February 22, 2024

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Getting through the day takes a toll on your skin. Your skin begins to reflect your everyday stressors causing a serious blow to your self-esteem and your overall sense of happiness. Plastic surgeons at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center use non-surgical treatments for facial rejuvenation in McLean, VA. Be able to get that aesthetic appearance and youthful look once again without fear of surgery.

Facial rejuvenation

It refers to cosmetic treatment that renews the skin’s surface appearance for superficial concerns such as dark spots, wrinkles, scarring, and skin laxity. Rejuvenation, therefore, aims at inciting your body’s natural regenerative ability for the skin to heal from stressors and turn over new skin cells. Outlined below are the non-surgical treatments for you to rejuvenate your face and get that radiant appearance once again.


They are injectable neurotoxins that specifically utilize purified toxins to disrupt the communication of muscle receptors in your face. Their purpose is to relax muscles in your face to stop the formation of wrinkles and smoothen out wrinkle appearance. Common neuromodulators include:

  • Botox. It is the most commonly performed non-invasive cosmetic treatment in the United States. It is used to reduce dynamic wrinkles and provide visible wrinkle-smoothing results within three to seven days.
  • Dysport®. It is a form of botulinum toxin used to improve frown lines, forehead creases, crow’s feet, and limit muscle movement temporarily to help your skin appear smoother with fewer wrinkles.
  • Xeomin®. It is an FDA-approved cosmetic treatment used to remove severe frown lines between the eyelids.
  • Jeuveau®. It is used to treat frown lines between the brows.

Dermal fillers

They are injectable treatments to restore lost volume on your face by filling in fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and facial hollowness. They work by injecting a special serum into your skin with active ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. The dermal options therefore include:

  • Bellafill®. It is a semi-permanent filler used to treat medium to deep wrinkles, folds, furrows, pitted scars, and augment thin hips.
  • Restylane®. It uses hyaluronic acid to improve skin contour and reduce depressions on your face due to scar injury or lines.
  • Juvéderm®. It ensures your face improves from:
  • Acne scar and cheek depressions
  • Crow’s feet at the corner of your eye and nasolabial furrows
  • Redefining lip border and frown lines between your eyebrows
  • Wound and burn scars, smoker’s lines, and worry lines
  • Radiesse®. It uses calcium hydroxyapatite found natural in your bones to:
  • Enhance your cheek fullness and other facial contours
  • Improve facial volume from wasting such as HIV patients taking certain medication
  • Improve moderate to severe creases such as nasolabial folds and frown lines.
  • Aquamid.  It is a semi-permanent filler that uses polyalkylimide to:
  • Treat deeper wrinkles such as depressed scars
  • Plump thin lips
  • Replace facial volume loss due to aging and enhance cheekbone and jawlines
  • Treat facial wasting due to HIV medication

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