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Music Cosmetic Dentistry

Beverly Hills, California, Nov. 23, 2022 (Globe NEWSWIRE) — Song Cosmetic Dentistry is a cosmetic dentist near Beverly Hills, CA, that delivers a professional variety of techniques that beautify and rejuvenate your smile working with the latest engineering and approaches.

Their workforce, together with the board-certified, remarkably skilled Dr. Catherine Song, have over 20 a long time of put together knowledge and quite a few accolades that praise their fantastic level of affected person care, oral well being, and beauty solutions.

Music Beauty Dentistry has now launched a selection of new cosmetic expert services, together with tooth bonding, Invisalign, and enamel whitening, designed to enable clients strengthen their oral wellbeing and achieve their perfect smiles simpler.

Large-End Beauty Dentistry

No matter if you want to make insignificant advancements to your smile, like teeth whitening, or are looking to bear a total transformation to restore your smile to its authentic splendor, Music Cosmetic Dentistry has a selection of providers to aid you receive the tooth of your dreams.

Some of their cosmetic dentistry methods involve:


This is a brand of obvious aligners that are produced from versatile thermoplastic product and is totally free from gluten, latex, and BPA, which tends to make it risk-free for use by allergy victims and pregnant women.

As opposed to standard steel braces that can be awkward and visible, Invisalign is made to be invisible, and the very clear plastic is a lot more discrete and significantly less obtrusive as they can be removed at mealtimes or when you total your oral hygiene regimen.

These aligners progressively transfer your enamel and jaw to correct alignment considerations, these kinds of as:

  • Crowded teeth

  • Skewed or crooked teeth

  • Tooth gaps

  • Twisted jaws and misaligned teeth

  • Overbites, underbites and cross bites

Enamel Whitening

Whilst it might be tempting to purchase inexpensive tooth whitening merchandise on line, it is normally proposed to check with a trained dentist who can assistance you discover the best shade to clearly show off the natural splendor of your teeth.

Due to diet plan, growing older, genetics, espresso, and tobacco, teeth can come to be stained, boring, and discolored.

Music Cosmetic Dentistry researches and implements the most effective whitening strategies that significantly whiten tooth enamel and remove several years of discoloration.

You even have the selection for the gentle and powerful treatment to come about in-workplace or in the ease and comfort of your house, so you can simply brighten your smile and boost your self-confidence.

Tooth Bonding

As a renowned Dentist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Catherine Song is knowledgeable of the pressures of acquiring the ‘Hollywood Smile.’

This is why Song Beauty Dentistry has a variety of procedures that not only deal with any of your oral health and fitness problems but can take care of any flaws in your smile.

Tooth bonding, or composite bonding, is made use of for insignificant dental repairs and as a variety of restorative dentistry for rebuilding decayed teeth.


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A man has revealed how he spent 15 hours in the dentist chair in Turkey trying to perfect his teeth only to end up looking temporarily like Donkey from Shrek. 

The person, believed to be from Yorkshire, is one of the many Brits travelling to the country for cosmetic procedures. 

Dubbed ‘Tukey Teeth’, the new cosmetic fad involves travelling abroad to get drastic cut-price treatment. 

It has been made popular by stars like Katie Price and Love Island’s Jack Fincham, and involves filing down teeth to pegs then replacing them with crowns or veneers.

Going by the TikTok name beeman920, the man revealed how he flew to Turkey for a new set of pearly white teeth, and showed off his temporary look while he awaited more treatment.

A young man has documented his dentistry journey on TikTok. The user beeman920 went to Turkey to get cosmetic treatment for his teeth

Beeman920 before he went to Turkey to have his dentistry work

In a viral video, which as clocked up 1.5million views, he revealed his bright, pearly white temporary teeth, referring to himself as Donkey from Shrek

In a viral video, which as clocked up 1.5million views, he revealed his bright, pearly white temporary teeth, referring to himself as Donkey from Shrek

Documenting the dentistry work, the TikTok user posed in front of the camera with his temporary teeth after spending 15 and a half hours at the dentist.  

The appointment started at 9am and he hadn’t left the clinic until 20 minutes to one in the morning, the following day. 

In the video he shows his followers his temporary teeth, which are covering his own that have been shaved down, ready for the crown to be placed. 

In the clip, he said: ‘I had eight root canals, all my teeth shaved down… I don’t know, just everything.’ 

He explained how he had spent 15 hours in the Turkish dentist, where he had received eight root canals and had all of his teeth shaved down

He explained how he had spent 15 hours in the Turkish dentist, where he had received eight root canals and had all of his teeth shaved down

And despite his obvious exhaustion, the TikToker said he was determined and would return to the dentist the same day to have 18 more extractions.

The procedure, which is supposed to leave patients with a Hollywood smile, is being fuelled on social media under the hashtag #Turkeyteeth which has been viewed more than 100million times. 

For the most part influencers and celebrities praise the results and show them off on their Instagram feeds – but not everyone’s been so lucky.

However, ‘beeman920’ was adamant: ‘Gonna be worth it in the end!’ 

He returned home at 20 minutes to one in the morning and said that he would be returning to the dentist later that day

He returned home at 20 minutes to one in the morning and said that he would be returning to the dentist later that day

Until his return to the dentist he was given a set of temporary large, bright pearly whites, making him look like Donkey from Shrek.  

In the viral video, he said: ‘Or the house, for those of you that are older.’ He explained: ‘I had half broken teeth, I had teeth with holes in, I had fillings, I had fake teeth in the front already.

‘This is something I’ve wanted for years […]. That’s my choice – I’m not bothered about how I will look.’ 

However, not everyone

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Are you in a profession that requires you to look younger? Even if you are not, are you constantly conscious of your aging process and you want to do whatever it takes to retain your young-hood? If you have been looking for Botox and fillers in Yonkers you would definitely want to find the best place for your Botox needs. However, before you go ahead with this process, you might want to learn about the signs that prove you need Botox, instead of simply going for it without a reason.

You have frown lines on your face

Frown lines occur on the forehead region and make you look older. If you have been fighting depression since quite some time now, having frown lines is quite obvious. However, going through episodes of sadness or depression is not the only reason to have such lines on the forehead; they occur due to aging as well. Botox can take care of such lines easily.

You have been noticing smile lines

Just because you have developed smile lines it does not mean you are not supposed to smile anymore. It simply means you need to do something about the lines that make you look older and this is where Botox can come into the picture of your life.

You also have smoker’s lines that make you look older than you actually are

No doubt there are exercises that make you get rid of smoker’s lines, if you still smoke along with the exercises, getting rid of these lines won’t be easy. You must quit smoking and then get Botox for yourself to heal these lines. 

Your mild wrinkles have suddenly started looking moderate 

If your wrinkles have become more visible and others have also started noticing them, Botox is what can help. No doubt there is going to be a sudden change in the wrinkles and everyone is going to notice it (as it is quite obvious), but you will definitely look younger.  

Going for a Botox session can make you nervous at first, but you must know that it is something that a lot of people go for. In fact, almost all the actors you see on the big as well as small screens go for Botox regularly to look younger and be appealing to the eyes of others. Therefore, if you go for such a session, keep yourself calm and trust the doctor. … Read More...

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