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David W. Foulk, MD, takes satisfaction in establishing the most cutting-edge, all-encompassing women’s healthcare therapy in the Marion, Ohio, region. Around three decades ago, he started Marion Ob/Gyn Inc to offer revolutionary and less invasive treatments while building a clinic based on compassion and trust. To find out more about David Foulk MD, set up a consultation by calling the office or use the online booking service.

Meet Dr. Foulk

Dr. Foulk was born and raised in Bucyrus, Ohio. He graduated with honors from Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio, with a BA in Pre-Med, Chemistry, and Zoology. He was elected to the Zoology Board and was inducted to The National Chemistry Honor Society and Phi Lambda Upsilon.

Dr. Foulk received his medical degree from The Ohio State University College of Medicine. He was among six med students selected for the exclusive Sports Medicine Rotation, where he worked as a team doctor for OSU Football and the entire athletic department.

Dr. Foulk discovered his passion for the OB/GYN specialty during his time at OSU. He finished his residency and internship in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Mt. Carmel Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, where he was Chief Resident.

After completing his residency, Dr. Foulk moved to Marion with his spouse and kids. He and his family rapidly integrated themselves into the community, and he and his family have developed multiple, treasured, long-term, meaningful relationships.

Dr. Foulk is a Board-Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist, as well as a Fellow Member of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). He is also an active member of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, the Marion Academy of Physicians, the American Society of Laparoscopic Surgeons, the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, the Ohio State Medical Association, and the American Medical Association. He also functioned as Leader of the OB/GYN Division at Marion General Hospital for more than two decades.

Dr. Foulk was the inaugural receiver of Marion General Hospital’s Physician of the Year Award. He also received the Customer Service Physician Champion Award for Marion General and Ohio Health in 2012.

What Services Does Dr. Foulk Provide?

Dr. Foulk and his staff provide a full scope of services, ranging from OB/GYN to aesthetic care. Women can benefit from a host of services, all tailored to their unique needs and wants, such as:

  • Birth control
  • Pregnancy care
  • Hysterectomy
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics care
  • IUD
  • CoolSculpting
  • SCITON Laser
  • TempSure
  • TempSure Vitalia
  • Laser skin renewal
  • Cosmetic fillers
  • Emsculpt

Once you set foot at Marion Ob/Gyn Inc, you will be welcomed by a team of caring and loving providers. They strive to create a patient-friendly environment for you, all through care and beyond.

Do not allow OB/GYN or aesthetic concerns to take control of your health and wellness, while Dr. Foulk and his staff can provide you with the care you need. Contact Marion Ob/Gyn Inc to set up an initial consultation today.… Read More...

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Any successful medical treatment starts with a proper examination of what is happening in the body. Endoscopy is an example of a significant medical evaluation of the digestive system. Such procedures involve the use of an endoscope in seeing the parts with the problem. To have a successful endoscopy, it is always good to find an exemplary facility in its work. In Lima, Ohio, there are such centers; all you need is to do a local scanning. Visiting Lima endoscopy experts make the process accurate, bringing the problem to the surface for precise treatment. Endoscopy brings many benefits, and knowing them acts as an encouragement for undergoing the procedure.

Helps in Diagnosis

When it comes to knowing the different conditions affecting the digestive system, a doctor needs to have perfection. A myriad of things can bring almost the same symptom; hence, precise analysis is critical. Nothing can do this better than an endoscopy. Through it, the medical team can quickly know about the internal bleeding within the food pathways.

It also allows better identification of ulcers, inflammations, blockages, tumors, and celiac diseases. There is an explanation of why there are specific abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting, or bleeds. Additionally, it puts a specialist in a better position to detect abnormal growths, which could be cancerous.

Aids in Treatment of Conditions

Apart from viewing the digestive system to see the problems, a gastroenterologist can treat specific issues. The good thing is that the remedy happens quickly, and this is due to the precise information on where the problem is. A specialist can pass a special tool to clip off a certain polyp. There are also unfortunate incidents when a foreign object finds its way into the digestive system. It is common in children. The procedure can make it effortless for the medical team to remove the life-threatening thing.

Is the Procedure Painful?

Since the procedure involves inserting something into the digestive system, many will take it to be painful. The truth is, an endoscopy is painless and not harmful at all. All you need is to find a dependable facility that knows how to observe the proper protocol for such examinations. The endoscope is usually a tiny and narrow object which is well-designed to move without compromising the safety of anything along the way.

However, one can experience some discomfort which is well-dealt with through some numbness. You may experience common symptoms such as indigestion or sore throat, which never last long. The doctor may provide you with some acetaminophen which can help in relieving the discomfort.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The most impressive thing with endoscopy is that you never stay for long at the medical facility. For the upper endoscopy, it could take about twenty minutes. Mostly, you will not be put to sleep but instead provided a sedative to make you comfortable. After the examination, you’ll need to stay at the clinic for an hour or less to allow your body to recover well.

An endoscopy is …

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Getting a more defined appearance may not be easy to achieve, even with extra workouts and diet measures. That is why you need advanced treatments such as CoolTone offered at Kentucky Skin Cancer Center. The treatment has proven effective in delivering firm, toned, and strengthened abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and can give you the perfect physique you desire.  The treatment helps in reducing fat, tightening skin, toning muscles, and comes with awesome benefits. Here are some grounds why it is better than other contouring treatments.

Fast and Easy

A 30-minute session of CoolTone treatment equals around twenty-five thousand squats. You can imagine how long and tiresome it will be to complete all those squats, but the treatment only takes half an hour to deliver similar muscle contractions. This means that you can get the results you would have waited for months in just a few weeks following treatment for a few minutes only. The treatment utilizes a muscle stimulation technology that penetrates directly to the muscles to cause effect. You will get back to your normal routine immediately as there is no downtime. More amazingly, your entire treatment can take less than two months, and you will only need a session once every 3-6 months to maintain your results.

Enhances Your Performance

If you are an athlete or you are regular at the gym, CoolTone will not only give you a perfect physique but will also enhance your performance. After your two-month treatment program, your muscles and abdomen are strengthened. This will increase your repetition and experience the difference during your workout due to a strengthened core. Also, you might not get all the muscles during workouts, but CoolTone targets all muscles, even those left out during regular practices.

Non-Invasive and Nonsurgical

CoolTone targets specific muscles and will not have other organs or tissues. This explains the zero to little downtime, and you can take a session over your lunch break and get back to your regular activities immediately. Although you might feel a little sore in the treatment area, it is ignorable in most cases.

While some other contouring treatments, such as bariatric surgery, are effective and extremely safe, they are mainly recommended to those who are extremely obese and might have a longer downtime and recovery period, unlike CoolTone.

Shrinks Fat Cells

This is one of the reasons why CoolTone is unique. The extreme contractions involved in the treatment cause the fat cells to shrink, meaning you get transformational results besides toning the muscles. This means that you are receiving two treatments at a go which is not common with other treatment options. Fat-freezing eliminates fat bulks and curves while your muscles are conditioned, which doubles the treatment’s impact.

Natural Looking Results With No Side Effects

Some aesthetic treatments do not look natural, which can affect one’s confidence and self-esteem. But with CoolTone, the results look almost 100% natural, and you might not notice any difference whatsoever. The only different thing is that the muscle contractions are involuntary. … Read More...

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Millions of people in the United States battle with drug addictions. Addiction is a complex, chronic disorder that alters the normal functioning of the brain and body. Addiction causes you to repeatedly involve yourself with a substance or activity despite the psychological and physical substantial harm it causes. While in pursuit of the temporal pleasure that substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana may offer, areas in your life like your marriage, work, school, and relationships with friends debilitate. Prescribed medications such as opioid painkillers can also cause addiction. Fortunately, your Glendale addiction specialist can help you overcome your addiction and stay drug-free.

How can I tell if I am addicted?

The following practices or behaviors may indicate that you have an addiction and need medical attention from a specialist. They include:

  • Having a strong need or urge for the drug to hinder other thoughts or feelings.
  • A progressive need to increase the drug amount to attain the same effect
  •  The need to use a particular drug every day, several times each day
  • Living above your means to get the drugs.
  • Exceed the recommended span of drug usage.
  • Poor work and school performance while cutting back on social activities like hanging out with friends.
  • Engage in acts like stealing to get the drug.
  • Maintain a constant supply of the drug.
  • Fail in your attempts to discontinue the drug use.

What causes drug addiction?

Since drug addiction is a mental health disorder, different factors may contribute to its development, including environmental and genetic factors. Your family’s beliefs and attitudes play a significant role in initial drug abuse. How fast one can get addicted may be influenced by their inherited genetic traits, accelerating or delaying addiction development. Addiction can be a problem I people of different age groups and economic statuses. Below are the other factors that put you at risk for drug addiction and affect how fast the situation progresses.

Mental health disorder

Mental disorders such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and hyperactivity disorder are associated with negative feelings like loneliness. People with such disorders may resolve to drugs to block feelings of anxiety and sadness. While this may seem like a way of coping, it can worsen the existing condition. People with mental health disorders are prone to drug addiction, as would other individuals.

Family attributes and values

Different family setups have their values, including things they can or can’t do. Children raised in a family where adults smoke or drink alcohol in their midst have a higher chance of drug addiction in the future. Lack of parental supervision or bond with your siblings and other immediate family members also increases drug addiction chances.

Peer pressure

You are likely to develop an addiction if you frequently hang out with your friends or peers who engage in drug abuse. Peer pressure is a common factor, especially among young people, including teenagers, who may be easily influenced. Others may try out using drugs to fit in or seem cool.

Depending on the …

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Bipolar disorder is a mental condition that can affect anyone regardless of your age. The disorder can cause severe symptoms that can harm your life and your family and friends. Fortunately, the Chicago bipolar disorder specialists offer a wide range of treatments that can help you manage the disorder.

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder refers to a mental illness that triggers dramatic changes in a person’s mood, changes in sleep patterns, and the ability and energy to think clearly. Patients with bipolar disorder experience intense fluctuations in their mood, often known as depression and mania. They may experience episodes of extreme excitement, sadness, and hopelessness. The cause of bipolar disorder is still unknown, but several factors such as the environment, altered brain structure, stress, and genetics contribute to its development. If the disorder is left untreated, it can deteriorate and cause life-threatening symptoms. Although bipolar disorder is a lifetime disorder, the team at Uptown Psych can create a treatment plan to help you manage it.

What are the common symptoms of bipolar disorder?

There are three major categories of bipolar disorder, including Bipolar I Disorder, Bipolar II Disorder, and Cyclothymic Disorder. These types of bipolar disorder share common symptoms, but there are specific diagnoses for each form which depend on a meticulous examination of your symptoms.  While individuals with Bipolar I disorder have severe manic episodes, people with bipolar II disorder experience extended periods of depression, which can result in an irreversible impairment. Some of the common symptoms of bipolar disorder include:

Manic episodes that last for at least a week and exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Over-the-top self-confidence
  • Risky behavior
  • Racing thoughts
  • Talking too much, loudly and fast
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Enhanced multitasking skills and overbooking
  • Sleeplessness

Hypomanic episodes may last for four days and exhibit less severe and shorter symptoms of manic episodes.

Major depressive episodes that last for about two weeks and exhibit the following:

  • Lack of interest in your favorite activities
  • Feelings of restlessness
  • A decreased or increased appetite
  • Suicidal thoughts or even a suicidal attempt
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Oversleeping or needing less sleep
  • Heightened feelings of despair, hopelessness, and helplessness
  • Unexplained fatigue

If you experience any of the above symptoms or suspect that you have bipolar disorder, do not hesitate to visit Uptown Psych. The team offers a wide range of treatments and therapies to help control and mitigate bipolar disorder.

What are the available treatment options for bipolar disorder?

During your appointment at Uptown Psych, the team conducts a comprehensive physical exam and psychiatric assessment to get information about your behavior patterns and feelings. They may also request you to keep a daily record of your sleep patterns, moods, and other factors that may help them to determine the appropriate treatment for the disorder. In extreme cases, the team may refer you to a psychiatrist, whom you can confide in and open up about your emotions. At Uptown Psych, tempering and mitigating symptoms of bipolar disorder is the central goal.

If you’re experiencing …

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