June 9, 2023

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Why Picosure is a Signal of a New Day in Skin Revitalization

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If you seek ways to improve your skin and reduce signs of aging and do not want to risk the pain and the downtime of traditional laser surgeries, Nuwa clinic has a solution for you. Wildwood Picosure uses revolutionary laser technology to resurface your skin to achieve a healthy, smooth, evenly toned glow. The clinic’s experienced aesthetic team offers Picosure laser cynosure for treatment of tattoo removal and skin revitalization without surgery or downtime. Schedule a consultation by calling or booking online now.

How is Picosure defined?

Picosure is cutting-edge technology that is FDA cleared that uses short-pulse laser energy to diminish undesirable skin pigmentation and other signs of aging such as:

·       Tattoos

·       Wrinkles

·       Acne scars

·       Freckles

·       Sunspots

·       Other skin discoloration

Picosure technology harnesses your body’s natural healing process by converting laser energy into pressure waves to active cell signaling, the body’s communication process.

How do you know you are a candidate for Picosure?

The specialist at Nuwa World will review your medical history and do a comprehensive examination of your skin condition. From there, they will engage you and discuss your needs and explain the best options for achieving your ideal results.

What are the benefits of using Picosure treatment compared to nanosecond laser treatments?

·       Picosure is less painful compared to other methods.

·       The results will show up quickly. It typically takes around a few Picosure laser sessions to achieve desired results.

·       Acne Picosure laser treatment can ultimately bring down the acne caused by bacteria solely with topical agents.

·       Reduces oil production in the skin. Acne removal may demand the destruction of oil glands.

·       Picosure treatment is cheaper than the other form of treatment.

·       Picosure is more effective than other treatments.

What do you expect after the procedure?

Patients see a slight whitening or frosting of the skin after a tattoo removal which will subside immediately after the treatment. You may also experience mild swelling and redness. Results from acne scar and tattoo removal are permanent, and skin revitalization treatments are long-lasting. The specialist will recommend that you protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays before and after Picosure treatment using sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater.

How many Picosure treatments will you require?

To help you achieve the most desirable outcome, the specialist will recommend a series of skin revitalization treatments and tattoo removal. Also, periodic maintenance sessions are beneficial after a completed series of anti-aging skin treatments. Your provider personalizes each Picosure treatment plan based on the condition of your skin and end goals.

In conclusion, don’t let skin imperfections, including that unwanted tattoo, negatively affect your self-esteem. If you no longer love a tattoo or aging skin makes you feel self-conscious, revolutionary laser technology can resurface your skin and achieve a healthy, smooth, evenly toned glow. Schedule an appointment with Nuwa world and find out if Picosure is right for you.

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