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Hyperpigmentation refers to the dark patches of skin. It happens when your skin produces more melanin pigment that is responsible for the color of your skin. In this post, we will discuss how to prevent and treat hyperpigmentation in Glen Allen.

Prevention and Treatment

  1. Moisturizer

Use moisturizer to increase the turnover rate of skin cells. A good cream contains ingredients such as Glycerin, Retinol, or Hyaluronic acid apart from brightening agents. It restores the skin’s lipid barrier and prevents skin damage.

  1. Do Not Scratch or Squeeze

It is tempting to squeeze a pimple or blackhead. But that will increase inflammation of the skin, so avoid scratching your skin. There are over-the-counter skin whitening creams available that contain licorice root, Vitamin C, Kojic acid. These ingredients inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase, responsible for the formation of melanin. Other ingredients present are soy, hydroquinone, Vitamin E, arbutin, n-acetyl glucosamine, and niacinamide. Before applying it, please go through the package’s instructions, and do not overuse it to avoid skin irritation.

  1. Hydroquinone Treatment for Stubborn Pigmentation

Over the counter, creams are not entirely effective against hyperpigmentation. A hydroquinone treatment can help you in this case. But this treatment must be done after consultation with a dermatologist because a high concentration of hydroquinone can lead to bleaching of the skin and cause skin irritation.

  1. Advanced Treatment Options – Ask Your Dermatologist

You can consult your dermatologist if the topical application is not helping you. They may suggest procedures such as chemical peeling, dermabrasion, laser, or a light-based system.  

  1. Take Active Steps to Prevent Further Damage
  • SPF

SPF protects against UVB. The most straightforward action would be to apply sunscreen lotion with an SPF of more than 30, even on cool or cloudy days. If you want protection against long waves of UVA, try using a cream containing titanium dioxide, Mexoryl, avobenzone, titanium dioxide, Parsol 1789, or zinc oxide.

  • Home Remedy

Aloe Vera, licorice extracts, and green tea also prove beneficial for treating hyperpigmentation at home. 

  • Wear a Hat

A hat can prevent direct exposure of your skin to sun rays. So whenever you go out, try wearing a hat.  

Key Takeaway

You can consult a dermatologist if your dark spots make you feel uncomfortable. Though hyperpigmentation is a cosmetic concern, consult your doctor if you think it is due to some underlying condition.… Read More...

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