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Home Remedies to Treat Jaw Pain

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Jaw pain or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is a condition that directly affects the ability to speak and eat. However, many conditions could cause jaw pain from sinuses to jaws. So it is difficult to explain that the jaw pain is because of the TMJ or something else.

Jaw pain develops in the muscles that control the voluntary jaw movement. Moreover, involuntary clenching of the jaw under stress or anxiety can lead to jaw pain. 

People usually apply ice or heat packs to get immediate relief, or you may contact the experts of jaw pain in Fair Oaks about different home remedies to cure jaw pain.

Home Remedies for Jaw Pain

The doctors prefer home remedies for this condition as home remedies can treat jaw pain with 100% certainty. These home remedies include: 

  1. Selection of right foods- Doctors prefer soft foods that are easy to chew, like mashed potatoes, and eating apple puree helps relieve the pain and discomfort. Moreover, the patient must cut down solid foods like carrots into small bites, and sticky foods are strictly prohibited as it aggravates the symptoms. 
  1. Limit extreme joint movements- The patients must limit the jaw movements that could cause pain, like yawning or yelling, because it causes tension on the temporomandibular joint. 
  1. Use heat and cold therapy- In this method, the patient uses heat or cold packs to get relief from pain as it relaxes the jaw muscles. Doctors help the patients with the proper usage of ice packs and how long the patient must apply the ice pack. 
  1. Perform jaw exercises- Stretching of face muscles and jaw can help to ease the symptoms of pain. Moreover, the therapist guides the proper way to perform such activities and massage the muscles around the jaw. 
  1. Learn stress management techniques- These techniques are preferable because stress can aggravate the pain. Specific strategies to control stress like yoga, deep breathing, and meditation can help with anxiety. 
  1. Wear a bite guard- A bite guard also called a stabilization splint, prevents the patient from clenching and grinding teeth. They are made of plastic, so they get easily fitted over upper and lower dentures and avoid the teeth from touching each other. The bite guard can be soft or firm; it depends upon the patient’s comfort zone. 

These are the various home remedies a doctor prefers, which patients can perform efficiently at their homes. Still, if the pain persists, they must go for different medications and advanced procedures.

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