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Top 6 Cardiac Catheterization Preparation Tips

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Cardiac catheterization is a standard procedure for cardiovascular care. It enables a cardiologist to assess the state of your arteries to diagnose several complications and determine effective treatment options. Dr. Syed W. Bokhari of Advanced Cardiovascular Care offers cardiac catheterization in Riverside to evaluate your arteries and heart’s function, mainly if you show signs of a cardiovascular condition. The preparation for this procedure is essential as it improves the accuracy of the process. Here are several tips that can help you with your preparation.

Plan to Limit Some Activities

Depending on the method used to insert the catheter, you might be required to avoid several activities for several days. You are not to apply any cream to the catheter insertion site, and you should avoid baths, swimming, or soaking in water. However, on the following day after your procedure, you can remove the dressing from the site and observe its state. You may experience slight swelling or bruising, but that is normal. You can also dress the area as instructed by your provider using a bandage to keep it dry and clean.

Plan Your Recovery Ahead

As you go for the cardiac catheterization procedure, ensure you understand what to expect afterward so that you can make proper arrangements. You can organize for your transportation back home as you might still have some sedation effects. The procedure takes about half an hour, although it might take longer when angioplasty is also performed. Also, you can seek help in advance in performing strenuous activities, particularly those that involve stretching out of the chest.

Familiarize Yourself with the Procedure

Please, as you prepare for your cardiac catheterization procedure, do some research to familiarize yourself with it to beat anxiety. First, you need to understand that the process will be performed in a specially equipped room. You will lie on a table uniquely designed to allow an x-ray machine to move freely around it. This is because your provider will utilize x-rays to highlight the flow of the Cath through the heart vessels. You can also expect the medical team to wear lead shields.

Know That You Will Be Awake but Comfortable

Your provider will give you a sedative intravenously to help you relax and feel no discomfort during the catheterization on your appointment day. This will put you in a twilight state but not unconscious. You will be able to hear your provider, and they can instruct you to do something like moving slightly when appropriate during the procedure.

Speak About any Condition that May Affect Your Procedure

Some conditions can affect your reaction to catheterization. If you have a bleeding disorder, heart complications, kidney issues, allergies, body piercing, or pregnancy, please let your provider be aware. Your provider may involve an angiogram consisting of an injection of some dye through the catheter to your heart. This may affect you differently if you have some underlying complication. Therefore, please note them to avoid unnecessary complications.

Speak to Your Doctor About Your Medications

Several medications should be avoided before undergoing catheterization. Therefore, it is critical to tell your doctor about any medications or supplements you are using. As you go for your consultation, it would be good to make a list of everything you are using to help your provider instruct you accordingly on how to avoid certain medications.

Preparation is critical for any procedure. As such, you need the best professional to handle your issue. Contact Dr. Bokhari today and book a consultation appointment to ask any questions about how you can prepare for cardiac catheterization.

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