September 30, 2022

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Eric Giesecke is the CEO of Planet DDS.

We’re dwelling in a planet the place machines can acquire precise imaging scans and total complex surgical methods.

Nevertheless the dental business stays very well driving other industries—including other healthcare segments—when it will come to adopting highly developed medical, management and administrative technology techniques.

Circumstance in place: Whilst advanced, computer system-assisted dental implant surgical treatment applications have developed considerably, a 2020 report noted that the adoption of these remedies is not as popular as the adoption of likewise advanced computer-assisted systems applied by other healthcare experts.

And when the adoption of cloud-based technological know-how has enhanced appreciably in most industries, dental practices have been slow to abide by go well with.

Unfortunately, in 2022, failing to up grade know-how puts organizations—in the dental marketplace or otherwise—at extended-phrase risk of losing small business.

The dental marketplace faces the risk of working below pre-Covid ability, as large prices throughout the board threaten to curb customer shelling out on dental care. Nevertheless, the menace of recession is universal. In reality, corporations can study a good deal from dental industry’s detrimental ordeals in 2009 and 2010, when the Wonderful Recession precipitated a huge fall in individual volumes.

At the exact time, consumers are tech-savvier than ever and be expecting a higher level of support and conversation, no matter if they’re scheduling an appointment or communicating their concerns about a messaging application.

Diving In: The “Why” Driving Tech Adoption Hesitancy Amid Dental Procedures

So why has not the dental industry migrated to the cloud at the same fee and sense of urgency as other industries? And why does this hesitancy provide as a cautionary tale?

It boils down to problems about time and revenue. Dental practices are wary of the perceived expense of utilizing new know-how, as nicely as the likely disruption to observe functions. There are major organizational hurdles, such as considerations pertaining to the scope of implementation alongside with the assumed time and notice expected to full the migration from a legacy software package resolution. At the same time, corporations and shoppers are tightening paying in anticipation of a probable financial downturn.

Ironically, this is the greatest rationale why we cannot find the money for to minimize the significance and beneficial effect of new technology—in the dental market or somewhere else.

Consumers’ expectations have shifted. Individuals will not hesitate to swap suppliers when they have weak experiences—and neither will purveyors of any other enterprise. The total idea of loyalty has changed.

Utilizing Modify: Why Cloud-Primarily based Technologies Make any difference Additional Now

Organizations have considerably to acquire by taking gain of a growing marketplace of cloud-based programs that can help their functions.

Cloud-based mostly dental software, for illustration, can aid dental company businesses (DSOs) centralize, standardize and streamline every thing from billing to scheduling, reporting and more. And in dental and healthcare organizations, superior, cloud-centered affected individual engagement software can facilitate and automate far more well timed communications between people and

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A Houston loved ones was awarded $95.5 million to Neveah Hall’s spouse and children immediately after she endured irreversible brain destruction while she was improperly sedated and restrained all through her dental procedure. 

The situation manufactured headlines again in 2016 just after the then 4-calendar year-aged was still left with intense mind destruction from what should have been a basic method at the dentist’s office. 

Earlier: Relatives usually takes legal motion in opposition to dentist following daughter suffers brain damage

Dr. Bethaniel Jefferson with Diamond Dental Follow experienced treated the younger girl in the previous, but her mother, Courissa Clark, informed FOX 26 in 2016 that about an hour into the process, her daughter cried out as she was going through a seizure. Courissa was advised not to get worried and to go back into the ready space just after Dr. Jefferson certain her every little thing was high-quality. 

Hours had passed in advance of the ambulance finally arrived, but it was too late, as Nevaeh suffered oxygen loss, leaving the younger lady seriously mind-weakened. 

Far more: Choose endorses license revocation for dentist accused of triggering 4-year-old’s brain destruction

“It changed her lifetime, and it altered ours,” claims Clara Clark, Grandmother to Nevaeh Hall. “Can you imagine if that was your child, we experienced a typical balanced youngster.”

The household believes Jefferson did not treatment then and still does not care now about what transpired to Nevaeh.

“Matters materialize every single day in the professional medical area, that’s comprehensible. But you do the right detail, and you get in touch with 911,” states Clara. “But which is not what she did, and she was so cold about the full predicament.”

Neveah, now 10, continues to be conscious, but her household testified in court that “she can no longer see, speak, stroll or try to eat on her own” and involves 24-hour healthcare treatment. 

“The evidence in trial was heartbreaking,” the family’s co-counsel Ryan Skiver said in a created assertion. “A 30-pound girl, little more than a toddler, was bodily and chemically suffocated by an out-of-control, monetarily motivated dentist.”

Linked: Dentist surrenders just after staying indicted in 2016 circumstance of wounded child

The family’s attorneys declared in a press launch Thursday that a point out district court jury assessed damages of $95.5 million to the spouse and children. 

“Nevaeh’s family is grateful for the service and consideration of the jury,” co-counsel, James R. Moriarty stated also in a

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BOCA RATON, Fla.–(Enterprise WIRE)–Aug 30, 2022–

Sage Dental, a leading dental services group (DSO) committed to furnishing consistent, higher-high-quality treatment, as nicely as non-clinical business and administrative solutions to affiliated methods, recently took component in an ongoing instructional application that was sponsored by Neodent, in which 4 Sage dentists doing the job with a staff of neighborhood vendors conducted implant surgical procedures on sufferers in Curitiba, Brazil.

This press launch functions multimedia. See the total launch here:

(Photo: Business Wire)

The event was component of the Sage Academies software, which allows dental professionals from Sage’s 80-additionally techniques to acquire precious ongoing instruction in a huge selection of locations that contain implants, overdentures, clear aligners and more. The system included two days of training and instruction relevant to Neodent’s dental implant program and two days of reside surgery. Implants from Neodent, which is owned by Straumann Team, are intended to tackle all clinical wants and bone forms with many implant styles, two relationship forms and two surfaces — NeoPoros and Acqua (hydrophilic) — that boost success fees and procedure outcomes.

The surgeries had been carried out by Sage dentists Dr. Maria Balda, Dr. Tony Cruz, Dr. Ruben Daboin, and Dr. Robert Ma. The team was also joined by Sage Dental’s Director of Mastering and Growth, Natalie Curtis.

“The practical experience in Brazil was even far better than we could have imagined, our crew was equipped to understand about and then conduct substitute approaches that are very unique,” stated Dr. Tony Cruz, Senior Dental Director, Sage Dental. “The gain of what our dental pros acquired in this software, as properly as all our Sage Academies training, improves their proficiencies and familiarity with hard dental treatments.”

For the Sage workforce that was on-internet site managing individuals, the encounter offered an possibility to give treatment to men and women who could not have the monetary resources to get hold of high-excellent dental remedy, and some of those people who were being treated acquired a number of implants. Adhering to the dental get the job done that was performed by the Sage workforce, the clients will receive abide by-up treatment from dentists at the Latin American Institute of Dental Study and Schooling (ILAPEO), an internationally renowned middle of investigation and continuing schooling in dental medical practice.

“Sage Academies delivered an remarkable finding out and schooling procedure for me, the surgical aspect of the program in Brazil was incredibly arms on,” explained Dr. Robert Ma. “We had a one-to-just one health care provider to scholar ratio in which the head clinician guided us on how to place the implant. It was life altering for me mainly because I was equipped to have a different perspective on exactly where and how to put implants – it was remarkable.”

To master much more or to timetable an appointment at any of Sage Dental’s destinations, make sure you visit:

About Sage Dental and Sage Dental Management, LLC

Sage Dental Group of Florida, PLLC, and

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Oral-B class action lawsuit overview:

  • Who: Plaintiff Alan Dalewitz has filed a class action lawsuit against the makers of Oral-B Glide dental floss.
  • Why: He says The Procter & Gamble Company misrepresented to consumers that the product was “Pro-Health” when it actually contains chemicals known to be toxic to humans.
  • Where: The Oral-B class action lawsuit was filed in New York federal court.

The Procter & Gamble Company has been hit with an Oral-B class action lawsuit alleging some of its dental floss products contain harmful “forever chemicals.”

Plaintiff Alan Dalewitz filed the Oral-B class action lawsuit on Aug. 26, claiming that Oral-B Glide Dental Floss products are marketed as “Pro-Health,” but laboratory testing shows that the dental floss likely contains per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

PFAS are synthetic chemicals that are toxic to humans, even at low levels, the Oral-B class action lawsuit explains. This group of chemicals do not break down over time, a trait which has led them to be called “forever chemicals.”

Forever chemicals have been found in a large number of consumer goods, leading to a growing number of class action lawsuits seeking to hold companies accountable for putting consumers’ health at risk.

Testing suggests presence of PFAS in Glide dental floss, Oral-B class action says

Dalewitz says his attorneys have tested the Oral-B dental floss products and detected the presence of PFAS. The Oral-B class action lawsuit also points to a peer-reviewed study that has identified two specific types of PFAS in Oral-B Glide products.

The Oral-B forever chemicals allegedly include PTFE and PFHxS. PTFE is a major pollutant that allegedly has come under scrutiny recently over its safety, and PFHxS has reportedly been linked to adverse health effects such as liver damage, thyroid damage, and injuries to a developing fetus.

“Thus, P&G’s advertising of Oral-B Products–which suggests that the Product is ‘Pro-Health’–is false and misleading,” the Oral-B class action lawsuit alleges.

Dalewitz asserts that P&G’s allegedly misleading marketing of Oral-B dental floss has enabled it to sell more of the products and sell them at higher prices. He says the company had a responsibility to disclose the presence of Oral-B forever chemicals but failed to warn consumers about the presence of the toxic chemicals.

“No reasonable consumer would expect that a Product marketed for one’s health would contain dangerous PFAS, which are indisputably linked to harmful health effects in humans,” Dalewitz says.

He asserts claims for violations of New York consumer protection laws and fraudulent concealment.

The Oral-B class action lawsuit is not the only one P&G has faced recently. Earlier this year, P&G asked a New York federal judge to dismiss a class action lawsuit alleging its Crest charcoal toothpaste does not work as promised.

What do you think of the Oral-B class action lawsuit’s allegations that Glide dental floss contains forever chemicals? Join the discussion in the comments!

Dalewitz is represented by Kim E. Richman of Richman Law & Policy and by Joshua D. Arisohn and Alec M.

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Zenyum sonic toothbrushes are handy for travels and even camping trips. PHOTO: Zenyum

Did you know that mouthwash alone does not have any cleansing action on our teeth, and it merely helps to cover smells? And just by losing one molar, we decrease our ability to chew by 10 per cent? These are some dental facts shared by Dr Sebastien Bui, Dentist and Senior Clinical Team Leader at Zenyum. And according to him, even though people know that daily flossing should be part of dental hygiene, many still don’t do it. Yahoo Shopping got chatting with the dental professional to clarify some nagging misconceptions about dental care, tips on teeth maintenance, why your friend’s teeth are brighter than yours and if you should incorporate sonic toothbrushes into your daily dental routine.

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On dental habits & cleanliness

Yahoo Shopping: Contrary to popular belief, I heard that fluoride is actually not good for our teeth. Is that true?

Dr Sebastien Bui: Fluoride, in low doses, protects our teeth from tooth decay because of their antimicrobial and remineralising properties. There is no risk of using fluoride daily as the toothpaste concentration is low and not ingested.

Some dentists propose brushing our teeth after every meal. Isn’t that too frequent and harsh on our gums?

Brushing after every meal helps to maintain your mouth’s cleanliness. In addition, it reduces sugar levels and prevents bad breath. Opt for soft bristles that provide gentle brushing.

Is there an ideal number of times to brush our teeth in a day?

Three times is recommended: after breakfast, after lunch and after dinner.

Do we need to throw away our toothbrushes every three months?

Yes, this is the average service life of a toothbrush. After three months, the bristles start to wear out, and the mechanical effect of brushing is no longer effective.

How much toothpaste is required for a good clean?

Usually, less than 1cm long is sufficient.

What ingredients should we look out for when shopping for toothpaste?

Fluoride is an essential component of toothpaste due to its anti-decay property. Avoid ingredients such as triclosan (an antiseptic that can affect bacterial resistance or hormone balance) and abrasive ingredients derived from chalk and silica; they are not suitable for tooth enamel.

Is there a need to change out our toothbrushes after an illness? Does pouring boiling water on our toothbrush help to sterilise the germs?

It is ok to sanitise your toothbrush with boiling water. Ensure that no one else in the household shares your toothbrush whether one is sick or not. A toothbrush is personal and should never be shared.

Consider switching to sonic toothbrushes for an effective clean. PHOTO: Zenyum

Consider switching to sonic toothbrushes for an effective clean. PHOTO: Zenyum

On Electric/Sonic toothbrushes

What are the differences between electronic and sonic toothbrushes?

The difference is essentially about the technology. Electric means the movements are mechanical; the brush rubs with a rotary motion against the tooth surface to remove the dirt. In comparison, sonic refers to the use of vibration technology to

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