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What Are The Advantages of Sports Massage Therapy?

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You’ve probably heard of sports massage, but you may not know exactly how it works. Among the benefits of this technique are an increase in venous return, reduced muscle soreness, and a lower risk of injury. This technique is particularly beneficial for athletes as it helps them train more efficiently and avoid injuries.

Increased Venous Return

Aside from the obvious physical benefits, sports massage can also help athletes with general aches and pains. Massage therapists at Sports Massage Denver, Colorado use their hands to explore muscles and tissues to identify potential issues, and the pumping movements improve circulation by creating a vacuum. These new blood vessels carry essential substances for growth, such as oxygen and glucose. This may also reduce stress and anxiety levels.

In addition to improving circulation, sports massage also increases the body’s lymphatic system. Lymph circulation enhances the removal of waste products from the body. Additionally, sports massage improves immunity by stimulating lymphocytes, which fight infection. Moreover, massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which counteracts the adverse effects of stress. Lastly, sports massage enhances the sensory perception and reduces heart rate.

During sports massage therapy, clients should be encouraged to move and not be placed on their heels for long periods. If possible, the massage therapist can use a footstool to shift the client’s weight from sitting to standing, minimizing static stress on the leg. It is also a good idea to encourage sedentary clients to dorsiflex their ankles 20 times per hour and walk a few miles daily.

Reduced muscle soreness

One study found that delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is joint among people who engage in various physical activities. DOMS can impair an individual’s ability to exercise or train properly, preventing them from reaching their full potential. Although the benefits of massage therapy are still largely unknown, it seems that it can reduce muscle soreness. Nevertheless, it remains important to note that massage therapy may positively affect DOMS.

In this study, 29 women between 24 and 26 were randomly assigned to one of two treatment groups. The treatment group received classical sports massage therapy, while the control group received no treatment. Each group completed five sets of deep squat jumps. Lower-limb power was assessed with a vertical jump test, while muscle soreness was measured using a visual analog scale. Exercise intensity was assessed using the Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion Scale. The participants’ muscle soreness was measured at 48, 72, and 96 h after exercise. The authors assessed whether any differences were found between the groups.

A sports massage can reduce muscle soreness for athletes, but anyone who participates in rigorous physical activity can benefit from it. Physiotherapists who provide sports massage services at major sporting events may be a good choice for those involved in athletic competitions. Their proven benefits may even help prevent injury. Sports massage can improve overall physical health and athletic performance by reducing muscle soreness. And there is a growing body of evidence demonstrating the benefits of sports massage therapy.

Reduced risk of injury

While many people may be skeptical about the benefits of sports massage, it is proven that the treatment can reduce the risk of injury. Massage helps athletes recover faster from training and competition. It can also improve their performance during breaks. This therapy can reduce the risk of injury by preparing the muscles for intense loads and restoring the biomechanical basis of movement. In addition, it is highly beneficial for athletes during the competition, as it reduces muscle tone and excitability and increases a person’s sense of physical recovery.

Unlike general massage, sports massage is tailored to an athlete’s needs. For example, a baseball pitcher will require different muscle massages from a sprinter, and so on. Depending on the sport, an athlete may receive four types of sports massage: pre-event sports massage, post-event sports massage, and pre-season sports massage. Pre-event sports massage is a special form of sports massage that targets body parts that need extra attention to boost performance. Athletes who have a big game may also need a pre-event sports massage to calm their nerves and energize them.

Regular massages are an essential component of injury prevention and recovery program. Massages benefit athletes by increasing blood flow to tired muscles, allowing them to recover faster. The body’s ability to heal itself increases when muscles are properly massaged. Athletes should include regular massages in their training schedule to achieve maximum physical performance.

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