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Crowns are rapidly rising in popularity due to their ability to regenerate the appearance of teeth. The tooth-shaped caps are placed over weak, cracked, or broken teeth to restore them, making them stronger and improving their shape and size. If you are yet to get the crowns, the providers at Dental Art of South Bay, cosmetic dentistry in South Bay can help you. But what is more important is knowing how to enjoy the maximum benefit with more minor complications. Here are some ideas to ensure your crowns offer you the best service.

Match the Color

You do not want to have the permanent crowns inserted into your teeth to discover they do not match your existing natural teeth. Therefore, ensure you pay attention to the color of the crowns your provider suggests to ensure they look natural. Use a mirror to counter-check and match the colors, and do not be afraid to reject any proposal you have doubts about. Also, the dentist’s office lighting may be confusing, and it would be better to check the color in natural sunlight. When the teeth match your natural teeth, no one will even notice you have received the treatment.

Go for the Correct Shape

Some people complain of issues when chewing food after getting crowns. That is why you ought to ensure that the shape of your crown is correct to fit correctly on your teeth. This will avoid food being lodged in the gaps which can exist if the crowns are poorly shaped. Additionally, if your crowns are too big, you can experience trauma in the jaw due to poor bite, leading to pain in the pulp.

Consider the Quality of the Cement

Sometimes your crowns can come out if the poor quality of cement is used to attach them. Choose a strong adhesive that will hold the crowns firm over time. Some glues are only stronger with newer crowns but become weak with older crowns. Be assured to ask your provider about the best type of cement to use. A weak adhesive will cause the crown to appear hollowed-out, and you might also notice some teeth and fillings when you look in your mouth.

Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene

Once you get your crown, it is in your hands to take good care and maintain them. Your provider will guide you on cleaning the crowns, which is not much different from your regular oral hygiene regimen. The tooth underneath the crown can start decaying if not cleaned properly. Therefore, ensure you also seek professional teeth cleaning as your dentist can do a more thorough job than you can. But stick to brushing twice a day or after every meal and flossing daily. However, seek expert advice on how you floss your crowned teeth as it is different from regular flossing. You are to floss side to side instead of up-down.

Eat Properly

Certain foods can harm your dental crowns just like they hurt our natural teeth. Therefore, avoid foods such as … Read More...

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