March 22, 2023

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EVERYONEDOCTORS, SCIENTISTS, BIG PHARMA, ME, YOU—is looking for a longevity hack, a drug or supplement or superfood that will help us live healthier, longer lives. It turns out we already have one. “Exercise is by far the most potent longevity ‘drug,’ ” says Peter Attia, M.D., a surgeon turned physician who focuses on extending health span—stretching the portion of life when you’re able to do what you want to do versus being frail and weak. “The data are unambiguous: Exercise not only delays actual death but also prevents both cognitive and physical decline better than any other intervention. It is the single most potent tool we have in the health-span-enhancing toolkit—and that includes nutrition, sleep, and meds.”

Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity

Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity

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Dr. Attia presents his approach in a new 496-page book called Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity. The 50-year-old is a former boxer, long-distance swimmer, and endurance cyclist; ate keto before it was a thing; and followed Formula 1 in the 1990s. Now he’s all about rucking, archery, rowing, and strength training—and he’s still into cycling and F1. The Austin-based doctor practices what he calls medicine 3.0, aggressively treating the causes of diseases early and emphasizing prevention rather than waiting for symptoms to manifest. In Outlive, he goes deep on the four primary causes of slow death: heart disease/stroke, metabolic dysfunction, neurodegenerative disease, and cancer. But he goes deepest on exercise, specifically what strength and fitness levels are associated with longer, happier lives. Spoiler alert: He recommends way more exercise than the government guidelines, ideally ten to 12 hours a week. We adapted the fitness chapters in Outlive and interviewed Dr. Attia to give you a concise version of his exercise prescription.

Forge True Functional Fitness

Peak aerobic cardiorespiratory fitness, measured in terms of your VO2 max (the maximum amount of oxygen your body can utilize during intense exercise), is perhaps the most powerful marker for longevity, says Dr. Attia. A 2018 study in JAMA that followed more than 120,000 people found that higher VO2 max was associated with significantly lower mortality. The study also determined that someone of below-average VO2 max for their age and sex (that is, between the 25th and 50th percentiles) is at double the risk of all-cause mortality compared with someone in the top quartile.

dr peter attia working out

Peter Attia, M.D., working out at his home gym in Austin.

Dr. Attia says your VO2 max is a good proxy measure of physical capability: It indicates what you can—and cannot—do. Studies suggest that VO2 max will decline by roughly 10 percent per decade after your 20s and up to 15 percent per decade after age 50. Increasing your VO2 max makes you functionally younger. So having average or even above-average VO2 max has long-term ramifications. Dr. Attia’s goal for his patients is to be at an excellent level for the decade (or two) below their age. Many smartwatches can estimate VO2

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Exercises to help improve your balance

Strength training is an effective way to combat a decline in your balance and help add years to your life.

It helps maintain and build muscle mass, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, and helps improve cognitive function so that you can have better control over your body.

Here are five exercises I do every day for better balance:

1. Single-leg deadlift

This is one of my favorite exercises because it targets the stabilizing muscles in your ankles, knees and hips. It also strengthens your glutes and core, which is key for improving balance.

Shift all your weight to your right leg and keep a soft bend in your right knee as you hinge at your hips. Your upper body will come forward as your left leg lifts behind you.

Photo: Stephanie Mellinger


  1. Stand with your shoulders back and your navel pulled in toward your spine. Keep your upper back and core engaged.
  2. Shift all your weight to your right leg and keep a soft bend in your right knee as you hinge at your hips. Your upper body will come forward as your left leg lifts behind you.
  3. Make sure to keep your hips even — don’t open your body toward your left as you move.
  4. Squeeze your right glute as you bring your body back to an upright position.
  5. Do eight to 10 reps on your right leg, then repeat on your left.

2. Single leg sit-to-stand

This is another great move to strengthen your ankles and knees, and your quads as well.

Slowly sit down on the chair, doing your best to avoid a “plop” into the seat. Your left leg should hover just above the ground when you’re sitting, and your right foot should be on the floor.

Photo: Stephanie Mellinger

Push down through your right foot and return to a standing position.

Photo: Stephanie Mellinger


  1. Stand in front of a chair as if you’re about to sit on the edge.
  2. Shift your weight to your right leg. Your left leg should be hovering just above the ground.
  3. Slowly sit down on the chair, doing your best to avoid a “plop” into the seat. Your left leg should hover just above the ground when you’re sitting, and your right foot should be on the floor.
  4. Push down through your right foot and return to a standing position.
  5. Do eight to 10 reps on your right leg, then repeat on your left.

3. Plank

Poor balance is often related to a lack of core strength, and planks are an effective way to improve that.

With your body facing the ground, hold your body up while on your forearms and your toes.

Photo: Stephanie Mellinger

Modified plank: Keep your knees touching the floor. (It should be slightly bent with your

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TUESDAY, May 31, 2022 (HealthDay Information) — People who consider their espresso with a very little product and sugar have motive to rejoice, health and fitness-clever.

A new study reveals that coffee’s prospective health and fitness advantages persist, even if you increase a bit of sugar to your java.

People who drink any total of unsweetened espresso are 16% to 21% fewer probably to die early than people who don’t imbibe, based on information drawn from much more than 171,000 British contributors with out recognised heart disorder or most cancers.

And even folks who choose their coffee with sugar saw some health positive aspects, scientists discovered.

Sweetened coffee drinkers who downed an typical 1.5 to 3.5 cups a working day have been 29% to 31% much less most likely to die during an regular 7-yr adhere to-up than non-espresso drinkers, according to results published May possibly 31 in the Annals of Interior Medication.

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“On average, even when your coffee is a small little bit sweetened, it still appears to be potentially advantageous and at minimum not harmful,” stated Dr. Christina Wee, the journal’s deputy editor, who wrote an editorial that accompanied the examine.

Don’t rush out to get that caramel macchiato just however, even though — persons in the examine tended to add modest quantities of sugar to their brew, industry experts mentioned.

On regular, people today set about 1 teaspoon of sugar in each cup of coffee, claimed Wee and Anthony DiMarino, a registered dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic’s Middle for Human Diet.

“This is about only 16 excess calories, which is not significant,” claimed DiMarino, who wasn’t involved with the analyze. “In distinction, most specialty coffees run hundreds of calories from sugars and fat.”

For this analyze, a team led by Dr. Chen Mao of Southern Healthcare College in Guangzhou, China, analyzed dietary info offered by contributors in the United kingdom Biobank, a databases with wellness details from a 50 percent-million individuals in the United Kingdom.

Individuals were tracked for an regular seven decades to see whether espresso drinking affected their all round hazard of death, as perfectly as their danger of demise from cancer or coronary heart disorder.

Scientists observed that unsweetened coffee reduced participants’ threat of death no matter how a great deal they drank, with a “sweet spot” of utmost gain all around 2.5 to 3.5 cups a day.

Sweetened coffee also experienced well being added benefits, as long as the human being drank fewer than 4 cups a day. Individuals who drank extra than 4.5 cups of sugary espresso a working day had a slight raise in their hazard of early loss of life.

Sweetened or unsweetened, coffee also appeared to consistently cut down the hazard of loss of life from precise results in these as most cancers or heart condition, the researchers discovered.

There are loads of theories about why coffee may well be fantastic for you, specialists explained.

“Coffee has approximately 1,000 botanical compounds,

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A previous dentist with the Greensburg-based mostly Three Rivers Dental Group has been accused of murdering his wife even though the two were being on a looking excursion in Zambia in 2016 as part of a plan to defraud existence insurance policy providers. The criticism stated Lawrence Rudolph collected on 9 life insurance coverage procedures, totaling $4.8 million, right after declaring her death was accidental. Rudolph started out 3 Rivers Dental Team, which has 5 areas in the place, which includes Greensburg, Green Tree, Cranberry and Washington County.In accordance to courtroom files, on Oct. 11, 2016, Rudolph and his spouse Bianca have been packing to go away their looking camp in Zambia when Bianca was shot in the upper body with a shotgun. Investigators explained Lawrence instructed law enforcement he was in the rest room and Bianca was in the bed room when the gunshot went off. Court docket files mentioned Rudolph went on to say that he suspected the gun had been left loaded and that the discharge transpired when his spouse was striving to pack the gun into its situation. The criminal grievance said Lawrence then promptly experimented with to cremate Bianca’s human body at a funeral property and depart the place. Court docket documents then claimed a consular main at the U.S. embassy in Zambia advised the FBI he experienced a lousy feeling about the problem, which he believed was relocating far too promptly. As a outcome, the consular went to the funeral residence with two some others from the embassy to consider images of Bianca’s entire body and protect any possible proof. Courtroom documents explained that while observing Bianca’s body, the consular considered that centered on his observations of her gunshot wound, the length amongst the muzzle of the shotgun and Bianca’s chest when the shotgun was fired was about 6.5 to 8 toes. Court docket paperwork went on to say that when the consular chief returned to the workplace from the funeral house, he acquired a phone from Lawrence Rudolph who was explained as “livid” about the actuality that the consular main experienced witnessed Bianca’s entire body and taken images. When Rudolph fulfilled with the consular main, he asked who would be capable to entry information and facts about Bianca’s dying, which includes the law enforcement experiences, and went on to say that Bianca may well have fully commited suicide by taking pictures herself with the shotgun.The prison criticism stated that times afterwards, a man or woman discovered as Bianca’s friend, contacted the FBI asking that Bianca’s demise be investigated since the mate suspected foul enjoy. The mate instructed the FBI that Rudolph experienced affairs in the earlier and was getting just one at the time of the capturing. Courtroom files also stated the friend instructed investigators that she considered the cremation to have been from Bianca’s wishes since Bianca was a rigorous Catholic who experienced as soon as expressed disapproval that the friend’s spouse had been cremated. The felony grievance also explained the FBI … Read More...

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