June 9, 2023

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For a limited time, One Medical membership is available to new U.S. customers for $144 (28% discount) for the first year—the equivalent of only $12 per month.

Amazon and One Medical announced that Amazon completed its acquisition of One Medical. One Medical’s seamless in-office and 24/7 virtual care services, on-site labs, and programs for preventive care, chronic care management, common illnesses, and mental health concerns have been delighting people for the past 15 years. Together, Amazon and One Medical look to deliver exceptional health care to more people to achieve better health outcomes, better care experiences, and more value, within a better care team environment. For a limited time, One Medical is offering annual memberships at the discounted price of $144 for the first year (regularly $199 per year), the equivalent of $12 per month, to new customers. Redeem the One Medical membership promotion and learn more about what’s included.

“We’re on a mission to make it dramatically easier for people to find, choose, afford, and engage with the services, products, and professionals they need to get and stay healthy, and coming together with One Medical is a big step on that journey,” said Neil Lindsay, senior vice president of Amazon Health Services. “One Medical has set the bar for what a quality, convenient, and affordable primary care experience should be like. We’re inspired by their human-centered, technology-forward approach and excited to help them continue to grow and serve more patients.”

“One Medical has been on a mission to help transform health care through its human-centered and technology-powered model to delight people with better health, better care, and better value, within a better team environment,” said Amir Dan Rubin, CEO of One Medical. “We now set our sights on delivering even further positive impacts for consumers, employers, care teams, and health networks, as we join Amazon with its long-term orientation, history of invention, and passion for reimagining a better future.”

“If you fast forward 10 years from now, people are not going to believe how primary care was administered. For decades, you called your doctor, made an appointment three or four weeks out, drove 15-20 minutes to the doctor, parked your car, signed in and waited several minutes in reception, eventually were placed in an exam room, where you waited another 10-15 minutes before the doctor came in, saw you for five to ten minutes and prescribed medicine, and then you drove 20 minutes to the pharmacy to pick it up—and that’s if you didn’t have to then go see a specialist for additional evaluation, where the process repeated and could take even longer for an appointment,” said Amazon CEO Andy Jassy. “Customers want and deserve better, and that’s what One Medical has been working and innovating on for more than a decade. Together, we believe we can make the health care experience easier, faster, more personal, and more convenient for everyone.”

One Medical sets a high bar for human-centered primary care experiences:

Access to primary care where, when, and

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FRIDAY, Feb. 10, 2023 (HealthDay News) — The key to living extended could be having much less.

In a new study revealed in the journal Character Growing older, researchers located that a calorie-restricted diet regime experienced substantial overall health added benefits, together with delayed aging.

“The primary consider-house of our study is that it is achievable to sluggish the pace of biological getting old and that it may perhaps be feasible to achieve that slowing through modification of way of living and behavior,” senior study author Dr. Dan Belsky, an assistant professor of epidemiology at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Overall health in New York City, told NBC News.

The section 2 medical demo provided 220 adults who both built a 25% calorie cut to their diet plan or no changes at all. The system mass index (BMI) for members ranged from 22 to 27 (a BMI of 30 is the threshold for weight problems).

In the initial thirty day period, those people in the calorie-restricted group were offered a few organized foods every single day so they would be common with portion measurements. They were being endorsed about their diet regime for the first 24 months of the two-yr review.

The other team had no counseling or constraints.

Regardless of the program to slash about 500 calories in a 2,000-calorie each day diet plan, most slice only 50 % that, mentioned Dr. Evan Hadley, director of the geriatrics and scientific gerontology division at the Countrywide Institute of Ageing (NIA), which funded the study.

“But that 12% was sufficient to have significant adjustments,” Hadley instructed NBC News.

Scientists used an algorithm based on past info for 1,000 folks who have been adopted for 20 a long time, to see how specific DNA biomarkers adjusted in the analyze group.

The algorithm was like a “speedometer,” Belsky defined, to assist gauge the tempo at which individuals aged.

Those people who slice their energy slowed their ageing by 2% to 3%, reducing the likelihood of dying early by 10% to 15%.

“We all have the power to adjust the trajectories of growing old,” Belsky contends.

Researchers plan to adhere to all those on the calorie-restricted diet program for 10 years.

It’s not clear why eating significantly less would sluggish getting old, nevertheless it might prompt cellular alterations, Belsky claimed.

“It may possibly induce form of mechanisms of survival responses in the overall body that have the influence of cleansing up intracellular garbage,” Belsky described. “It’s a sign to the physique, expressing, ‘Hey, fork out interest. There are resource stresses in the ecosystem. We have to have to make confident that we are using all of the sources available to us most successfully.’”

Nonetheless, extensive-time period restrictions on energy have been revealed in animals to be hazardous, such as lowered muscle power, slower metabolic process and an impaired immune process, Valter Longo, director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California, advised NBC Information.

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DUBLIN–(Business WIRE)–The “Europe Exercise Products (Cardiovascular & Strength) Current market Outlook, 2027” report has been additional to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s presenting.

This report gives an all-round analysis of Europe’s health devices sector with the historic and forecasted overall performance of its segments. The Europe conditioning gear current market was valued at around USD 3 Billion in 2021 which is expected to sign-up CAGR of nearly 5% for 2022-2027.

Europe is the 2nd largest market in the fitness gear group, which has been majorly pushed by higher member penetration in wellbeing & physical fitness golf equipment. European countries have the pattern of much larger gyms, and reduce charges have captivated quite a few buyers. It has led to greater procurement of good quality & premium physical fitness gear posed as a big factor market’s expansion.

Furthermore, the emergence of the gear producing businesses like Main Health & Physical fitness, Johnson Health Tech, Exigo, Torque health and fitness LLC, and many others as a top B2B production enterprise. Wellbeing and exercise golf equipment the important earnings generator have been pretty interesting for the buyers. Rising adoption of conditioning workout routines noticeably contributes to the growth of the health and fitness gear sector across the European region. The overweight inhabitants is the main consumers of cardiovascular devices for pounds management.

In addition, enhanced awareness about health and fitness and its linked wellbeing benefits drives the adoption of physical fitness gear, especially via gym memberships and in-property products product sales. Initiatives, these kinds of as corporate wellness packages, add to the expansion of the physical fitness gear current market. More, the range of physical fitness facilities at tremendous specialty hospitals have increased due to the supportive govt actions to boost wellness consciousness, therefore even further supplementing the need of health and fitness machines.

The European exercise gear market place has been pushed by the earnings created from the top rated five economies of Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain. Out of which the United Kingdom, Germany & France are the big earnings generator which combines generated all-around 48% of the profits for the calendar year 2021.

Other than this, Spain, Italy & the relaxation of Europe have been a appreciable contributor to the region’s exercise products market. Most of the international locations in the European country have been engaged in sporting activities and outside health which have supplied rise to the development of purposeful, free of charge pounds, resistance, cross-match, and so forth. varieties of cardio additionally toughness stamina schooling.

Cardiovascular exercise routines are a really most well-liked sort of instruction apply in Europe temperature in gyms or at home. Attraction towards aerobic exercises together with the developing issue linked to weight problems has let the people go toward cardiovascular health. Nonetheless, energy training has observed attraction from the people with the involvement of ground breaking kinds of instruction like cross in shape, human body body weight.

The enhance in worry of people today about living an overall nutritious life style and

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The Deakin College review engaged 38 male and feminine Melburnians aged 65 to 80 who did not presently execute common structured resistance training.

Participants done different physical exercises this sort of as one-leg knee bends, sit to stand, or single-leg quarter squats carried out constantly for just one moment with a one-moment passive restoration split in-among.

“By breaking down work out routines to bite-size intervals of physique body weight movements simple enough to be accomplished at residence, people were being additional most likely to stick to their applications.”

Dr Jackson Fyfe, Deakin Institute for Physical Activity and Nourishment

They split contributors into four teams, with a command team that didn’t physical exercise, a team that exercised for 5 minutes a working day, and two teams that exercised for 5 minutes twice a working day or 3 instances a working day for four months.

The researchers were being astonished to find out a higher charge of adherence between the exercising groups, with in between 81 and 97 for every cent of individuals sticking to their routines.

Of the individuals, 82 for each cent explained they planned to carry on training at the time the examine was above.

“These findings show it’s hardly ever also late to get started exercising and that even little quantities of typical training can make good results,” Fyfe mentioned.

“Performing common strengthening exercise routines helps to prevent osteoporosis and frailty by stimulating the development of muscle mass and bone,” claims Hoare.Credit score:Joe Armao

Athletics physiotherapist from PhysioTrain, Andrew Hoare, suggests the encouraged physical exercise suggestions can be daunting for some more mature adults, notably when returning to work out right after an personal injury.

“Try not to allow fantastic be the enemy of excellent,” he stated. “While you might not have sufficient time or determination for a extensive wander or a excursion to the health and fitness center, this investigate signifies that executing a compact range of strengthening routines even now has advantages. The vital is to be constant.

“Performing typical strengthening workouts aids to reduce osteoporosis and frailty by stimulating the expansion of muscle mass and bone. And feeling physically solid also supports mental and emotional overall health,” suggests Hoare.


PhysioTrain customer Jill Dore says strength coaching helps her to keep active and preserve up with her grandchildren.

“I do one supervised workout session for every 7 days, but it is pleasant to know that carrying out a few basic power workout routines a pair of times a working day can gain my health and fitness,” suggests Dore.

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SATURDAY, Oct. 1, 2022 (HealthDay Information) — Allergy victims know that indications never just seem in spring or summer season. Tumble, way too, can bring about sneezing and hassle breathing, as can risky weather conditions designs.

“People often practical experience allergy signs in the drop even if they are primarily allergic to pollens in the spring and summer months,” mentioned Dr. David Corry. He is a professor of medicine in the part of immunology, allergy and rheumatology at Baylor Higher education of Medication in Houston.

Amongst the normal situations that could have an impact on allergy victims this calendar year are the Tonga Volcano eruption in January, Corry said. That despatched particulates and aerosols into the natural environment and could adjust global climate, shortening or lengthening impending pollen seasons.

Those seasons could further more change in the northern hemisphere, which was each hotter and drier this calendar year, Corry explained.

“We’re presently in peak ragweed year and we’re also looking at a whole lot of mildew spores in the air,” Corry stated in a school news release. “But these unusually large temperatures earlier this year could mean possibly considerably less cedar pollen this wintertime.”

Hurricane year is underway and these wet activities, alongside with tropical storms, can create immense rain and ruin vegetation. This can lead to fungal “blooms” and maximize fungal spores in the air, which substantially worsen allergy and bronchial asthma signs and symptoms for months or even months.

Cold fronts that bring thunderstorms and wind can stir up ragweed and pollens from previously seasons. These can journey long distances.

“Thunderstorm asthma” is a phenomenon that can have an affect on those people who have asthma.

“If you are mildew-allergic or you have mold-connected bronchial asthma, individuals can get significantly worse pretty swiftly and that is a serious risk to overall health,” Corry stated. “Remain indoors shortly just after thunderstorms, and if your house has been flooded, or has h2o damage of any form, maintenance it immediately to stay away from mould progress.”

Folks who dwell with allergic reactions would do best to preserve them outside of the house.

Showering following possessing been outdoors can assist clean tiny particles from hair and pores and skin. You ought to also clean clothing worn exterior.

Depending on allergy severity, Corry advised a variety of treatment options.

Delicate to average signs and symptoms can be addressed with above-the-counter non-drowsy antihistamines, like cetirizine (Zyrtec), loratadine (Claritin) or fexofenadine (Allegra). These can be made use of in mix with nasal steroids.

Nose rinses drain nasal passageways with a saline option. See your physician for recommended inhaled steroids or other sorts of treatment to address indications if more than-the-counter options are not plenty of.

Allergen immunotherapy, in which individuals receive weekly injections of low-dose allergens they’re delicate to, can support make an immune reaction to the allergen, Corry suggested.

More data

The U.S. Countrywide Center for Complementary and Integrative Wellbeing has far more on seasonal allergy symptoms.

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