June 9, 2023

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Find Out More About Fertility Preservation

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Fertility preservation is the process of assisting people who have cancer to remain fertile so that they can have biological babies in later days. Cancer cases have risen in due time, causing loss of lives. Besides, it has been devastating to know that lifesaving treatments can alter your fertility and your overall health. Fortunately, OC Fertility, a fertility clinic in Newport Beach, CA, offers the best services in the preservation and protection of your fertility to curb such future issues that may arise. To enlighten you further about fertility preservation, here are things that you need to be familiar with.

Who can benefit from fertility preservation?

If you experience disorders, life events, or diseases listed below, you are lucky to have fertility preservation benefits available.

  • Ready for cancer treatment
  • Suffering from an autoimmune disease like lupus and yet to be treated
  • Exposed to toxic chemicals when carrying out your daily activities
  • If you have a genetically infected disease that alters your fertility in future
  • If you have experienced children delay

What are the unique fertility preservation options for treatment?

Embryo Cryopreservation

This process has been proven to be the most successful and common option for preserving your fertility. It occurs on your ovaries where a health practitioner removes your eggs and fertilizes them with sperm from a donor to form viable eggs. After the fertilization process, the embryos are frozen in a lab, allowing you to preserve them for future use. If you’re unable or not ready to become pregnant, there is the hope of having babies in the future. Embryo freezing gives great hope for chances of becoming pregnant when embryos get preserved. The pregnancy rate depends on maternal age or time taken for the creation of the embryos.

Egg Freezing

If you are a woman and do not have a partner, you can freeze your unfertilized eggs. This is the newest technology besides embryo freezing. This is where your egg is freeze flashed, preventing the formation of crystals. Insemination of cryopreserved eggs with sperm cells forms an embryo, and at this point, you can become pregnant.

Ovarian Transposition

This is a fertility preservation option where your ovaries are positioned again in your pelvis through a surgical procedure. This is done to keep them out of radiation when it’s delivered in that area. Due to scattering radiation, your ovaries may not be safe while in your abdominal wall. You might require repositioning of your ovaries to allow you to conceive.  

Cervix Removal

If you noticed cervical cancer in its early stages, there is hope for treatment. Your cone-shaped part of your cervix can be removed according to this option to preserve the cervix’s remaining parts and uterus. If this fails to work on you, your tissues connecting your cervix and uterus and also your cervix can be eradicated.

Sperm Cryopreservation

It’s a procedure where your sperm is frozen and stored in a fertility clinic for future use. They may last for years and be ready for use. This case applies to males.

If you are willing to start your fertility preservation journey, visit OC Fertility in Newport, and your provider will assist you in making informed decisions. Remember, there is hope to conceive even after being diagnosed with cancer.

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