September 28, 2023

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Top 6 Benefits of Laser Resurfacing Treatments

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Regardless of the efforts, you take to protect your skin, sun exposure, aging, and other unavoidable factors can cause it to dry and wrinkle. Thanks to laser skin resurfacing treatments, you now have a long-lasting solution to your minor facial flaws and a great way to restore your healthy, youthful skin. Here, we will explore the top 6 benefits of having your laser resurfacing in Arlington.

How Does Laser Resurfacing Work?

Laser resurfacing treatments involve the use of focused light beams, which are applied to the outermost skin layers. Moreover, laser resurfacing is one of the best ways of eliminating damaged skin while stimulating and preserving the healthy, radiant skin underneath.

Why Should You Get the Treatment?

Laser skin resurfacing treatments have proven to be incredibly effective when treating minor skin imperfections that damage the quality of your complexion. In addition to removing your scars, wrinkles, and spots, laser resurfacing treatments also help in removing:

1.      Spots, Discoloration, and Redness

Aging, extended periods of sun exposure, or skin pigmentation problems can cause you to develop spots and discoloration. With laser resurfacing treatments, you will be able to eliminate these brown spots and remove your unwanted freckles, leaving you with a more balanced and even skin tone.

2.      Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Naturally, you tend to develop fine lines and wrinkle with age. But with laser skin resurfacing, you will be able to get rid of these lines around your face completely, leaving you with much healthier, smooth, and radiant skin.

3.      Acne Scars

Unfortunately, when we get into accidents, we often develop scars that can negatively affect our self-confidence and appearance. However, laser skin resurfacing treatments are the best way to minimize these scars and lower their visibility.

4.      Loose Skin

Your skin can gradually lose its elasticity with age. Laser skin surfacing can correct this by improving your body’s collagen production around the treated regions. Within short periods of time, you will notice more youthful and satisfactory skin tone results.

5.      Spider Veins

Spider veins, also referred to as broken capillaries, are unwanted flaws typically triggered by skin irritations, sun exposure, alcoholism, or other factors like hormones. Laser resurfacing can help eliminate spider veins.

6.      Enlarged Pores

Laser skin resurfacing treatments can minimize the appearance of your enlarged skin pores, making you feel more confident about the appearance of your skin.

Other Benefits of Laser Resurfacing Procedures

At the Advanced Plastic Surgery Center in Arlington, our laser resurfacing procedures are accompanied by numerous benefits that include:

·         Minimal Downtime

After our laser resurfacing procedures, most of our patients usually experience little or no discomfort and can even resume their daily routines in no time. Some may experience swelling, redness, and discomfort after the procedure, but these symptoms can be easily dealt with through our medically approved wound care.

·         Non-Invasive Treatment

One notable advantage of laser resurfacing procedures over traditional treatments for treating skin flaws is that this is a non-invasive treatment procedure.


Laser resurfacing treatments can improve the appearance of your skin by eliminating all of your facial flaws. At the Advanced Plastic Surgery Center in Arlington, our highly trained team of plastic surgeons will offer you Fraxel®, Laser Genesis ®, and Clear + Brilliant® laser resurfacing treatments to help improve your skin tone. You can book a consultation online today to learn more about how laser resurfacing can improve your complexion.

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