October 24, 2021

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When is it appropriate to go for COVID-19 testing? Though everyone has a different opinion about contacting a medical professional for testing, situations may be different. Thus, your reason to go for testing significantly depends on your symptoms and scenario. For instance, in your trusted Otsego, MN Covid testing center, your doctor may not necessarily perform the test because you have possible symptoms and had exposure to the virus. Your healthcare provider can perform the test as a request from your employer. 

Why would your doctor recommend a current test for COVID-19?

Your doctor may suggest a COVID-19 test regardless of prior infection or your vaccination status. The healthcare professional may advise you to go in quarantine, especially if you went for the vaccination because you had symptoms or had potential exposure to the virus. Nonetheless, the medical expert will still expect you to continue following COVID-19 guidelines. 

The practitioner will most likely recommend the testing if:

  • You have COVID-19 symptoms
  • You were in contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus. However, your doctor may not perform the test when you are fully vaccinated or if you tested positive for the virus and recovered within the past approximately three months (especially if you fail to develop new symptoms).
  • Have not been vaccinated and you have taken part in activity likely to put you at risk because there was no physical distancing.
  • Your doctor or organization requests the test.

What are the possible tests you are likely to have?

Molecular Testing

Molecular Testing (also referred to as PCR or RNA) entails using a nasal swab to collect cells and fluid samples from deep inside your respiratory system or the back of your throat. After extracting the samples, your doctor will take the swab to the lab, where the lab tech will check out the presence of COVID-19 genetic material. Though molecular testing is an accurate test, you may have to wait longer for your results as the lab evaluation can take time.

Antigen Testing (Rapid Testing)

Like molecular testing, your healthcare provider will use a swabbing process to collect samples from your respiratory tract. However, the medical expert will not take the swab to the lab. As a result, you are likely to get your results sooner than in molecular testing. Though the test efficiently identifies the virus antigens, COVID-19 antigens take time before they manifest in your system. Therefore, you are likely to test negative with an antigen test though you have the virus.  

Antibody Testing

Unlike rapid and molecular tests, an antibody test does not use swabs to collect samples. Instead, your doctor uses your blood sample to check out for COVID-19 antibodies in your body. Positive results mean that you had the virus in your system in the past, whether you knew about it or did not. Thus your body develops a defense system against the virus.   

Contacting your doctor for COVID-19 testing does not necessarily mean that you have the virus in your bloodstream. … Read More...

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Problematic teeth can cause a lot of complications with your oral health. Missing, misshapen, crooked, or unevenly spaced teeth can make you feel self-conscious. If you are unhappy with your smile, look to fix your teeth by contacting cosmetic dentistry in Summit. The dental field addresses tons of dental issues likely to alter your facial muscles, making it easier for you to perform your oral functions such as eating or speaking. For instance, missing teeth are likely to force your nearby teeth to shift position, affecting your bite function. Therefore, your dentist may suggest dental implants to fill up the gaps and prevent your teeth from shifting positions.

What are some of the dentistry procedures that can enhance your smile’s appearance?

Teeth whitening

Over time, your teeth become discolored or stained due to various reasons including; smoking, taking particular medications, certain foods, and beverages such as coffee.  However, teeth discoloring may also result from poor oral hygiene practices like inadequately brushing or flossing. To eliminate the stains, your dentist will recommend an in-office whitening procedure or home treatment. For an in-home treatment, the healthcare professional will create custom mouthpiece trays to ensure the correct amounts of the solution are placed on your teeth.

Since whitening products are not designed to clean your teeth, your dentist will recommend you continue upholding healthy oral practices, including rinsing your mouth at least once a day with an antiseptic mouthwash.

Invisalign orthodontic aligners

Metallic braces are the most common option that offers dental patients orthodontic treatment for straightening teeth. However, not everyone likes the attention and unaesthetic appearance of metal braces bring to their teeth. Therefore, your dentist may recommend the invisible aligners to help you achieve tooth alignment and movement effectively without everyone noticing their presence.

Dental implants

Implants are likely to be an option if you are looking for a more permanent solution to missing teeth. Your doctor will approve the treatment if you have enough bone material to support your implant. During the process, your dentist implants titanium screws in your jawbone, where he will place your implants. The dental expert will then take an impression of your teeth and gums before designing your crowns. However, the process may need patience as your dentist may recommend several dental appointments.   

Gum recontouring and sculpting

You are likely to have an unaesthetic dental appearance when you have an excessive undergrowth or enlargement of gums. In such a case, your dentist may restore your gums’ appearance using treatments like laser therapies.  


Also referred to as caps, crowns may be a promising solution to cover your teeth, especially when you have severe decay. Since your dentist permanently fuses the crowns to the metals, you will not have to worry about them chipping or fall off when you bite or chew. However, your dentist may also advise you to take proper care of the crowns because wear and tear may eventually take a toll on them.

Have confidence in your smile. Specialists at The … Read More...

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TMJ is the joint between where the jaw bone meets the skull located right in front of the ears. Most patients usually have pain on one side or at the connection between the jawbones in the skull, at the joint, right in front of the ears. Other symptoms of this condition include ringing and stuffiness in the ear. The CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center team treats Gaithersburg TMJ patients that complain of pain affecting their ability to eat or talk, helping them move their mouth freely.

The three common causes of TMJ disorder include:

1. Tension tightness or overuse of the muscle surrounding the TMJ

To tell if the muscle is causing your problem, take the pad of your fingers and run it down the side, starting at the joint and moving downwards, along your jawline, and then up along the sides around your temples. Evaluate where it feels sorer. If a muscle is causing your jaw pain, then you are going to have sore muscles.

2. Joint disc problems

Within the TMJ, there is a little disc that is controlled by some nerves. Based on how some muscles connect to this disc, it can be pulled around in different ways and become a little bit displaced, which can cause pain when you try to open or close your mouth. The hallmark sign of a joint problem causing your jaw pain would be that you have noises. You can have clicking, popping, or may feel some locking in the jaw, an inability to open the mouth as far, or it will not move as far as it used to.

3. Jaw pain originating from the neck

The best way to know if the neck contributes to your jaw pain is that you may also have headaches. These headaches can be on both sides, almost like a band around the forehead, but often they start in the back of the neck. It kind of wraps from the back around the side, maybe even going to the eye and or the temple. A test to determine if the neck is an issue is assessing if your neck feels stiff, is sore, or if it moves as well as it should.

If you want to see if it does not move as well, there is a way that you can isolate the joints in the upper neck so that you are just comparing one side to the other. The simple test is bending your chin as far as you can towards your chest and maintaining that position as you turn your head to the right and the left. This technique will help you to see if there is a difference or pain and stiffness going one way versus the other.

Contact CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center if you suspect that you might have any of the above TMJ symptoms, get professional and individualized treatment to help you eliminate pain, and resume vital oral activities like chewing and talking.… Read More...

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It is every couple’s dream to have children as a perfect marriage is commonly characterized by having children. Research shows that couples who do not have children experience relationship challenges. Many women lose their children during pregnancy or at the time of birth. For this reason, doctors have decided to offer midwife services that will help them maintain their pregnancies. Decatur midwife services are here for you. For more information on the midwife, services visit their website or book an appointment. To enhance a better understanding of midwife services, here is what you should know.

What are midwife services?

Midwife services are described as a unique form of nursing whose main aim is to take good care of women during childbirth and pregnancy. Midwife services have ensured that cases of child death during birth or time of pregnancy are avoided. This, in return, gives couples an enjoyable and healthy relationship as they can now have children. Certified and qualified nurses should offer the services to avoid complications either to the mother or the child.

What are the different midwife services?

Midwives usually help women take care of their pregnancy or child after they are born. In many cases, they help women who want to breastfeed their babies after delivering. Some of the standard midwife services include the following;

·   Family Planning Services. In many cases, midwives assist women in making family planning choices. They advise on the best methods that suit an individual and the perfect time to go into family planning. In most cases, women who have serious birth complications are recommended for family planning. Women who do not have children are advised on the appropriate time for planning their families.

·   Preconception Care. This is the primary role of the midwives. They are required to take good care of the women before their time for delivering comes. This helps avoid cases of miscarriages that most women go through.

·   Health Promotion. It is also a core service offered to pregnant women. This helps the women maintain good health during the time that they are pregnant. This helps get rid of health problems that can interfere with the unborn child.

·   Disease Prevention. Midwife services prevent women from contracting diseases that might interfere with their health and the unborn baby. The disease includes malaria. The midwife gives out mosquito nets to those who are pregnant to avoid malaria cases, which is dangerous to the health of the unborn baby and the mother.

·   Individual Wellness Counseling. In most cases, the midwife ensures that pregnant women receive counseling before they give birth. They also counsel them on better ways of taking care of the child after birth.

Why should you consider taking midwife services?

Individuals should consider taking midwife services as it has the following benefits;

·   It ensures that women give birth in the usual way

·   It lowers rates of labor induction

·   It lowers the use of regional anesthesia…

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There are numerous reasons that someone may experience a sense of loss. You may have had someone close to you pass away, you may have been laid off at work or you might be going through a divorce. Whatever the loss is, you need to care for yourself as you experience the grief process. Here are some suggestions that may help.

Eat Healthy Foods

Choosing a healthy diet may help you from feeling worse. When you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats and lean protein, you are doing your best to feed your body. Eat regular meals, if possible. Skipping meals can sometimes lead to low blood sugar, and then you may be tempted to grab junk food. Stop eating at least three hours before bedtime to avoid heartburn and indigestion. 

Ask for Help

Reach out to friends and family members to talk about what you are feeling. Look online for resources such as Wellness Living that can give you ideas of how to cope with loss and grief. Talk to your clergy for guidance or stat meeting with a group that discusses grief. If needed, seek professional counseling. 

Spend Time in Nature

Being outside with trees, flowers, sunshine, birds and flowing water can calm your spirit and rejuvenate your body. Find a map of local trails where you can take an easy hike. Start small and work your way up to a longer hike each week. Notice the changes in the seasons. Take some photographs that will help you reflect on your experiences.


You can join with a meditation instructor online to get started with this soothing practice. Some consider time in prayer as a form of meditation. The main thing is to stop and be in an isolated location where you can quiet your thoughts. 

Start with the idea that seems easiest for now. Try this new habit for a couple of weeks and then reflect if you are feeling better or want to try a second step. Hopefully, you will find some peace through this time of loss.… Read More...

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