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Children are a lot more sensitive than adults and it is of utmost importance to get their medical conditions treated well. Even small medical conditions can become fatal for children unless proper medication is given at the right time. So are medical conditions such as chronic cough, stuffy nose, and sore throat. These conditions may lead to complications and cause pneumonia that can be fatal. The treatment of Argyle cold/flu in your children has become a lot easier and effective with the medical practice of pediatrician Carrie Jones in Argyle, Texas.

Being said, as parents, you should have some basic knowledge about the cold and flu and know when to get your child’s medical condition treated. Therefore, it is important to know common symptoms of cold and flu and when to take your child to the doctor.

Cold Vs. Flu

Can you easily identify between cold and flu?

The basic difference between cold and flu is that the symptoms of cold start appearing gradually and that of flu occurs suddenly. In the case of a cold, symptoms like cough, sore throat, or runny nose may appear gradually. There also exists the chances for a slight fever that can be cured with some over-the-counter medications.

Whereas, in the case of flu, the symptoms of flu occur suddenly with the outbreak of chills, high fever, and pain in muscles. In addition, you can also notice a loss of appetite among children that usually is absent in the case of fever.

When to Take Your Child to the Doctor?

As said earlier, it is essential as a parent to know when to take your children to the doctor or give proper medication. If you identify a high fever or difficulty in breathing in your child, you don’t need any more reason to take them to the doctor. Another time when you should take your child to the doctor is when over-the-counter medication fails to give a cure to your child’s conditions or makes it worse. It is essential to give medical attention to your child if ongoing fatigue, sore throat, or headache persists.

Treatments for Cold Or Flu

In most cases, colds or flu among your children can be easily cured with over-the-counter medications. If the infection seems severe, doctors may even prescribe antibiotics.  The doctor may even admit your children to the hospital for a day or two if your child has any other medical condition or seems dehydrated or too weak.… Read More...

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