December 1, 2023

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Dental Problems: Symptoms and Causes!

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Dental problems are the problems that affect the tooth and the oral cavity. Improper oral and dental hygiene, most of the time, gives rise to various dental issues. Ignorance and improper treatment may worsen the problem and result in tooth loss and other infections.

Dental problems can develop at every age, from children to adults. Simply brushing your teeth multiple times a day may not be enough to prevent an issue. You may need to do a dental check-up occasionally from a certified dentist or medical professional. Family dentistry in Falls Church, VA, like Gentle Touch Dental PC, will help you understand and diagnose your dental and oral tissues and provide services according to your needs.  


  1. Toothache- One of the common symptoms of any dental issue is toothache. The pain can be moderate or extreme and can indicate dental issues like cavity or gum diseases, abscesses, or impacted teeth. One may also experience jaw and mouth pain along with pain in chewing due to toothache. 
  1. Bleeding gums- This may indicate gingivitis or some gum disease. You may experience soreness in your gums. Gingivitis causes redness, swelling, and irritation to the gingiva.
  1. Sensitivity- If you experience hurt or pain whenever you drink or eat something cold or hot instantly, you have sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth also sometimes indicate tooth decay, fractured teeth, worn tooth enamel, etc. 
  1. Mouth sores and ulcers- Vary in their severity. A tender area of the gums can indicate an infection in the mouth. 
  1. Bad breath- Also known as halitosis, is a symptom of dental problems like improper hygiene or gum diseases.
  1. Yellow or discolored teeth- Also indicate bad hygiene or excessive coffee, tea, or tobacco consumption. Sometimes it can also be because of genetics or aging.
  1. Clicking or popping of the jaw- With jaw pain can be caused by many problems such as arthritis, TMJ, teeth grinding or clenching, and injury to the teeth. 
  1. Dry mouth- Certain medications make your mouth dry. Frequent dry mouth can also indicate a medical disorder. 
  1. Frequent Headaches- Associated with toothache or jaw pain.
  1. Cracked or broken teeth- Injury to the mouth may result in cracked or broken teeth. 


  1. Bad oral and dental hygiene.
  2. Extreme consumption of sugar or sugar products. 
  3. Smoking and chewing tobacco can cause oral cancer.
  4. Diabetic patients are prone to dental issues.
  5. Genetics along with family history may also contribute to some oral diseases. 
  6. Acid reflux, GERD, vomiting may lead to higher acid levels in the mouth, causing weakened enamel. 
  7. Hormonal changes can also be responsible for dental problems. 

Make sure to visit a dentist regularly to ensure that the dental problems are at bay. 

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