September 27, 2023

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Unilateral Dumbbell Flooring Press: How To, Rewards

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The barbell bench and overhead push are the gold criteria for pressing power and incorporating dimensions, but when it arrives to unilateral education, a required but sometimes undertilized instruction technique, the barbell may possibly not be the most perfect selection and which is the place the unilateral dumbbell floor push arrives into play.

Lifting with two palms enables you to elevate much more weight for juicy gains, but undertaking bilateral lifts—lifting the two sides simultaneously—all the time prospects to power imbalances involving sides. These toughness imbalances, even though not always a big deal, can alter the strategy, can lead to personal injury niggles, and go away gains on the desk.

There is an simple way to fix this dilemma: the unilateral dumbbell flooring press. Below we’ll dive into almost everything dumbbell floor push so you can supersize your power and muscle gains.


Most horizontal pressing versions are carried out on a excess weight bench, not the dumbbell ground push. As the identify indicates, you execute this press lying on the flooring, which does handful of factors to the press. You shorten the assortment of motion, which is a shoulder saver for some. When the elbow goes past the torso in the push, it puts the shoulder into exterior rotation, and if your shoulder is bothering you, this doesn’t assist.

The shortened assortment of movement puts significantly less of a stretch on the upper body hence, some emphasis is taken off the upper body and put on the triceps. In addition, due to the fact you are on the flooring, you are a lot more secure and obtain instant responses, with lets you to push much more safely. at?v=Xu7QaebaQRI


Here’s how to execute the dumbbell unilateral ground press with superior variety.

  1. Lie on your back with a dumbbell by your side.
  2. Roll above on to your side, and grip the dumbbell with each fingers.
  3. Roll on your back again, press up, and clear away just one hand.
  4. You can have your feet on the floor or your legs prolonged. This is a matter of personalized choice.
  5. Reduced the dumbbell right up until your upper arm touches the floor and push up right until lockout.
  6. Reset and repeat and then change sides.

Muscle tissues Trained

When pressing on the bench, you can use your reduce physique rigidity as a counterbalance to help thrust the fat. Not so on the ground, which helps make the flooring push a predominately an upper body physical exercise.

In this article are the main muscles trained by the unilateral ground push.

  • Chest: The initial drive off the ground is all chest.
  • Anterior Deltoids: Helps the upper body muscle with the initial press.
  • Triceps: When your higher arm is off the flooring, the triceps kick in.
  • Obliques: Both oblique muscles agreement isometrically to avert your torso from rotating.


All unilateral workouts will improve strength imbalances between sides if they exist, decreasing your injuries hazard and rising your gains. Listed here are four far more vital positive aspects of the unilateral dumbbell floor press.

  • Wonderful Shoulder Do the job All over: For the reason that of the reduced assortment of movement limiting shoulder exterior rotation, the dumbbell floor push is the great present for all those with banged-up shoulders. It’s also good for beginners mainly because the diminished ROM cuts down aches and pains from additional substantial ROM actions. Furthermore, it can help construct the strength and manage for a lot more complicated lifts like the bench press, and the enhanced ground security assists with urgent method and positioning.
  • Enhanced Flex Time: The unilateral dumbbell floor push is a terrific training to increase mass to the upper body, shoulders, and triceps without introducing abnormal strain to the shoulders owing to the lowered range of motion. This point would make it a good accessory training for the barbell bench push.
  • Unilateral Upper System Energy: As with other lessened assortment-of-movement lifts like box squats, the flooring press is a fantastic physical exercise to target particular carry portions. With the dumbbell ground push, you have an increased capability to tackle large loads in the top fifty percent of the press to improve your triceps, upper body, and anterior deltoid.
  • Enhanced Lockout Strength: There are two prevalent weaknesses with the barbell bench press. 1 is just earlier mentioned the upper body, and the other is locking out the final 1/3 of the press. Lockout strength is usually a weak spot, resulting in missed lifts, unstable lockout positions, or both. The dumbbell unilateral ground press is a wonderful workout to target this weak spot, as you can deal with heavier hundreds in the final third of the elevate.

4 Widespread DUMBBELL Ground Press Issues at?v=y3HYtE0vQK4


The dumbbell floor press is not a technological exercise and is uncomplicated to carry out, but that doesn’t signify you just can’t screw it up. Right here are 4 frequent problems that avoid you from getting the very best out of this physical exercise.

  • You’re NOT In Handle: Reducing the body weight promptly, bouncing the upper arm off the floor, and twisting your torso to elevate the dumbbell are certain indications you have missing manage. This places you at increased injury danger and decreases muscle mass-creating stress. Lessen the pounds, acquire your ego out of it, and lift with manage.
  • Really don’t Minimize The Range Of Movement Any More: The dumbbell ground press is now a partial ROM carry, and by NOT touching your upper arm to the floor and pausing or reaching total lockout, kiss some of your gains goodbye.
  • Elbow Place: Obtaining your elbow near to the torso doesn’t give the chest and shoulder much place to transfer. And flaring the elbows out places the shoulders at increased injury risk and lowers the tension on the upper body and triceps. Alternatively, getting them at a 45-diploma angle from the torso is a superb pressing situation.
  • Inappropriate Setup And End: You know, the dudes that drop the dumbbells on the floor when they have completed their set of dumbbell bench presses. Never be that dude on the flooring press because it seems to be uncool and detrimental to your shoulder. Rolling onto your side to get the dumbbell and rolling onto your side to lessen the dumbbells just after your established is the safest way to perform this elevate. No exceptions.


Let’s start out with one particular clear actuality about the unilateral bench push. It is not an complete strength workout but is suited for hypertrophy, strengthening imbalances, and strengthening your bilateral urgent variants. IMO, teaching the unilateral floor push concerning the 6 to 15 rep range for two to 4 sets as an accent transfer performs perfectly for most lifters.

UNILATERAL Flooring Press Versions

Dumbbells and the ground push are a match produced in training heaven. Continue to, there are other applications and variants to increase the depth and teach the upper body and triceps in a different way for superior general muscle mass growth. Right here are a handful of to take for a spin in your teaching.

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