September 23, 2023

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The Top Qualities to Look for in the Best Spine Surgeon

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If you are experiencing back pain, chances are your spine could be injured. The first step you can take is to see a primary care provider to diagnose and treat your problem. But when the pain does not seem to go away after the treatment, your primary care physician may refer you to Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine for advanced treatment. It is important for you to feel comfortable with your specialist.  Following are some qualities you will find in the doctors and surgeons at the facility.

They Offer Surgery as the Last Resort

Having surgery for your spinal injury should be the last resort. That can only happen when your surgeon has tried other non-invasive treatments such as physical therapies, anti-inflammatory solutions, and other pain management options. That way you know all the options have been exhausted and you can decide whether to go ahead with the surgery or not.

They Are Highly-Trained and Experienced in Spinal Injuries

It is important that a surgeon is board-certified and can provide you with evidence that they have performed a series of successful surgical procedures like the one that you will be undergoing.

Naturally, spine surgeons can perform orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures. Depending on the severity of your spinal injury, one or the other may be suitable for you. To be on the safer side, find someone that not only treats such conditions, but they should also do it with a high rate of success.

They Should be Part of a Multidisciplinary Team

A surgeon specializing in spinal injury should team up with other like-minded surgeons as part of a multidisciplinary team. By partnering with other medical practitioners such as chiropractors, nurses, pain management specialists, and psychotherapists, a customized and comprehensive treatment plan can be created just for you.

They Are Ready to Learn

Going by the evolving nature of medicine, a spine surgeon needs to take part in research to expand their knowledge. They partner with other scientific researchers to stay abreast of advanced technologies and surgical procedures. Also, they should have an open mind and learn from others.

They Are Compassionate and Have Excellent Communication Skills

A surgeon that uses complicated medical terminology to explain your condition and treatment might not help you with your problem. You need someone who can simplify the terms in layman’s language tso that you can understand the risks and success rates. In a case where they are unable to do that, it is essential to get someone else that can address your concerns.

A Good Spine Surgeon Can Help You With Your Injury

The fundamental medical principle emphasizes the requirement of not harming a patient. Luckily, a team of spine specialists at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine strives to go beyond that to assure you of safety and positive results. To learn more about Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine, contact your specialist today. You can book your appointment using the online scheduling tool or call the office.

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