June 8, 2023

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Effective Methods of Birth Control

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Some people are sexually active but do not want a baby. In such cases, you can opt. for birth control methods to avoid any unintentional pregnancy. There are various methods of Birth control in Lake Mary. However, a gynecologist can assist you with a suitable process depending on your body type and other crucial factors. 

Methods of Birth Control

There are several ways for birth control, some of which are surgical and some are non-surgical. 

Surgical methods are most effective, or we can say these methods are nearly 100 percent effective. An essential point to note is that these methods are irreversible. Once you undergo any of the surgical birth control methods, then you can never have kids. 

Surgical methods of birth control include:

  • Tubectomy- The female’s fallopian tubes are cut and tied, which prevents the sperm from fertilizing the egg (ovum). It is an irreversible procedure and is nearly 100 percent effective.
  • Vasectomy- The vas deferens of a male are cut and tied. This prevents the transport of sperm from the testis to the semen. This method is also irreversible, with nearly 100 percent effectiveness. 

Non-surgical methods have also shown some great responses, but they still have some chances of unintentional pregnancies. 

Non-surgical methods of birth control include:

  • IUD (intrauterine device)- This is a T-shaped IUD placed inside the uterus; it is usually copper. As soon as sperm contacts copper from the IUD, it becomes inactive. This method is very effective.
  • Male condoms- Condoms are a covering made up of rubber latex. This is rolled upon an erect penis, and this covering does not allow the sperm and semen to enter the female genital tract. Condoms have a failure rate of anywhere from 13-15 percent.
  • Diaphragm- This is a barrier method of controlling birth; females place a diaphragm over the cervix with a spermicide. This method has a failure rate of 12 percent.
  • Cervical cap- This is also a barrier method like the diaphragm. A cap is placed over the cervix and blocks the entry of sperm into the uterus. These are 80-82 percent effective. 
  • Withdrawal- This is a method of birth control in which the male withdraws the penis from the vagina before the semen is released into the female genital tract. This prevents semen from entering the female genital tract. This method has an effectiveness of about 78 percent. 
  • Birth control pills- Several medications are available for birth control; these include – Progestin-only pills or mini-pills, emergency contraception, or the morning-after pill. These pills have to be taken as prescribed by the medical professional. 
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