June 10, 2023

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How to Accurately Diagnose and Relieve Pain

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Pain as a result of disorders of the bones and the associated joints and muscles can be expected but overwhelming. This is because you use these components of your body more often in all activities, including simple functions like moving. Pain can affect your normal functioning and affect the quality of your life. Therefore, there is a need to accurately diagnose and relieve it to ensure that your life quality moves on flawlessly.

Fortunately, Clifton, NJ orthopedics at Garden State Pain Control, can easily and noninvasively offer you orthopedic care. Thanks to the state-of-the-art advances in diagnostics and treatments, you can now receive an accurate diagnosis and powerful noninvasive pain relief. This is through a comprehensive approach involving the use of mi-eye® and Tenex Health TX™.


This is a state-of-the-art device used to diagnose your orthopedic condition accurately. It is a portable handheld tool that has a disposable optical needle and an in-built camera. This device is used to provide well-lighted and detailed visualization of injuries that may be causing pain, such as damaged joints. This is because the arthroscopy can fit through natural body openings or small incisions but only when needed. This can replace the need for MRI.

Mi-eye can also be used in treatment options such as medications. It has an in-built lumen meaning there is a long narrow channel that can be used to administer the drugs.

Tenex Procedure

This is a treatment procedure mainly recommended for pain related to tendon damage such as runner’s knee and tendonitis. It can be useful in relieving pain in the elbow, shoulder, knee, and heel. During the procedure, your provider views the damaged area on an ultrasound, which also guides them to extract the damaged or dead tissue that causes your pain. This procedure gives your body the ability to heal naturally. This is because the destroyed or damaged tissue that binds your tendons can’t heal naturally.

Candidates for Tenex Procedure

If you have different types of tendonitis and fasciitis, you may require the Tenex procedure as it has been proven to improve the conditions. Besides, you might be a prime candidate for Tenex Health TX if:

·       You can point out the particular spot where your pain vilest.

·       You have experienced pain for three months or more, and it gets worse with movement.

·       You have tried their conservative treatments such as ice, rest, and braces without success.

·       The pain has affected your daily activities.

Some advantages of using the Tenex procedure include:

·       It is minimally invasive and an alternative to many surgical procedures.

·       It gives you pain relief quickly.

·       Minimal recovery time

·       No primary wound care to worry about

·       Only local anesthesia is required.

·       Tendon healing takes around 4-6 weeks.

What you can do to Prevent Re-injury

After the minimally invasive procedure, physical therapy is essential for optimal results and recovery. At Garden State Pain Control, your provider offers a physical therapy appointment to retrain the previously affected body part to move safely again. It also helps in regaining strength for the injured body part and the surrounding muscles.

With technological advancements, you can now enjoy dramatic pain decrease and improved overall functionality without the need for traditional open surgery. To learn more about the highly effective treatment, you can contact your provider at Garden State Pain Control.

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