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What is Plastic Surgery? Everything You Need to Know

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Plastic surgery can improve appearance or repair a physical problem. Reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are committed to enhancing appearance and can help patients achieve their desired looks. Plastic surgery recovery time varies from person to person, and you should ask your surgeon about it. The sooner you can return to your routine, the sooner you can return to your practice.

Reconstructive plastic surgery

Reconstructive plastic surgery seeks to restore a distorted bodily part to its original form and function. For example, it can help restore a limb to its original shape and size or fix a cleft lip or palate. Reconstructive plastic surgery can even improve the way people feel about themselves.

Surgical procedures that reconstruct the body can benefit patients suffering from injury or disease. For example, patients who have lost significant weight may need reconstructive surgery to remove excess skin and tissue. Other people may seek reconstructive North Carolina plastic surgery for another reason, such as to improve a condition in another area. For instance, some women have their breasts reduced to relieve lower back pain.

Cosmetic plastic surgery

Cosmetic plastic surgery is a type of surgery that helps improve a person’s appearance and self-esteem. It can be performed on the face, body, or both. There are risks involved in all surgeries, but cosmetic plastic surgery is not without them. Patients should discuss these risks with a board-certified plastic surgeon before they undergo any procedure.

Typically, cosmetic plastic surgery is elective, meaning it is performed to enhance a person’s appearance. The procedures can include changing the size of breasts, removing excess hair, or reshaping a nose. They may also repair scars caused by previous surgeries. In addition, some procedures are not surgical, such as laser treatments to remove unwanted hair or to sand the skin to improve scarring.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure used to increase the size of a woman’s breasts. Although this surgery is not a cure for breast cancer, it can help improve a woman’s self-esteem and body image. However, breast augmentation does come with risks. The patient should expect to experience swelling, bruising, and pain after the procedure. The surgery may also leave scars, but these will fade over time.

The procedure is generally safe, and many women can continue breastfeeding after the procedure. However, there are a few possible complications, including excess scar tissue, implant leaks, and infection. In addition, patients must be healthy and stable in their weight before undergoing the procedure.


One of the most common cosmetic surgery treatments is liposuction. While it originated as a means of body contouring, today, it is a highly versatile tool used for various aesthetic purposes. It has also become an essential adjunct to reconstructive and functional surgery. As such, “liposuction” no longer refers to a specific surgical procedure but is synonymous with the tools and techniques used.

A patient who undergoes liposuction can maintain the procedure’s results for many years. However, it is still essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid further fat accumulation. In addition, after liposuction, patients should avoid excessive weight gain, as fat cells will expand with new fat cells if the patient gains weight.

Body contouring

Before undergoing a body contouring surgery, patients must consider the risks and benefits of the procedure. For instance, people who smoke are more likely to experience difficulties than nonsmokers. Therefore, they should quit smoking before surgery to reduce the chance of complications. They should also ask their surgeon about their experience and training.

Body contouring is removing extra skin and fat from particular body parts. Surgical and nonsurgical procedures are available for this purpose. While this treatment effectively removes unwanted fat and skin, it does not replace diet and exercise.

Breast reduction

Plastic surgery for breast reduction is a popular procedure that allows women to have smaller breasts. There are several different options for reducing the size of the breasts. One option is the Breast Reduction Center of NYC. This center is located on the Upper East Side in Manhattan and accepts nearly every insurance plan. Its specialists are board-certified plastic surgeons who are experts in breast reduction surgery. The center also offers free consultations for women considering this procedure.

Plastic surgery for breast reduction uses a unique technique called a breast lift to reduce breast size. This surgery uses three small incisions to remove excess tissue and fat. This method is effective for women with moderate to severe sagging breasts. It leaves a single, thin scar that will fade over a year.

Breast lift

A breast lift, a cosmetic procedure, will restructure breast tissue. Additionally, it might make the areolae smaller. The process elevates the nipples and trims the extra skin from the breasts. The scars from a breast lift will typically fade within one to two years. Most women can return to normal activities the next day. However, the procedure may leave patients with uneven breast sizes.

Patients should discuss the risks of undergoing a breast lift with their surgeon. Before undergoing surgery, they must complete a consent form and discuss any previous medical history. They should also ensure that their surgeon understands their medical history and has realistic expectations. They may also be asked to undergo a physical exam and blood tests before the procedure. In addition, they must stop smoking and take certain medications for several weeks before the procedure.

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