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Effective Tooth Replacement Services in Campbell, CA

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A missing tooth can have a terrific effect on your confidence, appearance, oral and overall health. You don’t have to hide your smile because of missing teeth. However, the longer you stay without treatment, the higher chance of developing other dental issues. Fortunately, teeth replacement can help to restore the normal function and appearance of your teeth. The experts at Ueno Center Dental Specialists offer quality Campbell tooth replacement, including dentures and implants. To understand the best tooth replacement options for you, call or schedule an appointment online today.

What Is Tooth Replacement?

This is an important part of protecting your oral health when you have a missing tooth. A missing tooth can cause difficulty eating, headaches, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, changes in appearance and speech. A missing tooth also places extra work on your other teeth, which might cause potential damage or bone loss due to the other teeth having increased work.

Why Do You Require Tooth Replacement?

There are various reasons you might have a missing tooth, either because of tooth loss or therapeutic tooth extraction. Other reasons include; oral bone defect, facial trauma, infection, advanced periodontal disease, deformed or malformed teeth, impacted teeth, and age-related bone loss. The major causes of missing teeth are periodontal disease and tooth decay. Untreated gum disease loosens your gums and can go on to erode your jawbone. This results in your tooth becoming loose and falling out. A tooth replacement will help protect your oral health, natural teeth, bone structure, and general wellness.

What Are The Various Teeth Replacement Options?

If you get an injury that removes your tooth, you should preserve the tooth by attempting to put it back into the socket gently. You can also preserve it by placing it in a cup of saliva or milk, but not water. The Ueno Center Dental Specialists team will provide you with immediate treatment to successfully implant your tooth. Other tooth replacement options available include;

·       Flipper

This is a temporary, removable, and inexpensive plastic tooth with a plastic retainer. The drawback is that you must remove the device when eating, and the device is a bit fragile.

·       Fixed bridge

This type of bridge uses adjacent teeth as supports for a prosthetic device that bridges the gap left by a missing tooth.

·       Metal partial

This is a removable partial denture made of plastic and metal and held in place by wire clips.

·       Dental implants

The other alternative for your missing teeth is using dental implants to support your denture, crown, or bridge. The process of replacing your tooth will depend on how long the tooth has been missing. The implant is made of biocompatible titanium and supports a permanent, natural-looking crown. Ueno Center Dental Specialists’ team mostly recommends dental implants as they offer the most comfortable, permanent, and attractive solution.

In conclusion, dental implants are designed to be permanent and natural so that you might forget any or all of your teeth are artificial. If you have a missing tooth in and around Campbell, CA, call or schedule an appointment online with Ueno Center Dental Specialists today.

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