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Many gynecological operations are now minimally invasive, thanks to advancements in medicine and science. Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG, is an expert in robotic-assisted gynecological surgery in the Summerlin and Las Vegas areas. He provides his patients with optimal comfort and ease of recovery while also improving cosmesis. Schedule a consultation with Las Vegas minimally invasive surgery specialist Dr. Swainston through mobile or book online to find out more.

What Exactly Is Robotic-Assisted Gynecological Surgery (RAGS)?

During a robotic-assisted operation, Dr. Swainston employs a video-equipped surgical robot with extraordinary accuracy to accomplish the surgery with one minimal cut instead of one enormous incision.

Regardless of the scale of the cuts, the operator could see very comprehensive, high-resolution images of the surgical site utilizing a computer or bedside console. Consequently, patients benefit from higher accuracy, a lesser danger of blood loss, and a shorter recovery period.

What Robotic-Assisted Surgical Procedures Does Dr. Darin Swainston Offer?

For optimal patient safety and comfort, Dr. Darin Swainston conducts the following robotic-assisted surgeries:

  • Myomectomy – surgical elimination of uterine fibroids
  • Hysterectomy – Elimination of the uterus and, in some cases, the cervix
  • Suspension of the uterosacral vaginal vault – Treatment of vaginal and uterine prolapse
  • Endometriosis resection – Elimination of endometriosis implants while conserving the fallopian tubes, uterus, and ovaries
  • Adhesiolysis – elimination of scar tissue surrounding reproductive organs
  • Ovarian Cystectomy – Elimination of tumors/ ovarian cysts, either entirely or partially
  • Abdominal Sacrocolpopexy – Rehabilitation of ligaments, muscles, and tissues that sustain the vaginal organs

What Are The Dangers Of Robotic-Assisted Surgeries?

The consequences of anesthesia or surgery are conceivable, and the danger varies widely depending on the technique and individual. A comprehensive review of the patient’s health history is required to eliminate probable difficulties.

Some hazards reduce with robotic-assisted surgery, such as wound infection, blood loss, pneumonia, and blood clots in the legs. Recovery also involves reduced discomfort and a shorter recovery time.

How Many Additional Consultations Are Needed?

Because of the quick recovery time following non-invasive surgery, most patients return for one or two follow-up visits at predetermined intervals after the treatment.

Who Can Have Robotic-Assisted Gynecologic Surgeries?

Patients who have a problem addressed with robotic-assisted surgery and are in good enough health to tolerate surgery are typically good candidates. In some situations, obesity or old age could exclude an individual from undergoing surgery. Nevertheless, this is not limited to robotic-assisted surgery; it extends to robotic-assisted and conventional surgical modalities.

Reviews & Testimonials

Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG, is always grateful for input from his loyal patients. To date, he has obtained 327 reviews with a rating of 4.91 out of 5 stars. To see what other patients are saying about the practice, visit the clinic’s website.

Dr. Swainston and his team offer a broad spectrum of innovative procedures and sophisticated technology to enhance and protect excellent health across every stage of a woman’s life. Explore the benefits of minimally invasive surgery by calling the office of Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG, or use the online … Read More...

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No one likes the thought of getting a tooth extracted, yet it is occasionally required for the wellness of your smile. Visit Dr. Nadja Horst at 601 Dental Studio PA to ensure you are in capable hands; she is well-versed in a full scope of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures. At her pleasant and welcoming facility in Pembroke Pines, FL (servicing surrounding areas including Cooper City, FL., and Miramar, FL.) Dr. Horst conducts extractions and other standard treatments. Call the office or arrange an appointment online to receive a consultation with a Pembroke Pines extractions expert regarding your concerns.

What Exactly Are Extractions?

Simply defined, an extraction is an invasive process in which Dr. Horst eliminates one or more of your teeth. The operation is a standard dental procedure frequently performed before additional essential dental work, including an implant.

When Are Extractions Required?

Based on your specific circumstances and dental health, a tooth may require to be extracted for various factors. Before extracting a tooth, Dr. Horst will typically try to save it with another procedure, such as a crown or filling. The following are some of the most critical factors for extractions:

  • Baby teeth extraction
  • Infection
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Excessive teeth
  • Crowding

In other circumstances, persons undergoing an organ transplant or chemotherapy may be in danger of immune system issues. This is sometimes sufficient grounds to extract a tooth that might be infected.

What Should You Expect from An Extraction?

Dr. Horst talks to you prior to your visit to go over the extraction process, so you know precisely what to anticipate. When it is time for your extraction, she will administer either general or local anesthesia to keep you from experiencing any discomfort or pain.

Dr. Horst utilizes small forceps to grasp the tooth after meticulously removing any bone tissue or gum near the afflicted tooth. She carefully wiggles it till it gets loose, at which point she might have to extract the tooth in parts. She uses a gauze pad to halt any bleeding after the tooth is extracted.

What Occurs Following A Surgical Extraction?

Although you may experience some discomfort following a tooth extraction, you may handle it with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs, and ice could help alleviate inflammation. Dr. Horst might recommend that you take soft foods for several days.

It is critical to keep teeth clean and ensure appropriate dental hygiene habits following dental extraction.

Dr. Horst keeps track of your progress with a separate visit to ensure your gums and teeth’s wellness, and identify any next stages in care.

Whenever you visit Nadja A. Horst, DMD’s practice, 601 Dental Studio PA, she wishes you to have great expectations. Dr. Horst offers a one-of-a-kind patient experience, which encompasses cutting-edge technology and personalized care to attain excellent outcomes. She has a warm demeanor and strives to guarantee that every patient departs her office feeling more confident and healthier. Determine if you are the right candidate for tooth extraction by contacting the office through mobile or request a … Read More...

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A facelift has made it possible to defy the natural aging process and can make you feel younger, boosting your confidence and self-esteem. The cosmetic procedure can correct common facial defects such as sagging skin, deep wrinkles, and lift the overall appearance of your face. Although you cannot stop the natural aging process, the West Palm Beach facelift specialists at L.A. Vinas MD. Plastic Surgery, Med Spa & Skin Care Center offers a way to trick the process into taking some years off your appearance. However, there are certain things you might not know about the procedure. Have a look.

Facelifts Cannot Stop the Aging Process

While a facelift effectively reverses some effects of the aging process, note that they might reoccur in the future. This is because aging is inevitable, and not even face surgery can stop it. Therefore, it would be best to seek treatments with reasonable objectives, understanding that growing older is a fact for your life. However, a facelift followed by daily facial care and limitation of sun exposure, among other precautions, can take off decades from your appearance.

Facelift Benefits Go Beyond the Appearance

While a facelift is designed and focused on enhancing your appearance cosmetically, it also offers some emotional support. Getting older has some emotional side effects where your self-esteem and confidence can be significantly affected. When you feel old, you might find yourself withdrawn or socially inactive, which can cause complications such as stress and depression. Fortunately, the rejuvenated appearance you attain after a facelift boosts how you feel about yourself, improving your confidence and self-esteem. It may be the positive answer you need for your mental health as you age.

A Facelift Can Work Better Alongside Nonsurgical Options

A facelift has incredible benefits to your facial rejuvenation. But it may not change your fundamental appearance. That is why you might want to choose to combine the procedure with other non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers, Botox, and different skin resurfacing options. This can be a perfect way to remove additional skin imperfections such as sunspots. Additionally, you can go for other facial rejuvenation options as a touch-up after a facelift to ensure your skin appearance and tone matches the newly enhanced appearance.

A Facelift is a Customized Approach

Since the first procedure was performed in 1901, facelifts have gained popularity over time as it has become one of the most customizable approaches to enhance your appearance. Several forms of facelift surgery exist, and your provider should be in a position to customize them according to your needs. Every patient has unique cosmetic needs, and no matter what your needs are, you might benefit from a mini-facelift or a more advanced treatment. Your provider should evaluate your individual needs to determine and design the most suitable option for you.

Recovery Can Influence Your Facelift Results

While this can be surprising, understand that your recovery period is as crucial as your facelift procedure itself. The results may take several months, and what … Read More...

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Whenever a migraine attacks, you require care as quickly as practicable. Dr. Rakesh Malik and his empathetic staff of physician assistants at Doctors First provide comprehensive urgent and primary care for headache patients in Germantown, Maryland, and Rockville, Gaithersburg. To get started on the road to migraine treatment, call the office of Doctors First or use the online booking service to arrange an appointment with a Rockville migraines specialist today.

What Exactly Is a Migraine?

A migraine is a strong headache, which produces excruciating discomfort and impairs your ability to move. It is very challenging to be productive and successful or stay consistent with your daily schedule whenever you have a migraine headache.

Migraines are commonly referred to as ‘sick headaches’ since they can bring nausea, vomiting, and a general feeling of being sickly. They could appear unexpectedly yet can linger for three to four days. Although the specific origin is unknown, migraines are usually provoked by:

  • Alcohol.
  • Stress.
  • A lack of sleep.
  • Variations in hormone levels.
  • Allergies.
  • Additives in food.
  • Aromatic scents.

How Can You Tell If You Are Having a Migraine?

Migraines are classified as a separate type of headache since they do not feel like any other type of headache. A migraine could be over in a matter of hours, or it could continue for a few days. When suffering from a migraine headache, you might experience four different phases:

v  Prodrome

There could be warning indications of an impending migraine episode a few days before the onset. Prodrome symptoms include stiff neck, constipation, diarrhea, and excessive food desires.

v  Aura

Fuzzy vision, difficulty speaking, dizziness, weak muscles, and difficulty with fine motor skills are among symptoms of the aura phase.

v  Headache

The headache phase is frequently incapacitating. You might have a throbbing one-sided headache, susceptibility to lights and noise, and sinus or eye discomfort at this stage.

v  Postdrome

Whenever the migraine goes away, you will feel overly exhausted. You cannot concentrate for several hours, and conversing could be challenging.

What Is the Treatment for Migraines?

Doctors First’s compassionate staff works hard to identify, manage, and eliminate your migraines in their path. Dr. Malik or one of the trained physician assistants will tailor your therapy to your symptoms.

They may administer one or a blend of the following:

  • Prescription-strength ibuprofen.
  • NSAIDs.
  • Opioids.
  • Anti-nausea medications.
  • Ergots.
  • Triptans.
  • Glucocorticoids.

Migraine medicines are either pain-alleviating or preventive.

Reviews & Testimonials

Doctors First value all input from their devoted patients. So far, they have obtained an average 4.92 out of 5 stars rating out of 118 submitted reviews. To see what other patients are saying about the practice, visit the facility’s website.

Doctors First offer both immediate care for abrupt migraines and routine care for the prevention of repeated headaches. If they cannot properly diagnose or manage your migraine, they will seek the assistance of a professional. To find out more, set up a consultation by calling Doctors First or request an online appointment today.… Read More...

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When is it appropriate to go for COVID-19 testing? Though everyone has a different opinion about contacting a medical professional for testing, situations may be different. Thus, your reason to go for testing significantly depends on your symptoms and scenario. For instance, in your trusted Otsego, MN Covid testing center, your doctor may not necessarily perform the test because you have possible symptoms and had exposure to the virus. Your healthcare provider can perform the test as a request from your employer. 

Why would your doctor recommend a current test for COVID-19?

Your doctor may suggest a COVID-19 test regardless of prior infection or your vaccination status. The healthcare professional may advise you to go in quarantine, especially if you went for the vaccination because you had symptoms or had potential exposure to the virus. Nonetheless, the medical expert will still expect you to continue following COVID-19 guidelines. 

The practitioner will most likely recommend the testing if:

  • You have COVID-19 symptoms
  • You were in contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus. However, your doctor may not perform the test when you are fully vaccinated or if you tested positive for the virus and recovered within the past approximately three months (especially if you fail to develop new symptoms).
  • Have not been vaccinated and you have taken part in activity likely to put you at risk because there was no physical distancing.
  • Your doctor or organization requests the test.

What are the possible tests you are likely to have?

Molecular Testing

Molecular Testing (also referred to as PCR or RNA) entails using a nasal swab to collect cells and fluid samples from deep inside your respiratory system or the back of your throat. After extracting the samples, your doctor will take the swab to the lab, where the lab tech will check out the presence of COVID-19 genetic material. Though molecular testing is an accurate test, you may have to wait longer for your results as the lab evaluation can take time.

Antigen Testing (Rapid Testing)

Like molecular testing, your healthcare provider will use a swabbing process to collect samples from your respiratory tract. However, the medical expert will not take the swab to the lab. As a result, you are likely to get your results sooner than in molecular testing. Though the test efficiently identifies the virus antigens, COVID-19 antigens take time before they manifest in your system. Therefore, you are likely to test negative with an antigen test though you have the virus.  

Antibody Testing

Unlike rapid and molecular tests, an antibody test does not use swabs to collect samples. Instead, your doctor uses your blood sample to check out for COVID-19 antibodies in your body. Positive results mean that you had the virus in your system in the past, whether you knew about it or did not. Thus your body develops a defense system against the virus.   

Contacting your doctor for COVID-19 testing does not necessarily mean that you have the virus in your bloodstream. … Read More...

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