April 24, 2024

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Tricks to Clean the Face for Maximum Skin Health

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Cleaning the face has become a natural habit for many people who are aware of the health of their facial skin. However, many people take the wrong treatment and continue to do the same. This actually damages the health of our own skin, such as cleaning our face with facial soap that is not recommended by the dermatology clinical trial site.

The large number of dead cells that have not been removed and the accumulation of dirt is one of the early causes of facial damage symptoms. Usually, facial skin will often look dull. Therefore, here are some simple and easy tips to keep facial skin clean.

1. Do not Wipe Face Too Hard

Facial skin is one part that is very sensitive to all touch. Therefore you have to treat it gently.

Often some women like to scrub their face hard and hope that the dirt will be removed more quickly. In fact, this actually makes your facial skin red and irritated.

Clean your face gently and carefully, and don’t forget to pay attention to the T-Zone because more oil tends to produce in that area. Remember, don’t touch your face too hard!

2. Avoid rubbing your face with a towel

If you still have the habit of drying your face by rubbing it with a towel, then start to leave the habit.

As we know, facial skin is very sensitive, while not all towels are soft and suitable for rubbing on facial skin. Towels with rough materials can make facial skin irritated and red. So, you should just use facial tissue to dry your face after washing your face.

3. Not only face wash, but you also need a make-up remover touch

In the world of beauty, the term double cleansing is often mentioned by beauty experts. Double cleansing itself is a double cleaning activity that starts with removing makeup with a makeup remover followed by a face wash product.

From now on, try to do double cleansing regularly, especially if you use makeup every day. This is highly recommended because face wash products alone are not enough to remove all traces of makeup.

But don’t forget, choose products that match your skin type and needs, Ladies!

4. Always Use Moisturizer

After cleaning the face using a face wash, skin conditions tend to be drier than before. Especially if the face wash product you are using has a fairly harsh content. This means you really need a touch of moisturizer so that your skin is hydrated again and the supply of minerals is replenished.

It must also be remembered, if the face is left alone without moisturizer, it is not impossible that over time the skin will become dry and cleaning your face is useless.

Therefore, never forget to always use a moisturizer!

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