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RECUMBENT, OR reclined seat position, bikes are a more comfortable alternative to upright bikes. Whether you’re uncomfortable with an upright bike option or need more stability, a recumbent bike offers more support for both the upper body and lower back. Most offer a step through design, with wider, more padded seat options—and some even have lumbar support. These exercise bikes are a good option for older guys or anyone with more limited mobility. However, they can still provide a great workout.

“The recumbent bike provides a great low-impact workout that can aid with the rehabbing of injuries and can also help improve your range of motion,” says Mathew Forzaglia, NFPT-CPT, personal trainer based in New York, NY. “The position of the seat being reclined and behind the pedals reduces the tension in the core, minimizing back tightness, and it also reduces the tension in the joints of your ankles, knees, and hips, allowing you to target your bigger leg muscles. Plus, these bikes can help novice fitness enthusiasts gain confidence working out on a secure, safe exercise machine.”

With so many choices on the market—from high-tech options with all the bells and whistles, to more basic no-frills models—we’ve rounded up some of the best options for every category, fitness level, and price point.

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Best for Oversized Seat


Pro C10R

Dimensions 25.4 x 56.8 x 49.8 inches
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Resistance 25 levels, magnetic
Screen 10″ Touchscreen
Workout Program iFit, 30-Day Free Trial Included

Best for Easy Transport

Schwinn Fitness

290 Recumbent Bike

Dimensions ‎66.5 x 26.3 x 46.8 inches
Weight Capacity 330 lbs
Resistance Magnetic
Screen None
Workout Program 1 year JRNY Membership

Best for Advanced Riders


Commercial R35

Dimensions 68.22 x 23.69 x 53.42 inches
Weight Capacity 350 lbs
Resistance 26 levels, digital
Screen 14 inch touchscreen
Workout Program iFit, 1 month trial

Most Budget-Friendly

Sunny Health & Fitness

Essential Recumbent Exercise Bike

Dimensions ‎56.3 x 26.3 x 42.9 inches
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Resistance 8, magnetic
Screen None
Workout Program None

Easiest to Assemble


R618 Recumbent Bike

Dimensions ‎66.25 x 12.7 x 27.25 inches
Weight Capacity 325 lbs
Resistance 25, belt
Screen Dual backlit LCDs
Workout Program 29 presets

Best for Small Spaces


Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-709 with Resistance

Dimensions ‎25 x 58 x 38 inches
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Resistance 8, magnetic
Screen LCD monitor
Workout Program None

Best Luxury Recumbent Bike


Recline Personal

Dimensions 55 x 25 x 54 inches
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Resistance 25, magnetic
Screen 15.6 inch touchscreen
Workout program 20 routines, 6 presets

For the past year, we consulted with Men’s Health’s fitness editors, as well as key fitness trainers from both MH’s Advisory board and MH’s Strength in Diversity Initiative. They spent months of hands-on time with recumbent exercise bikes from top fitness

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At Men’s Overall health, we won’t be able to deny the efficacy of fat devices. But that will not mean you have to swear by them. Though modern day training machines has its put, at times it pays to dabble with a much more basic approach.

Get a couple of kettlebells, for instance, and you can storm via a exceptional total-physique session with no recourse to the health and fitness center. In this article, elite coach Peter Parasiliti normally takes you through a 20-moment exercise routine, which should be performed a few occasions a week, which is built to create total-overall body muscle any place.

“Doing the job to failure at the previous rep must be the target with all of these physical exercises,” explains Parasiliti. So if you complete a established with a grin on your experience, unless of course you might be an avid masochist, you need to have to increase far more weight. Test to mix up your sets and reps as considerably as possible to hold your muscle groups guessing, too. Let us get following it.

Goblet Kettlebell Lunge

    • Sets: 3-5
    • Reps: 8-12 each leg
    • Relaxation: 90 seconds
      1. Stand with your legs a little broader than shoulder-width apart, clasping a kettlebell in each hand in entrance of your upper body with palms going through just about every other.
      2. Then, stage again into a reverse lunge, so your knee brushes the ground.
      3. Push again up to the commence placement applying your front foot.
      4. Repeat on the identical facet for your selected variety of reps, then switch legs.

        Progression: As you turn out to be more robust, start out to alternate lunges – correct leg adopted by remaining leg. Then consider stepping forward into common lunges. Yet again, begin off making use of the very same leg, then begin to alternate. Strolling lunges – pushing off your front foot quickly into the future lunge instead than returning to the start off situation – will be most complicated of all.

        Muscle groups labored: Glutes, quads and hamstrings – moreover it will seriously fire your core musculature, making steadiness and toughness

        Men’s Wellbeing: To concentration on your triceps, hold your elbows near your torso. Flare your elbows out to swap the emphasis to your upper body.

        Kettlebell Ground Push

        • Sets: 3-5
        • Reps: 8-12
        • Rest: 90 seconds
          1. Lie on the ground in among two kettlebells and seize them with arms extended.
          2. Curl the kettlebells up toward your biceps so that the bells enjoyable on the outside the house of your perpendicular forearm.
          3. Now you’re ready to press. Thrust the kettlebells up, locking out your elbows, then return them to the flooring. Repeat. Due to the fact the body weight is hanging beneath your fingers, this will come to feel different – and more durable – than a common dumbbell presses.

            Progression: To get a fuller vary of movement, consider this go to the bench, producing confident you squeeze your shoulder blades jointly at the bottom point of the motion. Nevertheless

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            I applied to be 1 of the world’s most inefficient health and fitness center rats. I might hop on the elliptical every single working day following work for up to an hour. Though the elliptical can give you a great, small-affect cardio workout, I’d zone out even though seeing Tv alternatively than applying it deliberately enough to definitely get the benefits—or, you know, accomplishing anything at all to boost my energy.

            When you are putting in key time (and sweat!) at the health club, you are likely hoping to see important results. But in some cases, no subject how really hard it feels like you are doing the job, your body’s not switching from operating out, and you’re just not obtaining any nearer to your plans. So, what can you do?

            At times, all it can take is a reasonably uncomplicated improve to transform a ho-hum training session into one particular which is genuinely productive. In this article, three veteran exercise professionals share the 6 tiny tweaks that they’ve located can make a genuine distinction to what you’re acquiring out of your workout.

            1. Seize an further set of weights

            A lot of of us (particularly newbies) are often scared to carry heavier weights. Though it’s sensible to start tiny when you happen to be new and build up from there, if you’re working with weights that are way too light, they could possibly not be hard your muscle groups sufficient.

            “When you are acquiring toward the end of a established, it should not be a little something that you can simply full,” says Zoe Shipton, CPT, fitness manager at Crunch in New York Metropolis. “If it is not awkward, then you likely have not instituted the improve you are seeking for. That pain is what qualified prospects to growth.”

            When you’re signing up for a class that uses dumbbells, it can be difficult to make your mind up which to use—will the five-pounders be as well straightforward, or will the 8-pounders be also powerful? Paige Moe, an instructor at CorePower and a founding mentor of the studio’s new CorePower Energy X class that takes advantage of heavier weights, has a clever remedy: Get a few sets of weights to retain by your mat so that you have choices. “Maybe you do just one of the circuits with the significant weights, and you’re like, holy cow, my booty is on hearth, so then you established ’em down so you are in manage,” she suggests. Or, if you really feel like the lighter established is not really ample for a distinct training, then you can stage up. Obtaining solutions will support you get the most out of each individual one established (specially given that specified components of your physique are very likely more robust than other folks).

            And if the instructor suggests you can be applying two sets of weights in course? Perhaps get 3 just in scenario.

            2. Arrive back again to a number of benchmark moves

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            A constant training regimen does not come effortlessly to everyone, which is why numerous men and women established goals to physical exercise extra as a new 12 months starts off. And while the fitness centers have a tendency to flood each and every January for a thirty day period or so, the increased attendance doesn’t last.

            My only impetus to exercise by means of superior school was volleyball, and the coaching our coach built us do to keep in form for the sport. After graduating, devoid of any individual telling me what to do, I scarcely created it to a health club for several years regardless of recurring pledges to get again into it.

            That all modified when I learned team exercise. The first class I did was a bootcamp taught by a cheerleader at my school gymnasium. It was enjoyment and much a lot more productive than my normal visits, throughout which I aimlessly wandered all around for an hour. Future, I attempted just one of the spin classes. When the timing of the campus class choices did not align with my agenda the future semester, I located a nearby exercise routine studio with boxing, spin, and pilates. I was hooked.

            That is not to say there haven’t been a great deal of lulls since then, but to this day, classes are the only point that get me to perform out regularly. I’m not excellent at functioning. Residence exercise movies really do not do it for me. I have attempted rejoining fitness centers numerous moments when that seemed far more effortless or value-successful, but without everyone holding me accountable or telling me what to do, I ended up doing the job out far a lot less.

            “A collection of folks is not the very same as a team,” mentioned Alex Benson, director of the Team Encounters Laboratory and associate professor of psychology at Western University. “Something that genuinely heightens that perception of remaining component of a authentic team is a shared function, and functioning toward very similar plans in work out as opposed to working out at a gymnasium alongside other folks that are performing physical exercises is a extremely different knowledge.”

            All through my varied gym memberships, I normally uncovered myself extra intimidated by functioning out along with other individuals as opposed to with them. I’d get in my head about not realizing what I was accomplishing, perceiving judgment or stressing that I looked dumb. Attempting to just take a convert on a squat rack in between buff health and fitness center rats can also be extremely intimidating, so I’d opt to skip it, get bored, and immediately leave.

            According to Benson, when you see other persons carrying out the very same things with you, it can support raise your very own perception of self-assurance. Men and women have a tendency to feel even a lot more self-assured when they training in a group course if they are around people today who are identical to them in age

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            If we had to think of one time of year that makes it particularly difficult to stay motivated to move, it has to be winter. On cold, snowy days, the couch just seems to have that magnetic pull. That’s probably why fitting in an hour-long workout feels nearly impossible. The good news: Squeezing in just a few minutes of movement does the body (and mind) some good and doesn’t require a big commitment to maintain a healthy, consistent workout routine.

            Enter: movement “snacks” or short bouts of exercise that last, say, 10 minutes each—and a 14-day workout challenge that will get you in the mindset of moving consistently, even if not for long.

            Research backs up the benefits of short bursts of activity, particularly when it comes to breaking up your time spent sedentary. One study found that just five minutes of exercise can lead to better blood flow to the brain, helping improve your focus, while other research found that batches of moderate-intensity activity (even just two minutes of bodyweight squats) can support muscle building. The World Health Organization’s 2020 update on activity guidelines even mention that activity breaks of 10 minutes or less can provide protection against early death. And finally, recent research from the University of Sydney suggests that a quick one-minute blast of vigorous-intensity movement can help you ward off all-cause, cancer-related, and cardiovascular disease-related mortality.

            More From Bicycling

            With that in mind, we designed this 14-day workout challenge to help you maintain your fitness and get those movement snacks in each day for the next two weeks. Read on to find out exactly how each workout can benefit you, your riding, and your health—plus, how to adjust them so that you only need to set aside approximately 10 minutes.

            14 day workout challenge, 10 minutes a day

            Tom Messina


            Week 1

            Day 1: 10-Minute Full-Body Workout

            This workout provides complex (fun!) exercises that work more than one muscle at a time, so you build total-body strength in a short amount of time. Even better: It doesn’t require any equipment so you can essentially practice it anytime and anywhere, even while on vacation.

            Day 2: Cadence Drill

            Practicing cadence drills is a great way for cyclists to improve their pedaling efficiency, while also kicking up their physical activity levels. More specifically, practicing these drills will help improve neuromuscular control and muscular endurance. So, grab your bike, trainer, and bike computer, and practice one of the drills in the article—the first takes 11 minutes and the second, 12 minutes.

            Day 3: Practice Yoga

            Research shows that yoga can help you deal with work-related stress, among other causes of tension. So, not only can a regular practice support a healthy mental state, but it can also help you stretch out tight spots, improve mobility, and simply make you feel better. Today, take ten minutes to practice five sequences of sun salutations, moving with your breath. Or, choose your favorite poses in the article and create your own flow.

            Day 4: Squat

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