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Best Slots Developers

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By now we must all know the story concerning a Californian mechanical engineer called Charles D. Fey and the Liberty Bell slot machine. His creation was the first bona fide slot machine to exist in the world, and it very quickly proved to be a hit in his native California, before spreading across the world at lightning pace. For pretty much the entire 20th century the slots were the go-too new gambling game, and Mr. Fey couldn’t believe his luck!

By the 1960s there were slot machines pretty much everywhere in places like Las Vegas, but one thing that is surprising is that there were still only a handful of companies making these games. Now, if we fast forward to the 21st century there are a myriad of online slot developers trying to attract gamblers with their games – how things have changed, eh? It is pretty crucial that you get to know some of the best slot developers. Read ahead to find out or join today.


Talk to a passionate and experienced online slot gambler about their favourite slot developer and we are willing to bet that 90% of the time you will be met with the reply that it is NetEnt. These guys are long standing pioneers in the online slot industry, with a steady string of online slot titles that are continuously better than the last games, and also regularly have a ton of innovative features. 

NetEnt were one of the first companies to feature a Cluster Pay mechanism in their games, for example, in titles such as Aloha! Cluster Pays and Starburst. The Swedish developer are also responsible for how good the graphics are across the board in the online slot industry, making a number of breakthroughs in regard to the aesthetics of their games. 


MIcrogaming are probably the oldest online slot developer around these days that is still churning out online slot titles at a freakishly quick pace. The company, based in Malta, have been one of the top dogs in the online casino industry since before the Internet even existed – in other words they are outrageously experienced, and it shows. 

Over the last few years the most exciting thing about Microgaming has been their steadfast insistence on offering a crazily lucrative Progressive Jackpot Network. It has paid out several online slot gamblers more than a million pounds since its inception, and looks set to pay out a lot more still! Our only criticism with Microgaming is that, due to the sheer amount of games they release, some can be hit and miss. 


Eyecon are an Australian slot developer company that are widely accepted to have been the first developer to make a commercially viable online slot with Temple Of Isis. This was back in the very early 2000s, and since then the company have pressed on to become one of the most respected developer studios in the world. 

You just cannot beat an Eyecon classic like Fluffy Favourites, the company has online slots in their very DNA.

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