Why You Ought to Choose CoolTone Body Contouring

Getting a more defined appearance may not be easy to achieve, even with extra workouts and diet measures. That is why you need advanced treatments such as CoolTone offered at Kentucky Skin Cancer Center. The treatment has proven effective in delivering firm, toned, and strengthened abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and can give you the perfect physique you desire.  The treatment helps in reducing fat, tightening skin, toning muscles, and comes with awesome benefits. Here are some grounds why it is better than other contouring treatments.

Fast and Easy

A 30-minute session of CoolTone treatment equals around twenty-five thousand squats. You can imagine how long and tiresome it will be to complete all those squats, but the treatment only takes half an hour to deliver similar muscle contractions. This means that you can get the results you would have waited for months in just a few weeks following treatment for a few minutes only. The treatment utilizes a muscle stimulation technology that penetrates directly to the muscles to cause effect. You will get back to your normal routine immediately as there is no downtime. More amazingly, your entire treatment can take less than two months, and you will only need a session once every 3-6 months to maintain your results.

Enhances Your Performance

If you are an athlete or you are regular at the gym, CoolTone will not only give you a perfect physique but will also enhance your performance. After your two-month treatment program, your muscles and abdomen are strengthened. This will increase your repetition and experience the difference during your workout due to a strengthened core. Also, you might not get all the muscles during workouts, but CoolTone targets all muscles, even those left out during regular practices.

Non-Invasive and Nonsurgical

CoolTone targets specific muscles and will not have other organs or tissues. This explains the zero to little downtime, and you can take a session over your lunch break and get back to your regular activities immediately. Although you might feel a little sore in the treatment area, it is ignorable in most cases.

While some other contouring treatments, such as bariatric surgery, are effective and extremely safe, they are mainly recommended to those who are extremely obese and might have a longer downtime and recovery period, unlike CoolTone.

Shrinks Fat Cells

This is one of the reasons why CoolTone is unique. The extreme contractions involved in the treatment cause the fat cells to shrink, meaning you get transformational results besides toning the muscles. This means that you are receiving two treatments at a go which is not common with other treatment options. Fat-freezing eliminates fat bulks and curves while your muscles are conditioned, which doubles the treatment’s impact.

Natural Looking Results With No Side Effects

Some aesthetic treatments do not look natural, which can affect one’s confidence and self-esteem. But with CoolTone, the results look almost 100% natural, and you might not notice any difference whatsoever. The only different thing is that the muscle contractions are involuntary. All this happens, yet there are no known side effects, mainly because the treatment is non-invasive and nonsurgical.

Reach out to Robert Skaggs, MD, FAAD, to learn more about CoolTone body contouring treatment. Dr. Skaggs will evaluate your needs and help you understand if you can benefit from the option. No matter how long you have been hitting the gym without visible results, there is hope.



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