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If building out your garage gym is at the top of your home improvement project list, you’ll want to consider buying a full-body workout machine. These all-in-one machines let you hit all your major muscle groups, whether you tackle them all in one workout session or using a workout split. So yes, investing in a full-body workout machine is a smart idea whether or not you do full-body workouts on the reg. 

Many types of total-body machines exist, from traditional steel racks and functional trainers to high-tech home gyms that almost double as an interior design flex. But before taking the plunge on such a big investment, you’ll want to look at this list of the best full-body workout machines. Our team thoroughly tests and reviews many of the products that made this list, so you know they’re the creme-de-la-creme regarding versatility, value, and longevity.

The Best Full-Body Workout Machines

Best Full Body Workout Machine Overall: Force USA X20 Pro

Force USA X20 Pro

This power rack doubles as a cable machine with two 289-pound stacks for each cable. The basic package features 12 attachments, while the upgraded kit will bring the total to 18. The X20 is rated to hold up to 990 pounds, so even the most elite-level athletes can confidently hit their heavy lifts. 


  • Price: $5,999.99
  • Product dimensions: 70 in (W) x 86.5 in (D) x 91 in (H)
  • Resistance: Two integrated 289-lb weight stacks
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime structural warranty


  • It combines six strength-training machines, deeming this an all-in-one solution for a total-body workout.
  • The X20 Pro is constructed with 11-gauge steel, making it exceptionally durable. It can last a lifetime with proper care.
  • You’ll get 17 different attachments to help you hit multiple muscle groups.


  • It’s expensive. Shipping also costs an extra $400, and the gym becomes pricier if you add the upgraded accessories package.
  • This machine is about 7.5 feet tall and about 6 feet wide, so it’s not ideal if you’re limited on space.

If you want to invest in an all-in-one trainer for your home gym, the Force USA X20 Pro is the perfect pick. The base package comes with 17 attachments to help you hit every muscle group — you’ll get an aluminum straight bar, two pull-up bars, a landmine attachment, a close-grip triangle attachment, an ankle cuff, two plastic d-handles to use with the cables, a nylon rope attachment, a tricep pushdown bar, a short bar, two extension chains that attach to the cables, and four band pegs to use with resistance bands. 

That means this nifty trainer will help you stick to your split without hitting the gym. Use the dip attachment for a chest and triceps workout; the lat pulldown attachment, low-row footplate, and d-handles to ignite your back and biceps; and you can easily squat and deadlift on leg day with this rack. Plus, you don’t have to worry about stability — there are holes, so you can bolt it to the

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If you’re not walking regularly, you’re missing out on one of the most underappreciated tools for a toned and fit body. While high-intensity workouts and endurance activities often steal the spotlight, walking humbly stands its ground, continuing to prove its weight loss benefits time and time again. A 2022 study published in Nutrients found that postmenopausal women with a regular walking routine experienced weight loss regardless of walking speed. So, for women who are looking to sculpt their fittest bodies, incorporating a daily walking routine can be a total game-changer. We have the ultimate daily walking workout for women to get fit.

Walking offers a unique blend of benefits. It’s gentle on the joints, can be done anywhere, and requires no fancy equipment. But here’s the twist: Not all walking workouts are created equal. That’s why we chatted with Tracie Haines-Landram, CSCS, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and nutrition coach with Barbend, who reveals the #1 daily walking workout for women to achieve their fitness goals. The best part is the workout can be done indoors, outdoors, or on a treadmill.

“Pacing can either be monitored on the treadmill or fitness tracker by speed, which is often displayed as miles per hour (mph) or pace (min: sec per mile),” explains Haines-Landram. “If no technology is available, going off a perceived scale of intensity (how hard the workout feels to you) works.”

Before diving into the workout, we need to clarify some terminology.

  • Home Base = If walking outdoors, this is where your area to perform additional exercises that are safe and free from traffic. If walking indoors, this will be next to your treadmill.
  • Set = If walking outdoors, one set is either one lap of the distance you set, which should be around 0.25 miles. If walking indoors or on a treadmill, one set will be walking 0.25 miles indoors or on a treadmill.
  • Pace = Determine four levels of speed for yourself.
    • Level 1 is a slow-paced, casual walk where you can easily hold a conversation and not get winded.
    • Level 2 is a faster walk where you can still hold a conversation.
    • Level 3 is a fast pace you can sustain for over 10 minutes, but you may not be able to hold a steady conversation because you’re out of breath.
    • Level 4 is the fastest pace you can walk before it turns into a run where it’s difficult to talk or hold a conversation.

Haines-Landram says, “The general workout format is to complete one set of roughly 0.25 miles. Then, at your Home Base, complete a lower-body movement and upper-body movement three times, alternating between each.”

Regardless of your fitness level, read on for the workout. Then, check out The “50-Mile Month” Walking Challenge Is a Surprisingly Easy Way To Get Fit.


This is your warm-up, so it’s all about getting the muscles activated and the heart rate slightly elevated. Think of it as setting the stage for the workout to come.

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YOUR WORKOUTS SHOULD be about more than just looking jacked if you’re training to reap general health benefits from your efforts. You should be focused on other components of fitness, too—especially if longevity is one of your goals.

To feel great and move well for years to come, you need more than muscle. You need power, the ability to create force quickly. Build that in this single-kettlebell workout that’s over in 30 minutes.

You can attack this workout four or five days a week. On all other days, go for a 20-minute run or walk.


Squat to Plank Walkout

Philip Friedman

Start standing, then push your butt back and bend at the knees and hips, lowering into a deep squat. Place your hands on the floor and crawl forward until you’re in pushup position, abs tight. Reverse the moves to return to the start. The entire series warms up every muscle in your body. Do reps for 1 minute, then rest for 30 seconds. Work for 2 rounds.

The Workout

Directions: Do reps of each move for 1 minute, then rest for 30 seconds. Do 3 rounds of each movement, then move on to the next exercise.

Kettlebell Deadlift

kettlebell deadlift strength and muscle building single kettlebell exercise\, workout

Philip Friedman

Blast your hamstrings and glutes with this critical lift. Stand over a kettlebell, shins parallel to the bell, feet shoulder-width apart, then push your butt back and lower your torso until you can grasp the bell with both hands. Tighten your abs. Stand and squeeze your glutes. Lower. That’s 1 rep.

Plank Drag

plank drag strength and muscle building single kettlebell exercise\, workout

Philip Friedman

Challenge your core to stabilize your entire torso. Get in pushup position, a kettlebell just outside your left hand. Keeping your hips square to the floor, reach your right hand toward the bell; grab it and pull it to the right. Return to pushup position. Repeat on 3 the other side. That’s 1 rep.

Plank Row

plank row strength and muscle building single kettlebell exercise\, workout

Philip Friedman

Build mid-back muscle to protect your shoulders. Start in pushup position, right hand on a kettlebell handle. Keeping your hips and shoulders square, row the bell to your right hip. Lower. That’s 1 rep. Do reps for 30 seconds on the right side, then 30 seconds on the left side.

Kettlebell Swing to Squat Swing

kettlebell swing to squat swing strength and muscle building single kettlebell exercise\, workout

Philip Friedman

kettlebell swing to squat swing strength and muscle building single kettlebell exercise\, workout

Philip Friedman

Stand 2 feet behind a kettlebell, feet shoulder-width apart. Push your butt back and lower your torso until you can grasp the bell with both hands. Keep your abs tight. This is the start. Explosively pull the bell behind you, then squeeze your glutes and stand explosively. Let the bell’s momentum carry it between your legs again; this time, when it does, sit into a squat and pull the bell forward. Alternate between these 2 moves until time is up.

Kettlebell Lunge to Halo

kettlebell lunge to halo strength and muscle building single kettlebell exercise\, workout

Philip Friedman

kettlebell lunge to halo strength and muscle building single kettlebell exercise\, workout

Philip Friedman

Stand holding a kettlebell at your chest, abs and glutes tight. Step back with your right foot, then bend at the knees and hips, lowering into a lunge until your right knee is an inch from the floor.

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  • For most of her life, Helen Mirren has completed a daily 12-minute military workout.
  • I appreciate Mirren’s approach to life, so thought I would give it a try. 
  • It was complicated, boring, and I gave up after six days.

Seeing photos of Dame Helen Mirren the day after she appeared on the red carpet at Cannes back in May, I was in awe. The 77-year-old was effortlessly captivating, with hair long and tinted lavender, confidently herself.

Once a purple-haired woman myself, I wanted to know more about the iconic actress and quickly discovered Mirren’s routine sounded familiar to mine — minus the red carpets and movie sets. Her nightly face care routine is simple (cleanse and add a bit of moisturizer), she doesn’t go too crazy on her makeup, and she enjoys food and alcohol.

So when I discovered that the daily workout routine that had kept her in shape for decades is 12 minutes long — and considering I did fewer than 12 minutes of exercise in the past month — I thought “hey, maybe this is another part of our daily routines that we could share.”

Helen Mirren attends the "Jeanne du Barry" screening during the Cannes Film Festival.

Helen Mirren attends the “Jeanne du Barry” screening during the Cannes Film Festival, 2023.

Christophe Simon/Getty Images

According to a Yahoo News report from 2014, Mirren does a Royal Canadian Airforce workout from the ’50s, called the X BX Plan, which I found as a PDF via a quick Google search and hoped was as close as possible to what Mirren completes each day.

The 50-page pink pamphlet includes 12 exercises with a set number of reps to be completed in a limited amount of time, accompanied by diagrams and descriptions on how to do each one. 

You start at level one and move on to the next when that becomes easy. As the level increases, so do the number of reps.

You keep increasing the level until you hit your goal, which is determined by your age. The highest level is for age 15 to 17 (level 44), and a mere 30 for a 27-year-old like me.

Insider previously reported on how simple exercises can be effective without the need for flashy unnecessary equipment, and how modifying an exercise to make it harder, such as increasing the reps, is a good way to see results. So I figured maybe I could stick to this for more than a week, as my new workout routines rarely lasted that long.

Day one

Like all good fitness regimes, the first day of my new workout plan started on a Monday. Although, unlike good fitness regimes, I was returning from — and really feeling the effects of — a three-day music festival.

But I pulled my gym shorts out from the dark depths of my wardrobe anyway and started reading through the 51-page workout.

After thirty minutes of examining the complex

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If you are hoping to “goal” your tummy, it really is time to cease what you’re performing and re-feel your solution. Place reduction, or focusing on one spot of your entire body, in certain, is a myth. You can sculpt a more powerful main, maximize how intense your workout routines are, and clean up up your eating behaviors if you want to eliminate excess weight, but all of these things will impact your overall body as a complete, not just shedding fats in your belly (or one more physique portion). We consulted with a physical fitness professional, Tonal mentor Ash Wilking, who breaks down some of the greatest exercises for your decrease belly. Get all set to thoroughly transform your midsection!

All that currently being mentioned, Wilking describes she enjoys chatting about core exercise routines, for the reason that the core has a substantial effect on all parts of day by day movement. “Below are 5 moves you can obtain in my Super Main SHREDDER & Rock Reliable Abs HIIT routines that incorporate resistance coaching to concentrate on the core and include a metabolic problem which is verified to aid with body fat decline,” she clarifies. “I’ve pieced these into a exercise of their very own! Timers are your best pal in a HIIT exercise (specifically if you never have a Tonal counting your reps).”

As normally, make guaranteed to warm up ahead of starting your exercise routine. All of the down below moves can be performed in a Tonal or at a cable equipment at your local gym. For every single work out, complete a few sets of 30 seconds doing work, 15 seconds of rest. Split for 45 seconds concerning sets.

Hold reading to discover all about Wilking’s best-recommended routines for your decreased belly. And when you are completed, will not pass up out on these 7 Exercises To Slim Down a Thick Waistline in 30 Times.

Courtesy of Tonal

“Any time you might be able to incorporate several muscle mass teams in a movement, you are assured to crank up the depth! By incorporating an isometric maintain with the decreased system, you quickly enhance the coronary heart fee with negligible influence or jumping,” Wilking clarifies. “The anti-rotation and multi-joint things of this motion [make it] a fantastic total-entire body exercise to kick off this circuit. Prepping you for far more dynamic moves to follow.”

To set up for the ISO split squat Pallof press, believe a fifty percent-kneeling situation with your inside leg positioned on the floor in front of you and your outside the house knee planted on a exercise routine mat. Raise your again knee so it really is hovering over the floor. Grab on to the resistance/cope with with both hands, positioning them in entrance and in the heart of your chest. Your arms should be bent. Press the handle away from your physique, producing absolutely sure your arms stay centered involving your shoulders. Really don’t go your lessen physique as you rotate

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