June 19, 2024

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Revolutionize your health and health and fitness journey with the Tricorder.Zero! It capabilities 7 integrated sensors and telehealth and telefitness abilities.

Keep track of your wellness and fitness with the Tricorder.Zero. This wellness and health tracker functions 7 integrated sensors, like an otoscope, an infrared thermometer, a pulse oximeter, a stethoscope, an EKG, and additional.

Want to track your health and fitness and share your results promptly with a health care provider or coach? The Tricorder.Zero can aid. Pocket-dimensions and outfitted with accurate sensors, this gadget monitors many health and fitness parameters, helping you obtain your ambitions. Let’s get started off!

Tricorder.Zero demo movie

Continue to keep a close eye on your wellbeing

You never generally know how you are accomplishing healthwise. Confident, you may perhaps really feel wonderful, but fundamental conditions like higher blood tension normally really don’t have visible signs.

And the normal overall health gadgets that enable you hold an eye on these concerns are cumbersome and have sophisticated person interfaces.

Luckily, the Tricorder.Zero is super portable and has a whopping 7 sensors to properly track your wellness. It is quick to use anytime, any where.

Tricorder Zero
Tricorder.Zero in a lifestyle scene

Get 7 health and fitness-monitoring sensors

The 7 constructed-in sensors allow you actively observe your wellness and fitness anywhere—whether you’re at dwelling or on the go. They incorporate an otoscope, a higher-mag digital camera, a thermometer, a stethoscope, a pulse oximeter, an EKG, and a body fat/muscle mass sensor.

So this well being and health and fitness tracker combines just about all the sensors you need to have for a comprehensive check out of your health. Let us see the unique makes use of of every single sensor.

Tricorder Zero
Tricorder.Zero with gadgets and extras


It is the very same software your GP makes use of to inspect your ear, nose, and throat when you are emotion ill. On this gadget, the otoscope element is really an extendable camera.

Significant-Magnification Digital camera

Want to demonstrate your distant physician a picture of your outer eye or a questionable mole? It is simply carried out with the Tricorder.Zero and its significant-magnification digital camera. It shows near-ups in Total High definition excellent,

Touchless Infrared Camera

And, for individuals situations when you sense a small warm, the Touchless Infrared Digital camera provides quick measurements. It takes human body temperature with out speak to.

Pulse Oximeter

Want to observe your heart wellbeing or see how challenging you’re pushing people exercises? The pulse oximeter function actions blood oxygen ranges and pulse rate where ever you are.


Get an overview of your respiratory wellbeing with the stethoscope sensor. It enables you to hear your lung, coronary heart, and stomach appears.


Get an even closer glance at your coronary heart wellness with the EKG sensor. You can check out your coronary heart rhythm and electrical action on a digitized graph.

System Extra fat/Muscle Tone Sensor

See the development you’ve created through your fitness journey with the system extra fat/muscle tone sensor. It

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