February 26, 2024

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Benefits of Group Fitness

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Statistics do not lie, and the stats on general fitness levels in the U.S. are particularly grim; only around one fourth of Americans are getting the recommended level of physical activity week in and week out. The reasons for this are varied; some individuals struggle with gym knowledge, but for others accountability and motivation are the main struggles killing their fitness progress. For the later group that struggles with showing up, group fitness can be the perfect solution for getting you up and motivated each session!  There are a couple of really great benefits of group fitness that anyone looking to advance their fitness progress can take advantage of!

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

That saying is as old as time itself, and for good reason! Having someone besides you putting in the same work can be extremely motivating and can give you good reason to keep pushing further. Do a little experiment: try doing 20 minutes of cardio by yourself one day, the next day do the same exact thing but bring a friend along as well. You might find that the cardio session with the partner goes smoother, quicker, and you fput in more effort as well! This same concept carries over perfectly with group sessions as well!

In addition to this benefit, group fitness sessions are amazing from an accountability

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