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Fertility preservation is the process of assisting people who have cancer to remain fertile so that they can have biological babies in later days. Cancer cases have risen in due time, causing loss of lives. Besides, it has been devastating to know that lifesaving treatments can alter your fertility and your overall health. Fortunately, OC Fertility, a fertility clinic in Newport Beach, CA, offers the best services in the preservation and protection of your fertility to curb such future issues that may arise. To enlighten you further about fertility preservation, here are things that you need to be familiar with.

Who can benefit from fertility preservation?

If you experience disorders, life events, or diseases listed below, you are lucky to have fertility preservation benefits available.

  • Ready for cancer treatment
  • Suffering from an autoimmune disease like lupus and yet to be treated
  • Exposed to toxic chemicals when carrying out your daily activities
  • If you have a genetically infected disease that alters your fertility in future
  • If you have experienced children delay

What are the unique fertility preservation options for treatment?

Embryo Cryopreservation

This process has been proven to be the most successful and common option for preserving your fertility. It occurs on your ovaries where a health practitioner removes your eggs and fertilizes them with sperm from a donor to form viable eggs. After the fertilization process, the embryos are frozen in a lab, allowing you to preserve them for future use. If you’re unable or not ready to become pregnant, there is the hope of having babies in the future. Embryo freezing gives great hope for chances of becoming pregnant when embryos get preserved. The pregnancy rate depends on maternal age or time taken for the creation of the embryos.

Egg Freezing

If you are a woman and do not have a partner, you can freeze your unfertilized eggs. This is the newest technology besides embryo freezing. This is where your egg is freeze flashed, preventing the formation of crystals. Insemination of cryopreserved eggs with sperm cells forms an embryo, and at this point, you can become pregnant.

Ovarian Transposition

This is a fertility preservation option where your ovaries are positioned again in your pelvis through a surgical procedure. This is done to keep them out of radiation when it’s delivered in that area. Due to scattering radiation, your ovaries may not be safe while in your abdominal wall. You might require repositioning of your ovaries to allow you to conceive.  

Cervix Removal

If you noticed cervical cancer in its early stages, there is hope for treatment. Your cone-shaped part of your cervix can be removed according to this option to preserve the cervix’s remaining parts and uterus. If this fails to work on you, your tissues connecting your cervix and uterus and also your cervix can be eradicated.

Sperm Cryopreservation

It’s a procedure where your sperm is frozen and stored in a fertility clinic for future use. They may last for years and be ready for use. This … Read More...

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Although it is common to experience neck or back pain, living with such conditions can burden your daily life by affecting your moods and making sleeping difficult. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with it. The experienced team of experts at Elite Physical Medicine can help you manage neck and back pain in Mason through personalized pain management. Most importantly, you can help yourself manage the condition, particularly when experiencing acute neck or back pain. With the following easy tips, you can improve your condition.

Use Some Ice and Heat

If your pain is a result of muscle or ligament strains, this can be an excellent way to improve it. The basic rule is to ice the painful area and then heat it after about 48 hours. The ice will act as a local anaesthetic and will slow down the inflammation and swelling. However, after about 48 hours, it will lose its effect, and this is when to begin using heat. The heat will increase blood flow in the tissues within the painful area, relaxing the muscle spasm and offering relief.

Take it Easy

Sometimes your neck or back pain can be from too much pressure from strenuous activity. In such a situation, easing the pressure off the affected area can cause some relief. This may call for a shift in your daily activities and some lifestyle changes, no matter how little choice you have over that matter. Put in mind that a few days of restricting your activity, and probably taking some over-the-counter medications, may be all you need to manage your condition. However, it would be good to give your doctor a visit or a call before taking any medications.

Keep on Moving

Although resting and restraining from an activity is highly recommended to ease pain, you will have to move your muscles and joints beyond the point of initial restriction. That is why it is essential to do some simple exercises to improve your condition. However, it is good to consult your doctor to help you know which type of exercises are most helpful. Besides, your provider can offer an exercise program based on your unique condition.

Improve on Your Posture

Some neck and back pain cases are due to poor postures. Therefore, correcting your posture and keeping your spine aligned can help improve your painful condition. Your daily sleeping, standing, and sitting habits may require some adjustments. You will also need to learn proper ways of lifting and bending. Besides, you might have to rearrange your working space and adjust the equipment if they contribute to poor posture.

See Your Doctor

If, after trying to manage your painful condition through some self-help ways, your neck or back pain persists, maybe it is time for more advanced treatments. Although you may keep on with some of your practices, your doctor can recommend other treatment options to ease your pain. Your provider at Elite Physical Medicine will diagnose your condition and design the best treatment option suitable for … Read More...

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Can senior citizens manage diabetes at home? The answer is yes! The elderly can effectively manage diabetes at home by sticking to meal plans, workouts, and not missing medication, which leads to a long and healthy life. At Family Life Medical, Dr. Kyle Scarborough and his team of experts help diabetes patients stay active and live healthy in their old age. The following tips will help you manage diabetes during old age.

Healthy diet

If you have diabetes, eat a well-balanced diet with low sugar content and saturated fats. The experts at Family Life Medical are skilled educators who help you in creating a healthy diet program.

Develop workout program

You can stay active by engaging in workouts such as walking, cycling, and swimming. It helps control the glucose levels in your blood, build muscles, and manage your weight. 

Take short walks of about thirty minutes every day and do strength exercises using resistance bands and free weights. Yoga exercises at least two times every week are therapeutic and rejuvenate your body. Dr. Kyle Scarborough will advise you on what workouts are suitable.

Regular Glucose levels checks

When taking insulin, managing your glucose levels can be difficult. There is a need to check the sugar levels regularly to prevent hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. You can watch out for some red flags such as sweating, hunger, confusion, and dizziness.

If you experience such symptoms, take one teaspoon of honey, eat at least 10 to 20 grams of carbohydrates or sugar, a cup of juice, some crackers, or glucose tablets. 

The experts at Family Life Medical create a schedule for checking your glucose levels in the blood. After 15 minutes, retest your blood glucose level. If the blood sugar is still low, repeat the steps. You can contact your doctor if there is no improvement at all.

Alongside the blood sugar tests, the experts also check your cholesterol and blood sugar levels to avert the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Take your medication on time

Seniors can easily forget to take their diabetes medication. There are several ways to organize the medicine in a pillbox and set the timer to alert you.

Luckily nowadays, you can use your phone, watch, or computer to set reminders. A chart can also come in handy since you will only need to check things off after taking the medications.

Examine the feet

Ensure you examine your feet daily for signs of cuts and infection. If you cannot reach your feet, ask a loved one to examine you. Alternatively, you can use a mirror to have a clear view of your feet.

Contact the professionals at Family Life Medical if you notice red patches or cuts. Wear comfortable footwear to prevent blisters and always keep your feet moisturized with lotion.

Get treatment for other diseases.

It is essential to get treatment for other illnesses and avoid over-the-counter medication. You can get pneumonia shots at the onset of winter, especially if you are above … Read More...

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Experiencing foot pain comes with discomfort and immobility. This situation affects your daily routine and quality of life. Whether your pain is acute or chronic, you need to seek medical attention to avoid severe health complications that can arise depending on the cause of your foot pain. If you are experiencing foot pain in Mesa, Kirk Minkus, MD, and his team can help.

What causes foot pain?

Your foot pain could be due to injury or some underlying conditions. Some common injuries to your foot include strain, sprain, and fractured bone. The underlying conditions that can cause foot pain include:


The disease causes pain on the top of your foot and affects the joint at your toes’ bottom. You will experience sharp pain when resting or when walking.

Bone spurs

The spurs form at the edge of bones where your bones are scouring against each other. When you have bone spurs at your feet near the toes, you will experience severe pain on top of your foot.

Peripheral neuropathy

If your foot pain is caused by peripheral neuropathy, there will be a breakdown of your peripheral nervous system; you will experience numbness or a prickling sensation on top of your foot. The condition occurs as a result of chronic illness or infection.


Diabetes can cause damage to nerves on your feet. You will experience a stinging pain or a burning sensation.  

Peripheral arterial disease

If your arteries are blocked by buildup plaque, they will affect the blood flow. Lack of blood circulation in your foot will cause damage to your tissues and nerves, leading to severe pain on top of your foot.

When should you seek medication?

You should visit your doctor if you experience the following:

·         Have been experiencing foot pain for one week.

·         If your pain is affecting both feet.

·         If your pain gets worse instantly

·         If your pain gets extreme

·         If your pain is caused by an injury

Diagnosis for foot pain

When you go for diagnosis, your doctor will review your medical history together with your symptoms and perform a physical examination. Your doctor can recommend you for imaging tests like ultrasound scan, X-ray, and electromyography if need be.

Foot pain treatment

Depending on your foot pain’s diagnosis results, your doctor will recommend the proper treatment for you. Your doctor may recommend over-the-counter medication to ease pain and inflammation symptoms.

Your doctor may recommend physical therapy where you do some regular stretching exercises to increase flexibility. Exercises also help strengthen your muscles as you continue to recover and prevent more injuries from coming up after recovery.

If your foot pain is due to diabetes, your doctor will work toward relieving your pain, managing complications caused, restoring function, and slowing down the progression of your disease.

If your foot pain is due to blocked arteries, your doctor may recommend … Read More...

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A missing tooth can have a terrific effect on your confidence, appearance, oral and overall health. You don’t have to hide your smile because of missing teeth. However, the longer you stay without treatment, the higher chance of developing other dental issues. Fortunately, teeth replacement can help to restore the normal function and appearance of your teeth. The experts at Ueno Center Dental Specialists offer quality Campbell tooth replacement, including dentures and implants. To understand the best tooth replacement options for you, call or schedule an appointment online today.

What Is Tooth Replacement?

This is an important part of protecting your oral health when you have a missing tooth. A missing tooth can cause difficulty eating, headaches, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, changes in appearance and speech. A missing tooth also places extra work on your other teeth, which might cause potential damage or bone loss due to the other teeth having increased work.

Why Do You Require Tooth Replacement?

There are various reasons you might have a missing tooth, either because of tooth loss or therapeutic tooth extraction. Other reasons include; oral bone defect, facial trauma, infection, advanced periodontal disease, deformed or malformed teeth, impacted teeth, and age-related bone loss. The major causes of missing teeth are periodontal disease and tooth decay. Untreated gum disease loosens your gums and can go on to erode your jawbone. This results in your tooth becoming loose and falling out. A tooth replacement will help protect your oral health, natural teeth, bone structure, and general wellness.

What Are The Various Teeth Replacement Options?

If you get an injury that removes your tooth, you should preserve the tooth by attempting to put it back into the socket gently. You can also preserve it by placing it in a cup of saliva or milk, but not water. The Ueno Center Dental Specialists team will provide you with immediate treatment to successfully implant your tooth. Other tooth replacement options available include;

·       Flipper

This is a temporary, removable, and inexpensive plastic tooth with a plastic retainer. The drawback is that you must remove the device when eating, and the device is a bit fragile.

·       Fixed bridge

This type of bridge uses adjacent teeth as supports for a prosthetic device that bridges the gap left by a missing tooth.

·       Metal partial

This is a removable partial denture made of plastic and metal and held in place by wire clips.

·       Dental implants

The other alternative for your missing teeth is using dental implants to support your denture, crown, or bridge. The process of replacing your tooth will depend on how long the tooth has been missing. The implant is made of biocompatible titanium and supports a permanent, natural-looking crown. Ueno Center Dental Specialists’ team mostly recommends dental implants as they offer the most comfortable, permanent, and attractive solution.

In conclusion, dental implants are designed to be permanent and natural so that you might … Read More...

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