February 22, 2024

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Benefits of Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain

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The Woodlands in Texas is a small community with outstanding pain specialists. If you live in the area and suffer from chronic pain, you may benefit from spinal cord stimulation in The Woodlands.

Chronic pain is increasingly becoming an issue all over the United States. Spinal cord stimulation is one of the newer solutions created to solve the problem and is drastically becoming more common due to the benefits it offers.

Some benefits offered by spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain include:

1.      Adjustable Pain Relief

No two cases of chronic pain are exactly alike. Though two people may suffer the same type of pain in the same area, there are going to be slight differences, for which the treatment method should account.

Spinal cord stimulation offers pain relief customized to the patient’s pain levels and type. Patients receive a handheld controller with which they can adjust the level of stimulation they want their spinal cord to receive.

There are new spinal cord stimulators that automatically adjust the level of stimulation based on the patient’s movements. Therefore, the relief provided will always be sufficient as it always matches the pain.

2.      Reversible

Most medical procedures, especially advanced ones, are irreversible. However, a spinal cord stimulation procedure is completely reversible.

It is a great benefit of spinal cord stimulation as patients can find out whether the treatment is right for them or serves its purpose. Based on the results, they can decide to continue with the treatment or try something else.

Therefore, spinal cord stimulation is a chronic pain relief therapy that you can stop whenever you want. Few other pain relief solutions offer the same amount of freedom.

The best part is that it causes no long-term damage if the procedure is reversed.

3.      Targeted Pain Relief

The vast majority of chronic pain relief solutions will affect your entire body, even when only a specific part experiences the pain. Doing so makes these methods less effective than they otherwise would be.

A great benefit of spinal cord stimulation is that the pain relief is targeted to a specific area. Therefore, all the efforts are directed to the specific area with pain, increasing its effectiveness many times over other solutions.

Moreover, since the pain relief is targeted, you will not experience adverse side effects because other areas are not affected.

4.      Minimally Invasive

As far as chronic pain relief methods are concerned, spinal cord stimulation is one of the least invasive of them. The procedure involves making only one incision to plant the generator. The smaller the generator, the smaller the incision.

There are several benefits to having such a minimally invasive procedure including less chance of infection and less scarring, among others. The more invasive a medical procedure, the higher the risk of something going wrong.

5.      Cost Effective

As it pertains to medical procedures, the most expensive ones are those that have recurring costs. Medication is a perfect example, since you always have to pay to get a prescription filled.

The initial cost of a spinal cord stimulation procedure may seem more than alternatives. However, in the long run it will save you more money than if you were to choose other options.

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