ challenges. His work has appeared in GQ, Teenager Vogue, Guy Repeller and MTV.

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Those of us who went to community educational institutions in the ’80s and ’90s grew up on American Coronary heart Association-sponsored Hoops for Heart and bounce rope-a-thons. These situations ingrained in us 1 critical lesson: that getting active could fortify our hearts.

Of study course, coronary heart wellbeing is not as basic as just leaping all-around. There are a lot of matters that play into our coronary heart health, like spouse and children historical past and socioeconomic factors heck, even your zip code can have a say in your lengthy-term heart wellness.

Nevertheless, a single advice cardiologists continuously return to time and yet again is to get additional training. When folks hear this, they from time to time start into what they imagine is a excellent schedule of exercise for heart wellness, only to get injured, discouraged, or give up altogether.

Here are four of the most common errors that cardiologists George Fernaine, MD, MBA, section main of cardiology at NYU Langone Hospital–Brooklyn, and Sean Heffron, MD, a preventive cardiologist in the Centre for the Avoidance of Cardiovascular Illness at NYU Langone Health and fitness, see men and women make, and what you really should do as an alternative.

Issues to stay away from when training fitness for heart wellbeing

Oversight 1: Executing much too a great deal as well shortly

“Most persons start also heavy and really hard, but it is improved to get started slowly and gradually and operate your way up,” states Dr. Fernaine. His suggestion is to commence with just 10 minutes a working day, functioning your way up to 150 minutes for every week. (But be confident to get your physician’s ok initial if you have any overall health fears.)

“When you check out to make a massive transform all of a sudden, it tends to not be sustainable. Gradual implementation of any adjustments in lifestyle tends to get the job done best,” says Dr. Heffron. He details out that adding even 10 minutes of workout a day can be hard, intimidating, and tough to adhere to.

Hear to your physique (and head), and start off with little, workable bites. “The older we are, the far more most likely we are to most likely have detrimental aspect results from exercising,” suggests Dr. Heffron. These can be anything from slight aches and pains to accidents like sprains—and injuries are additional probably when you overuse some thing or try to speedily ramp up, he provides.

Most of all, you should not check out to thrust by way of any adverse signs, notably any pain in your chest, dizziness, or problems breathing through workout. “Those are all items to advise there might be a thing going on in your cardiovascular process that you need to communicate to your physician [about],” claims Dr. Heffron.

Oversight 2: Not stretching or warming up

Dr. Fernaine stresses the value of stretching both prior to and soon after working out in get to keep away from injuries. While

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Tina Turner’s bring about of dying was a “lengthy sickness,” according to a assertion from her publicist supplied to NBC Information. The queen of rock ‘n’ roll died peacefully in her home in Switzerland on Wednesday, Could 24, 2023.

In the several years foremost up to her loss of life, the star experienced been open about the health issues she faced, including intestinal cancer in 2016, a kidney transplant in 2017 and a stroke in 2013. Turner had been residing with large blood pressure for a great deal of her life.

“With her, the entire world loses a music legend and a function model,” the assertion from her spokesperson read through. “Tina Turner was born Anna Mae Bullock on November 26, 1939, in Nutbush, Tennessee, Usa. She became well known in the late 60s as the singer of the band Ike & Tina Turner Revue, but later she turned effective worldwide as a solo artist.”

“With her new music and her inexhaustible vitality, Tina Turner thrilled hundreds of thousands of lovers and impressed several artists of subsequent generations. World hits like ‘What’s Like Acquired To Do With it,’ ‘Private Dancer’ and ‘The Very best,’ more than 180 million albums marketed, 12 Grammy Awards and around 3 a long time of sold-out stadium tours all-around the entire world are just portion of her distinctive legacy.”

Many celebs have mourned the reduction of the legendary signer, which includes Modern Al Roker, Oprah, Gloria Gaynor, Ciara, Questlove, Angela Bassett and Mariah Carey.

How did Tina Turner die?

Turner’s cause of demise was “a extensive disease,” according to a assertion from her publicist. A lot more unique details about her trigger of demise has not been confirmed.

Tina Turner’s sicknesses

Turner experienced been public about various wellness concerns she faced in latest many years, including intestinal most cancers, a stroke, high blood pressure and kidney failure, as well as post-traumatic tension dysfunction from her relationship to Ike Turner.

In her 2018 memoir titled “My Adore Story,” she wrote, “I have been on this sort of a wild roller-coaster in the four several years given that my marriage that even I have difficulty preserving my professional medical catastrophes straight.”

When did Tina Turner have a stroke?

Turner endured a stroke in October 2013, three months soon after her second marriage to Erwin Bach, she wrote in her memoir.

“I woke up instantly and in a stress,” the legendary singer wrote. “A lightning bolt struck my head and my proper leg — at minimum that is how it felt — and I had a amusing sensation in my mouth that produced it complicated for me to contact out to Erwin for aid. I suspected it wasn’t fantastic, but it was even worse than I at any time imagined. I was having a stroke.”

Bach and her medical professional took her to the healthcare facility, in which she learned that she was unable to stand on her own. She experienced to drag herself to a sofa and

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The barbell bench and overhead push are the gold criteria for pressing power and incorporating dimensions, but when it arrives to unilateral education, a required but sometimes undertilized instruction technique, the barbell may possibly not be the most perfect selection and which is the place the unilateral dumbbell floor push arrives into play.

Lifting with two palms enables you to elevate much more weight for juicy gains, but undertaking bilateral lifts—lifting the two sides simultaneously—all the time prospects to power imbalances involving sides. These toughness imbalances, even though not always a big deal, can alter the strategy, can lead to personal injury niggles, and go away gains on the desk.

There is an simple way to fix this dilemma: the unilateral dumbbell flooring press. Below we’ll dive into almost everything dumbbell floor push so you can supersize your power and muscle gains.


Most horizontal pressing versions are carried out on a excess weight bench, not the dumbbell ground push. As the identify indicates, you execute this press lying on the flooring, which does handful of factors to the press. You shorten the assortment of motion, which is a shoulder saver for some. When the elbow goes past the torso in the push, it puts the shoulder into exterior rotation, and if your shoulder is bothering you, this doesn’t assist.

The shortened assortment of movement puts significantly less of a stretch on the upper body hence, some emphasis is taken off the upper body and put on the triceps. In addition, due to the fact you are on the flooring, you are a lot more secure and obtain instant responses, with lets you to push much more safely.


Here’s how to execute the dumbbell unilateral ground press with superior variety.

  1. Lie on your back with a dumbbell by your side.
  2. Roll above on to your side, and grip the dumbbell with each fingers.
  3. Roll on your back again, press up, and clear away just one hand.
  4. You can have your feet on the floor or your legs prolonged. This is a matter of personalized choice.
  5. Reduced the dumbbell right up until your upper arm touches the floor and push up right until lockout.
  6. Reset and repeat and then change sides.

Muscle tissues Trained

When pressing on the bench, you can use your reduce physique rigidity as a counterbalance to help thrust the fat. Not so on the ground, which helps make the flooring push a predominately an upper body physical exercise.

In this article are the main muscles trained by the unilateral ground push.

  • Chest: The initial drive off the ground is all chest.
  • Anterior Deltoids: Helps the upper body muscle with the initial press.
  • Triceps: When your higher arm is off the flooring, the triceps kick in.
  • Obliques: Both oblique muscles agreement isometrically to avert your torso from rotating.


All unilateral workouts will improve strength imbalances between sides if

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