Now-a-days, smart watches are becoming fitness bands/ fitness trackers too. A fitness tracker is considered as a useful tool which is used for monitoring as well as measuring your physical activities.

A fitness tracker can be used to get fit or just monitor your physical activity levels or just to lose weight. Regardless of the purpose, a fitness tracker can be really a great start point, but choosing the best one is really a difficult one. Prior buying, make a point to consider your fitness goals and fine tune your exercise regimen. The best fitness tracker surely helps to achieve your desired objectives. These fitness trackers are designed to cater wide array of customer’s needs. If you just want to know, how much physical activity you do on regular basis, then it’s better to look for a suitable all day fitness band/trackers.

Our Best Pick For Best Fitness/Activity Trackers Based on Reviews & Ratings


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While buying best fitness tracker, we need to focus mainly on general fitness activities than any other sport specific tracking activity tools which also exists. Another major features offered by fitness trackers are, its ability to log into specific location by making use of GPS. In fact, this is pretty much good for the users who need more precise measurements they need to run or perform any sort of physical activities. Some of the best fitness tracker
has in-built GPS in it whereas others can make use of other sorts of information directly from your cell phone.

When it comes to activity tracking, it’s not possible for all the devices to monitor your activities. Some of such activities include cycling, walking and running. To this category, you can’t include activities such as yoga, sleep activity, gym equipments and you also need to the best fitness tracker compatibility along with the fitness schedule.

Top 25 Best Fitness Tracker/Watch Reviews 2017

1. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband Review, Black, Large

A Fitbit charge wristband is a fitness wristband which helps you to keep proper track of your physical activities like floors climbed, distance traveled, steps taken to climb and more importantly the heart rate. You can see your heart all through the day and also can keep track of the calories to be burnt and reach your maximum target. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband, Black, Large can be synchronized to your cell phone as well as your computer such that you can monitor the latest trends and get motivated to reach your desired goals.


  • The product provides automatic, continuous heart rate as well as simplified heart rate zones
  • Your sleeping routine will be automatically monitored and wake up with a silent alarm.
  • The device keeps track of your work outs, floor climbed, calories burnt and active sleeping hours.
  • It displays you with call notifications, time of the day as well as day stats on the LED display.
  • The device makes use of the sizing tool.


  • Dimension of the product is 8.2 X 0.8 X 0.4 inches.
  • The shipping of the product weighs about 5.6 ounces.
  • The product has one lithium ion battery.

Sleep monitoring is one of the most favorite features among all other features. It aids you to keep a thorough track of the sleeping patterns. This is effective for many people who get into trouble by getting good real sleep. This, in turn, can affect the workouts and meet your desired fitness goals.

The product gets maximum positive reviews online. Hence, Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband is highly recommendable for the purpose of fitness wearable. You can find the best deals on line you need to little research before choosing your product, you can check the reviews before buying.


2. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker Review, Silver/Black, Small

Fitbit Alta fitness tracker is a customizable tracker which is mainly designed to cater the personal requirements of the people. The device keeps you motivated by tracking all your activities such as distance covered, steps, active minutes and the calories burnt and you can also get credit for your workout with the aid of smart track automatic recognition of the exercises done. During night time, you can keep track of your sleep and also can set a silent alarm to wake up better and also to get much better rest.

Advanced features

  • It doesn’t matter towards where you are heading towards, it is quite easy to read the data through OLED screens and keep track of your goals with proper time, stats, text notifications or calls on OLED screen display.
  • Fit bit Alta fitness tracker is available in leather, sport and metal and helps you to choose the right style for every occasion.


  • The device has been recently updated to make it quite easier to read than earlier.
  • Product dimension is about 9.4 X 0.6 X 0.4 inches and weighs about 1.1 ounces.

You can wear the fitness wristband in your way and make your style out of it. The new firmware of the device includes a new way in which “0” is displayed at the front portion. When the orientation of the trackers is set vertical and then time displayed will be only three digits. For instance let’s consider, the orientation is “1:30”, it would appear as “01:30”. The first zero will appear like dotted simply using a solid one. This has made much easier to read the timing.

The product is truly attractive for the people involved in physical regimes. Hence, I would recommend you to buy this product.

 3. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband Review, Black

Fitbit Flex wristband is a stylish and slim device which keeps track of all the activities such as distance, calories burned and other such activities. You can see how everyday stacks up with the aid of LEDs which light up just like that of a scoreboard when you closer to your desired goals.

Understanding the features

This device can be worm during night time to measure your sleep quality and also to wake up with a silent alarm.

Regardless of the time, you can comfortably wrap the wristband around your wrist and has battery duration of 5 days.


Moreover, it can easily get synchronized to number of computers, say about 150+ android and smart phones, so that you can get access to your stats irrespective of time and place and also can view and charts and graphs accordingly.

How to find the best deals on Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

Fitbit Flex wristband is made out of durable elastomer and flexible materials which is pretty much similar to that of sports watches. In fact, it doesn’t contain any latex. The clasp of the device is made out of nickel and surgical category stainless steel. At times, there are chances of people experiencing allergies. There are plenty of factors involved in the cause of an allergy-like the sensitivity of nickel; certain bacteria reactions can easily get accumulated in the wrist bands as well as in other wearable devices. In case, if you come across any skin irritation signs or discomfort, kindly discontinues the usage else contact doctor immediately.

Before charging your fit bit tracker, make sure to dry it thoroughly and charging contacts completely inserted into the charging cable enclosure.

The Fitbit wireless wristband is truly a great device for your physical activities and calories. It is a great device for everyone to get access to it. So, ensure to get the best one at an affordable cost.


4. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch Review, Black, Silver, Large

The Fitbit Blaze smart fitness watch is a smart watch which helps to maximize their workout session on regular basis. With the aid of advanced technology and versatile design, this device is built to keep track of your workouts, gauge your progress and also to monitor your performance stats.


  • The device keeps track of the steps, calories burned, active minutes and floor climbed to burn the calories.
  • Pure Pulse(TM) continuous as well as wrist-based heart rate monitor without any uncomfortable chest wraps.
  • You can also get simplified heart rate zones for quick exercise intensity while doing workouts.
  • This device makes use of multi-sport tracking to track your runs, biking, cross training, cardio and much more.
  • Automatically records all your workout details on to the dashboard with the help of Smart Track.


  • The device is GPS-enabled, and you can view your run stats just like that of pace as well as the duration of phone display when your device is nearby.
  • The interchangeable bands, frames as well as a customizable clock face the hi-res color touch-screen, and it allows personalizing your desired style for every occasion.
  • Product dimension is 10 X 1.7 X 0.4 inches, and it weighs about 1.4 ounces.

You can start taking advantage of the device by wrapping the device around the wrist and get step-wise instructions as well as graphics to measure every move correctly. With all these available in hand, you will have everything required to achieve your desired goals and it is packed into one sleek time peace.

This is one of the exceptional products that I have ever seen. It is quite easy to use and makes having good health is fun. Hence, I would recommend people to purchase this product.


5. Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch Review, Black, Large

Fitbit Surge Fitness black color super watch is a sleek fitness watch which is designed to reach your peak performance. The device features built-in GPS, automatic and continuous heart rates, multisport functionality. The device also delivers stats which is essential to measure the effort and also to maximize the training time. It also features physical activity tracking, music control, call and text notifications and you will have every other feature which helps you to stay connected as well as motivated within the zone irrespective of the towards which you are working.

General features

  • Long battery life

The device has battery life maximum up to 7 days and has GPS life up to 10 hours. Another vital thing to consider is, the battery life and the charge cycles vary as per its usage, settings, and similar such factors.

  • Wireless synchronize

The synchronization stats wirelessly and automatically computes, and also to the leading smart phones.

  • Music and notifications

You can see the call as well as text notifications on the screen display, and you can also control songs from your cell playlist.

  • Alarm auto sleep features

It monitors your sleeping automatically and also sets a silent alarm.


  • GPS tracking

By making use of GPS tracking features, you can understand about distance, split times, pace, review routes as well as elevation climbed.

  • Monitors your heart rate

You will get simplified heart rate zones which are continuous as well as automatic.

  • All day activity

By using this device, you can track all the activities like calories burned, hourly active minutes as well as stationary timings.

It does everything similar to that of a sports watch. Overall, it is a good product, and surely I would like to recommend this product for you people.


6. Garmin vívofit Fitness Band Review – Black

Garmin vivofit is a fitness band which helps you to keep track of your current activity level. As you are planning to meet the milestones of your life, the device will properly adjust your goals for your upcoming day and gradually you will move towards much healthier lifestyle. You can freely earn virtual badges and also can view your progress.


  • Move bar

This device keeps you motivated all through the day with a red moving bar just one hour after you become inactive from the device. Besides, you will also get extra light up for every 15 minutes of inactivity. You just have to walk a couple of minutes to reset your wristband.

  • Long lasting battery life

This fitness band will allow you to stay on for years together without necessarily having to change the battery. In fact, the readings are quite easy to read without any issues. You can view time of the day as well as monitor your stats from your wrist watch itself.

  • Get connected

Just with a single touch of a button. You can also go for wireless synchronization of Garmin vivofit to get a complete picture of your progressive health condition.


  • 24/7 wearable

It is comfortable, stylish as well as water resistant wristband which is always is in position and ready to go.

  • Achieve your desired goals

The device learns thoroughly about your fitness activity and assigns a personalized goal every morning. You can also count the burnt calories all through the day which includes base metabolic rate as well.

This is an exceptional fitness tracker. The stylish and the light weight device allow the users to give the ability to turn your everyday activities into good and healthy goals.


7. Garmin vívofit 2 Activity Tracker Review, Black

The Garmin Vivofit fitness tracker is a sleek and discreet wearable wristband which is very comfortable to wear and look very attractive too. It permits you to handle wirelessly and to share all your data through the online firm of Garmin. This product shows your heart beat rate, shows a number of calories that you burnt in a day and along keep a track of steps you walk.

In addition to all this, it also supervises the sleep routine and highlights the proper sleeping periods. Garmin Vivofit 2 is one of the best affordable models in this series. This activity tracker comes up with some fantastic features and attractive, colorful patterns. Along with supervising all your activities by wearing 24/7, with the help of this, you can set up personalized regular routines. Vivofit 2, in addition, features backlit display, auto synchronization for easy connectivity as well as activity timers to keep you active.

Features and Specifications of Garmin Vivofit 2


  • With the help of inbuilt audible alert, you will be able to set remainder to stay active for the whole day
  • The backlit display can always be kept on, and along you can even turn it on when you would like to see your stats in dark, with this you won’t be missing any beat
  • With the technology of activity timer, you can set up the activities with or without the heart rate monitor


  • This fitness tracker gadget weighs around 1 ounces
  • The product dimension is 8.3 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches
  • This tool offers free shipping, and it always designed using the black color

Customers are very happy with this fantastic fitness tracker feature, and the cost is affordable. If you wish to buy and like to stay active means buy it from Amazon, as they offer the finest service with fast delivery.

8. Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit Review – Black

You can get some amazing quality and feature-rich trackers in the vivo brand series of Garmin. Among them, vívosmart is one such smartest gadgets in the list with the smart notifications and vibration alerts on its OLED screen. When it comes to the features of the product, it has designed using the black color, water resistant screens and a battery life can be extended up to 7 days.

You can connect this Garmin vívosmart hr using wireless synchronization with the heart rate monitor; Garmin connects, etc. with comfortable. If you need to stay alert about your regular fitness routines, then this is one the ultimate fitness tracking device that you can buy at a decent rate and along you can easily get the colors to match your style.

Enhance your regular activity with Garmin vívosmart hr


  • This sleek band is very comfortable to wear throughout the day
  • The vívosmart is made in a way to be always-on and to display all your stats, even during sunlight
  • It displays your heart rate, the calories you burnt in a day, the distance you walk and other related activity intensity
  • Reminds you to remain active throughout the day with the help of vibration alert and move bar


  • This vívosmart hr item weighs around 4.2 ounces
  • The product dimension is 2.5 x 0.8 x 0.5 inches

Customers are satisfied with this water resistant and battery life feature. And if you like to purchase this amazing product then it’s good to buy from Amazon because it provides quality products with reasonable price, and accessibility is user-friendly.


9. Garmin vívosmart Review – Slate Bundle (Large) (Includes Heart Rate Monitor)

It’s one of the best fitness trackers for alerts. With the advanced optical systems, this function fully to offer you the ultimate activity tracking guide, this wristband is the good one, if you need to remain alert about your regular fitness activities. This gadget is obtainable at an affordable rate, and you can simply find many shades to match your style if you pick from the Amazon portal.

In addition to all this, it also aids you in monitoring the sleep routine and highlights the correct sleeping times. Vívosmart along features auto synchronization for easy connectivity, backlit display, as well as activity timers to keep you active.


  • Smart Notifications: Stay active throughout the day with vívosmart wearable technology. And along every time you will get an email, call or text from your compatible Bluetooth device
  • 24/7 wearability: Activity tracker follows your routine 24/7 and can stay up for seven days with the amazing battery life
  • Tap to see your stats: It displays your heart rate, the calories you burnt in a day, the distance you walk and other related activity info


  • Remind you to move and tell time: Reminds you to stay fit throughout the day with the help of gentle vibrant
  • Weight of the product: This vívosmart HR item weighs around 0.6 ounces
  • Dimension: The product dimension is 8.6 x 1x 0.4 inches

Buyers are very much satisfied with the heart rate monitoring device which easily helps them to track while working. And if you’re planning to buy then purchase Amazon, because it offers the best quality products at the reasonable price and also offer home delivery service you can experience the standard quality service.


10. Polar A360 Fitness Tracker with Wrist Heart Rate Monitor (Blue, Medium) Review

Keep monitoring each and every factor of your fitness lifestyle; this polar A360 is one of the best, smartest activity tracker bands with a sleek, beautiful, attractive appealing design. The polar wrist-based monitoring heart rate ditches huge chest detectors as well as estimates your heart rate with the help of flashing LED’s which are built underneath the watch, so you can workout at the optimum intensity to gain maximum from all your exercise.

With the help of this advanced polar fitness tracker while you’re jogging or walking its aid to offer you the distance and speed stats. In addition to this, 24/7 fitness tracking devices measure the steps that you walk and automatically supervises sleeping periods and quality. Keeping up-to-date about tech savvy, this product connects through Bluetooth with your mobile and alerts or notifies you by popping up with message updates, emails or calls directly to your watch.


  • With the help of a wrist heart rate monitor, it offers you personalized training guidance to reach the accurate heart rate with your fitness goals
  • The amazing features activity tracker; it keeps track of all your calories burned, distance, steps, sleep quality, workouts, and activity 24/7
  • With the technology of the waterproof fitness tracking device, you can customize your A360 fitness tracker to suit your lifestyle with standardized, water resistant wristbands


  • The product dimension is around 5 x 4 x 4 inches
  • This product weights around 5.1ounces

Buyers are very much enjoying by owning this fitness tracking device with its in built amazing features. If you possess to get then buy it from Amazon Company as they offer the best quality product at a reasonable price.


11. Polar A300 Fitness Tracker and Activity Monitor with Heart Rate Review (Pink)

The new polar brand is well known for monitoring heart rate, sleep, and fitness tracking band. Similar to other activity wearable’s, the watch will provide 24/7 activity tracking including calories burned and steps that you walk whole day. But it claims one step ahead while monitoring data by being able to track running versus walking.

This fitness tracker will also have tabs on your heart rate, and along they will offer you a guide when you push harder, or it guide you periodically need to scale back while working out. This band is water resistant for swimming and showering, and the on-screen display will offer you the real-time data on your activities.


  • Battery life: it has a fantastic battery life as you can make use of it more than seven days unlike phones you don’t need to charge it daily
  • Flow app: it’s one of the greatest tools with the help of this you will be able to track how many steps that you take on a day
  • Reminders: By wearing this activity tracker if you sit for a longer period then it will notify you with the vibration alerts
  • Water resistant: This is an awesome tool, even when you are doing swimming and other such water activities


  • This polar A300 product weighs around 12 ounces
  • And, the product dimension is about 3 x 3.9 x 4.6 inches

Buyers are very happy with the accurate, stylish and waterproof feature up to 30m. If you want to purchase this tool, then the better option is to purchase in the Amazon, because it offers the best service at a reasonable price.

12. Polar A360 Fitness Tracker with Wrist Heart Rate Monitor Review (Pink, Medium)

This water resistant activity tracker is the first model to be designed with both A360 personalized training guidance and a wrist-based monitoring the heart rate and along the 24/7 fitness tracking device. Also, it also has smart watch features like a color touch screen and a smart alert.

With the help of this you can easily keep track of your steps and utilizes that data to measure what distance that you have traveled. Along it automatically tracks your sleeping periods and quality. The best part of this device is very easy to synchronize through Bluetooth with your phone by the help of A360 flow app.


  • Advanced technology: Bright color touch screen with smart vibrating alerts and inactivity notifications that aid you to remain active
  • Activity tracker: With this technology, it offers you the accurate steps that you walk throughout the day, distance, calories burned and much more
  • Wrist heart rate monitor: To maintain precise wrist-based monitoring heart rate this product offers you personalized guidance to aim your fitness goals
  • Water resistant activity tracker: You can customize your polar fitness tracker to match your style with standardized water resistant wristbands


  • A polar A360 product weighs around 5.1 ounces
  • And, the product dimension is about5 x 4 x 4 inches

Buyers are very much satisfied with an excellent tracking device features in it. If you like to buy this tool, then the best choice is to buy from the Amazon online shopping; because it offers best quality products with the reasonable price and it also give home delivery service.

13. Polar A360 Fitness Tracker with Wrist Heart Rate Monitor Review (Black, Large)

This fitness tracker helps to monitor almost all the element of the fitness-fueled lifestyle. A360 is one the smart fitness watch with an elegant looking design. This type of fitness tracker is compatible with the iPhone, which runs the iOS7 or Android 4.3 or other latest smart phones. It incorporates a Micro USB cord it helps to synchronize and charges the A360’s data if you connected to a PC or Mac.

Features and Specifications of Polar A360 Fitness Tracker


  • Calorie Counter capabilities- If you would like to count the calories in your body, then this fitness tracker will be definitely ideal one for you. It will help to burn the calories, and you can also obtain the basic heart rate of a person to keep the fitness training simple
  • Water Proof Fitness Tracker- You can easily customize this activity tracker based on your style by interchanging the waterproof brands.
  • Advanced technology- This wrist band incorporates a bright color touch screen which gives inactivity alerts and a smart vibrating notification to help an individual to stay active.
  • Activity Tracker- It helps to track the activity, sleep quality, calories burned, distance, distance, steps and also your workouts round the clock.
  • Wrist Heart Rate Monitor- This type of accurate Wrist heart rate monitor helps to monitor along with the personalized training guidance to the attain the fitness goals.


  • The dimension of this product is 5 x 4 x 4 inches
  • This product weighs about 5.1 ounces
  • This product also offers the one year warranty for the customers.

This product has obtained maximum ratings from the customers, most of them are really happy after purchasing this product because it helps them to reach their fitness goals, some of them have praised about its wonderful features. You can buy this type of band easily from the Amazon shopping cart.

14. Nike+ Fuelband SE Fitness Tracker Review

This Fuelband SE and the FuelBand app on the iPod or iPhone touch screen devices help to intensify the activity in a fun, simple and smart way. You can track your active lifestyle along with revolutionary Nikefuel. It is a single and universal way to measure almost all the types of activities from the morning workout to night out. It is a specially designed metric it applies to complete body movement; it doesn’t matter about the gender, weight, and the age.

The best and intelligent way to becoming more active is how intensely, how often and how much you move. So set a regular Nikefuel goal based on how much you want to be active. You will get a move reminder for the additional push while you are moving every hour.


  • This fitness tracker helps to monitor an intensity of a workout along with the Nike+ sessions and NikeFuel rate.
  • A FuelBand SE tracker incorporates the 2 easy to insert links; it helps for fine tune fit.
  • It incorporates sizing tool and USB charging cable
  • It has an light ambient session to detect the atmosphere light levels and to adjust based on the individual needs.


  • This type of fitness tracker is handy in 3 unique sizes like extra-large, medium or large and small.
  • With the help of Bluetooth 4.0 version, you can stay connected to the FuelBand app on an iPod or iPhone.

This type of Fuelband SE has obtained the maximum rating from the customers. Some of them have appreciated this fitness tracker, because with the help of this they can easily get the details whether they are reaching the goal in an exact manner or not, in addition to this it also give moving reminders it will remind the moving intensity. If you are also searching this fitness band, then the best option is to go to the Amazon shopping cart.

15. Adidas Fit Smart – Fitness and Activity Monitor Wristband Review – Black, Large

Adidas fit Smart Wristband is a new fitness companion, with the help of this you will never miss a step or beat. You can track the whole day activity, while you are willing to work up with a sweat, it also improves the built-in heart rate monitor to get back into the zone. With the help of the Adidas Train and Run app, you can access the so many training plans which are developed by elite coaches at Exos. This smart wrist band fits the workouts such as flexibility, strength, and cardio. MiCoach makes use of the special form of training for heart rate based interval for the cardio workouts.


This type of smart wristband fits smartly along with the Mio wrist based constant heart rate technology.

  • This smart watch incorporates accelerometer tracking distance and stride rate for running, jogging and walking.
  • It offers visual coached guidance when it comes to workout intensity it helps to keep effectively, to train smart and motivate and also to keep you on the right track.


  • With this smart watch, one can set a goal and track the calories, steps, and distance on the regular basis.
  • This sports watch synchronizes wirelessly with the Bluetooth smart on your smartphone along with the run app and MiCoach train. This smart watch compatible with the Android 4.3+ and iOS.

This product has obtained good ratings from the customers, most of them are satisfied after purchasing this product, and they have also praised about its features because it helps them to reach their fitness goals. If you are also searching this type of smart brands, then the better option is to shop in the Amazon, because it offers best quality products and it also offers warranty for the product.

16. Misfit Ray – Fitness + Sleep Tracker with Gray Leather Band Review (Rose Gold)

The Misfit Ray is the minimal and versatile tracker. When it comes to the matter of its performance, it is absolutely in the purest form. This type of tracker transfers the fitness and sleep tracking based on your requirements which you need to stay motivated, it incorporates sleep quality and duration, activity tagging; calories burned, and distance traveled. Another major factor about this tracker is it doesn’t require charging, and it has water resistant up to 50 meters so that anyone can worm this kind of tracker continuously.

This implies more powerful motivation, better insights and more data. One can wear it with a cuff and smart watch, or you can customize it based on your style, and it also features a hidden 8 mm spring bars which permit it to be worn along with most of the standard accessory like necklaces, bracelets or watch bands.


  • It is a non-charging fitness tracker, and it has a replaceable battery which lasts up to 6 months.
  • Misfit tracker helps to track the heavy and light sleep, steps, calories and distance automatically.
  • This fitness tracker is slim proof and it has an anodized aluminum cylinder along with a multicolor LED progress display.


  • It incorporates a smart button it allows you to control the connected household devices.
  • It gives alarms, moving reminder, text notification and vibration alerts for a call.

The customers who bought this tracker rate the best ratings for this product. They are happy about its amazing features and as it is a swim proof one can use this while they are swimming to track the distance. It is an amazing product, if you would like to purchase this then buy this product from the Amazon, because it delivers the quality one with a reasonable rate.

17. Nike+ FuelBand Black Small Activity Tracker Review

This type of Fuelband helps to measure the activity on a regular basis, and it turns into Nikefuel which is a universal metric of activity. This type of band available is 3 different sizes; they are Extra Large, medium or large and small. This Fuelband includes 2 easy to insert links or the fine-tuned fit. It comes along with the sizing tool and a charging cable. This helps to keep you motivated over your regular achievements and goals.

The FuelBand incorporates the light sensor which helps to detect the light levels in the environment and based on that one can easily adjust according to it. You can customize the band based on your needs. One can use Bluetooth pairing to smartphones while you are using a Nike+ Fuelband app for iOS5.


  • The Nike+ Fuel displays the progress of the activity on a regular basis.
  • It helps to track the calories which are burned, the steps which you have followed and it also tells the time.
  • This type of FuelBand is a water-resistant


  • This Fuelband weighs about 7.2 ounces.
  • One can use the Bluetooth pairing with the smartphones while they are using the Nike+ FuelBand app.

If you consider the overall rating of the customer, most of the customers have rated the best ratings for this product. Some of them have praised this FuelBand, because this has helped and motivate them to attain their goals and they also praised about its special features. In addition to this, they are happy about its water-resistant nature, so they can use whenever they want. If you are also searching this type of Fuelband, then the best option is to buy through the Amazon shopping cart, because it offers delivery service at the reasonable rate.

18. Microsoft Band 2 – Medium Complete Tracker Review

This type of Microsoft Band help to live healthier by tracking the sleep quality, calorie burn, exercise and also the heart rate, in addition to this it also helps to achieve more along with the calendar alerts, text, email in order to glance. The advanced sensors help to track the data, particularly while you are golfing, biking and running. The technology in the Microsoft Health offers you actionable insights according to your data. This band works along with the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. This band is usually available in black color.


  • This type of Microsoft band helps to track while you are playing golf, biking, running and some other activities.
  • While you are wearing this band you can obtain the call, calendar, text and Gmail alerts on the go.
  • This band incorporates the constant heart rate monitor it helps to track the sleep quality of the person, the calorie which is burned on the regular basis and the heart rate.


  • This product weighs about 2.05 ounces
  • This band incorporates a Lithium battery it comes along with it.
  • The dimension of this band is 1.67 x 4.81 x 4.8 inches.

When it comes to the matter of the customer review, most of them have rated best ratings for this band. After purchasing this band, most of them are really happy and they have praised about its wonderful feature because you can get easily obtain the notification when you are in some other place. In addition to this, it helps to track while you are involved in physical activities. If you have also decided to buy this band, then most of them have suggested that it is better to buy this band in the Amazon shopping cart, because they offer quality products at an affordable price.


19. Waterfi Waterproofed Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker Review, Black

The Waterfi Fitbit Flex fitness tracker is one of the best and most famous activity trackers. Indeed the fact is that it’s barely water proof. A swimmer has best stay away from it. Being fully water resistant it can be used down about 210 feet beneath the water, the activity tracker has been water resistant on the inner through the long lasting and durable water resistant procedure.

The water resistant is so eased; with the help of this, you will be able to track your daily habits, activity stats easily. This product shows your heart beat rate, shows a number of calories that you burnt in a day and along keep a track of steps you walk. Water also features auto synchronization wirelessly through Bluetooth using lower energy for easy connectivity to keep you active.


  • It keep track of your heart rate, the calories you burnt in a day, the distance you walk and other related activity intensity
  • The specialty of this product is completely made of water resistant up to 210 feet beneath the water
  • Can be synchronized wirelessly through Bluetooth with low energy
  • It comes up with amazing battery life which can be utilized more than 5 days


  • This product weighs around 4 ounces
  • For the customer’s sake the Waterfi offer one year warranty on this product

Buyers are very much happy with an excellent waterproof feature it owns. If you like to buy this fitness tracker then so many of them suggest in the Amazon because they will deliver the quality product with an affordable price.

20. Atlas Wristband 2: Digital Trainer + Heart Rate Band Review

The latest Atlas wristband, however, is complex due to its smartness. It automatically knows which exercise exactly you’re doing and as well as can count reps, estimate your heart rate and offer you all kinds of information to aid you to develop more and more. If you are weightlifter who is discouraged at your activity wristband offerings, then the Atlas might be the ideal wearable you have been longing for.

The Atlas wristband has come up with 3 detectors to estimate your movement in x, y and z axis. It can immediately notice many popular workouts like swimming strokes, pushups and curls, etc. and it is smart enough to realize the difference amidst a bicep curl and a triceps curl. Plus, it can even know more about latest workouts as exercise trends change.


  • Accomplish your goals quicker with science-backed assistance for all of your workouts with the help of this gadget
  • Reduce the chest strap as well as maximize training with certified wrist-based monitoring heart rate
  • With the TM technology adaptive motion tracing its automatically rectifies each of your workouts and repetition
  • Calories burnt and heart rate will be monitored by this product in real span during cardio exercises.


  • This product weighs around 8 ounces
  • The product dimensions of fitness tracker are around 5 x 3.1 x 1.5 inches

Buyers are very much happy with an excellent waterproof feature it owns, If you like to buy this fitness tracker, then so many of them suggest in the Amazon because they will deliver the quality product with an affordable price.

21. Pyle GPS Sports Watch and Workout Trainer – For Tracking Running, Biking, Hiking Outdoors – Displays Pace, Speed and Distance (Orange)

This sport watch will provide you all of the needed features and for the fare it actually offers you pretty a lot as it’ll give you the capability of utilizing GPS maps and will also tape your path and will estimate your distance, pace, and speed and also offer you complete detailed graphs and maps so you can make out how you got on.

With the inbuilt software, you’ll also have an export and import performance record, and that’ll let you upload all your data to your lappy so you can make out all your stats. This sports watch is ideal to keep track of your running, jogging and walking and will also let you make new training programs with comfortable.


  • With the GPS features its maps all your records and routes and along it estimates the distance, speed, and pace with graphs and detailed maps
  • With the train smarter software you can export and import performance records to your lappy
  • This product works with performance detectors which are made using Motorola and Garmin, also, this product comes up with a connection cable and a charger
  • It’s one of the ideals for jogging, bicycling, running or outdoor activities to record your training programs


  • This product weighs around 0.73 pounds
  • The product dimensions of fitness tracker are around 95 x 3.39 x 6.1 inches

Most of the customers are really happy with this product because of their efficiency, functionalities and best performance. If you want to purchase this amazing GPS sports watch, then you can purchase in the Amazon, it offers the best service and also home delivery service.

22. TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Fitness Watch Review

It doesn’t matter whether you are swimming, cycling or running; the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio has a capacity of range as GPS accessories and watches to help the individual to reach the goals. With the help of the Multi-sport Cardio, you can view the complete workout metrics at a glance, to stay motivated and to reach the individual goals.

Anyone can use this TomTom sports watch in an easy way to enhance the swimming, cycling and running activities. It helps to give current information when you require and with the help of the built-in rate monitor, you can obtain more information while you are running. You can easily obtain heart rates details without the help of the separate chest strap. Choose the zone in order to match the training goals and it is always better to know whether you have to slow down or speed up.


  • This type of watch has an extra-large display so that you can easily view the key running status.
  • It incorporates a button control it permits you to navigate easily via menus.


  • The Graphical training partner helps to train effectively along with the 3 special training modes and a full-screen graphics.
  • This type of band incorporates a QuickGPSFix technology.

If you consider the overall rating of the customer, this Multi-sport Cardio has obtained the best ratings. The customers are also satisfied after purchasing this type of watch, because with the help of this they can easily know whether they have to slow down or speed up the activity, while they are involved in the activities like running, cycling and other activities. If you would like to buy this product, then the better option is to buy through Amazon, because it provides quality products at reasonable rates.

23. UP3 by Jawbone Heart Rate, Activity + Sleep Tracker Review, Black Twist

UP3 by Jawbone heart rate sleep trackers is a great style and one of the best fitness wristbands for your requirements.

Product features

  • Monitors health rate all through the day.
  • It gives personalized guidance through the smart coach.
  • Advanced sleep tracking system to capture REM.
  • Synchronize wirelessly with a battery life of 7 days.
  • The dimension of the product is 4.6 X 1.5 X 4.4 and 5.6 ounces.
  • These devices are Android compatible such as UP2, UP3, and UP4. They are compatible with Android 4.3, i.e. Jelly bean version. These devices are iOS compatible as well.
  • Smart Alarm wakes you up silently providing minimum sleep cycle duration.


By wearing this tracker, you can truly change your life. The device is light weight, very comfortable as well as stylish. Once you wear this gadget, you will never feel like taking it off. Over the time, the benefits of tracking your sleep activities as well as your heart health will surely become second nature.

  • Heart health

This device is mainly designed to provide a complete picture of your heart. The passive heart rate can be calculated all through the day and also helps you to get to know how the habits of life can affect your heart rate.

  • Smart couch

This is the exact point where the magic happens. Obviously, the personal trainer will know you thoroughly like a friend. But even a smart coach will also encourage to come up with informed selections and also to celebrate joy along the way. When you wear this device, it will become more personalized coach of yours.

It is more comfortable, stylish and convenient rather than any other model in this category. So, I would like to recommend this product for those who are in very much indeed of it.

24. All Cart Waterproof Smart bracelet,Sports Fitness Tracker Review

All Cart Waterproof Smart bracelets are a smart band as well as Bluetooth wristband which record all your health activity and help you to maintain your health in a good condition.


  • Best wearable fitness wristband

The device is made up of nontoxic as well as CPU items. It has benefits like corrosion, skin friendly, and resistance to corrosion. It is comfortable, ultra light and flexible to fit your wrist. You can control your smart phone to capture photo from the watch.

  • Vibrating alert

The device reminds about the incoming calls by giving vibration. You can even set alarm clock reminder as well. It wakes you up at desired time without disturbing your partner.

  • Fitness tracker swimming

One of the most attractive features of this device is a device. You can wear this device, even while you go for swimming, but bear in mind that it should not be used in water for more than half-an-hour.


  • Compatible

The device is compatible with Android devices of version 4.3 and above and iOS 7 and above. Bluetooth version is of 4.0 and above.

  • Thoroughly monitors your sleeping schedule

The device automatically tracks your sleeping schedule.

This top rated activity All cart tracker is surely a nice gift for kids, men, friends as well as family members.

I am surprised when this product. I am absolutely in love with this product. It is a great bracelet with attractive design and moreover its worth for the money spent. So I would preferably recommend giving a shot for this product. I am sure it won’t disappoint at any scenario. In fact, it is very comfortable to wear it and sleep.

Hence, buy this device and monitor your health in your hand.

25. Misfit Shine – Activity and Sleep Monitor Review

Misfit Shine is a tracking device which is well known for its elegant activity, and moreover, the sleep tracker inspires you to lead a more active life. The device emits halo lights which show your progress towards your daily goal which in turn looks like a fashionable accessory. By viewing your activities, the device motivates you to achieve your desired goals like running, swimming, cycling as well as walking.


  • The device is powered by a replaceable battery which is used in quartz watches. It can be replaced by making use of Panasonic CR2032 3V lithium coin battery whereas other coin batteries are not compatible with the device. For the purpose of battery installation, you can also refer to the user manual and can review battery installation video if necessary.


  • To synchronize the device with your cell, all that you are supposed to do it open Misfit Shine app in the app store of the specific device and then turn on the Bluetooth. In case, if the synchronization fails, then reset by removing and reinserting the battery and turn off and turn on the Bluetooth else restart the mobile device.


The device can be worn for any occasion, and it goes good with any dress. A Certain range of accessories includes leather bands, clips, necklaces as well as sports band which are designed for style, versatility, and comfort.

I am delightful with the purchase of this product. It’s helpful for all people who like to keep track of their health. If you plan to buy this product, then it’s suggested to purchase it from Amazon since it provides a quality product and affordable rates.

Listed below are some of the essential features to consider prior buying best fitness tracker-

Consider what you want to track

Now-a-days most of the fitness watches track your physical activities, distance and calories. Most of these will feature an advanced GPS for more precise distance measuring. If your major activity is running, hiking or walking, then you can go with any brand, you need not have to be brand precise. So, make sure to choose a tracker which can capture the data for any sort of specific activity which you regularly do.

Tracking your sleep activities has become the most common feature now-a-days. As we all know that sleep plays a vital role in maintaining good health as well as good well being all through your life. Trackers vary to a greater extent in the information they provide. It ranges from simple monitoring tool to the ones which provide complete details at different stages of sleep like deep, light as well as REM sleep. Most of the devices have silent alarms which vibrates your wrist without waking up your partner. Besides these fairly standard measurements, the fitness watches can also keep in view of other things. Some of these aspects include UV exposure, skin response, and heart rate monitoring and body temperature.

Extra smart notifications

The increase in the number of fitness trackers can do just more than the tracking activity. For instance, you can synchronize your Smartphone in order to provide notifications, when you receive a new email, text messages or else social media notifications. In fact, it can also be used to remind of vital calendar appointments. The best wearable fitness tracker has some sort of positive feedback which is often found in the form of virtual rewards like badges else congratulatory emails when you accomplish your goals. In fact, having your work acknowledged will surely make you feel good.

Heart rate monitors

From the recent studies, it has been proved that a resting heart can be widely used as a parameter to predict the longevity. In this concern, there are plenty of fitness trackers available to track your heart rate. In fact, they will also provide change in your heart beat record over the period of time.

These heart rate monitors are pretty much essential while we speak of physical training. Usually your body will have 5 heart rate zones. Many people who does physical workout will tell you whether they really want to lose weight for health sake or just become fitter. Many of us really don’t know how much our rate should be and where it really should be placed. This in turn means that, you will not be efficiently trained to accomplish your goals.

In fact, advanced heart rate monitors are utilized for the performance training like marathons or triathlons. It costs you about several hundred dollars. But fortunately for the general population, there is a rapid increase in these fitness devices which offer heart rate monitoring. Nevertheless, heart rate monitoring is quickly becoming standard for best wearable fitness tracker.

Water resistant or swim friendly

With a plenty of fitness wearable available in the market, we can witness greater increase in the count of water resistant fitness trackers. While buying best wearable fitness tracker, water resistance feature can be considered as a deciding factor for many shoppers.

As such, there are no waterproof fitness wearables. Rules and regulations prohibit the usage of the fitness wearable’s from being manufactured as waterproof device. The reason behind it is, at any point of time there will be certain water level pressure at which the fitness wearable starts to leak. Hence, these wearable’s can be just marked as water resistant. So, always make it a point to check these features from the manufacturer’s website before immersing yourself into pool with wearable fitness tracker.


A majority of the fitness trackers have in-built GPS which are pretty much expensive since these devices need a big color display so that you can thoroughly go through the information. Maps are really helpful only if you can read it without any sort of magnifying glass.

In case if you are a avid runner and would like to know every minute details regarding your training sessions, then you can combine GPS fitness tracker. All these information are available at your fingertips. Even GPS is also useful is you are afraid of getting lost in an unknown place.

GPS is really a great option, only if you really need it. Some of the best fitness trackers can be easily paired with your cell phone to fetch exact information from GPS. Indeed this means that you will have to carry your cell phone along with you. If you walk through the same trial daily, then definitely is surely not going to do much for you. If you hit gym basically, then the results will be really not interesting.

Best Activity Tracker

Fitness is very much important as well as essential in every one’s life; at the same it is equally important to track your fitness as well. Tracking your fitness activities makes it possible to know whether you are in the right path of progress else need to make necessary improvements to your workout sessions and make it quite easier to reach your fitness goals.

Now-a-days, fitness trackers are available in fitness bands and it comes handy for everyone. The health tracker is designed for perfect as well as comfortable fit which can be worn all through the day and yet remains comfortable for your hand.

As more and more of people get health conscious, the devices which guide and monitor health progress becoming a matter of necessity. In this regard, there are myriad companies which are consistently heeded towards more responsive as well as creative devices particularly in monitoring the heart rate of a person.

Now-a-days, best fitness tracker that is available in the market is said to increase the fitness level and makes our lives much better.

Various types of fitness tracker types

  • Fitness charge HR

This is one of the recent models of best activity tracker. It provides heart rate monitor with a battery life of more than 5 days, silent alarms, wireless synchronization, sleep monitoring apart from regular generic features like active minutes, burned calories and other such things.

  • Fitbit surge

This is a premium fitness tracker and makes use of GPS tracking feature providing accurate measurement of distance and the elevation climbed. The devices boast excellent battery life of more than 7 days and various models are designed in order to track various categories. This handy display device, will allow you to see call as well as text notifications, and also music controlling system from your smart phone.

  • Fitbit Flex

This is a revolutionary device in the field of fitness tracker world. This best wrist fitness tracker brings much greater features with stylish wristbands at cost effective rates. This device is available in wide array of colors and it cans both your physical activities as well as sleeping schedule.

  • Misfit shine

The device offer both substance as well as style. Your daily physical activity progress is displayed through a series of “halo” of lights and this device can be worn as well wristband as well as necklace. One of the best features of this best wrist fitness tracker is, it can also be used to track your swimming activities as well. Besides, it also offers battery life maximum upto 6 months.

  • Garmin Vivofit 2

This is one of the mid range best wrist fitness tracker. It is a small upgrade to the previous called Garmin Vivofit. This fitness tracker features informative display screen which can be cycled through in order to check your daily goals like kilometers covered as well as calories burnt. This device features a battery life of more than 1 year.

  • Samsung Gear Fit

Crossing the line between the fitness tracker and smart watch, this fitness tracker with heart rate monitor is a sort of stylish addition to the entire Samsung family. In fact, the device is compatible with few of the Samsung models as well. This device is ideal for those who are looking to blend some of the best possible features of a smart and a fitness tracker.

  • Jawbone UP3

This is the latest fitness tracker from the Jawbone Company. This UP3 is a high end tracker with high end features. The battery life of this device is truly one of the best one in the market and even the step tracking feature is also accurate. Those who have fashion conscious can opt for a sleek and minimalist device.

  • Jawbone UP2

This device offers the entire essential which you are like to expect in a best fitness trackers. UP2 device tracks of all the activities pretty much well, as such it can be easily tagged together in order to monitor various types of exercises and it gives complete picture of your workout session. Those who like to keep track of their activity tracker; this device offers automatic sleep tracking features.

What to look for while buying fitness tracker with heart rate monitor?

There were times where you could have spent hours together in finding the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor, while buying you just need to keep following aspects in mind-

  • Buy something which feels and looks good

It really doesn’t matter whether the fitness the tracker you are having detects your sleep quality and also measure the calories, but it will be miserable if you purchase something which you don’t like. So, pay attention to the elegant design before spending money over it.

  • Buy something which synchronizes automatically

Fitness trackers are really best when it synchronizes automatically. But the synchronization process of the fitness trackers vary from one another. It is advised not to buy the device having synchronization score less than 3.

  • But something which easily works with your device

Prior making final purchase, make sure to double check that your fitness tracker choice is easily compatible with your smart phone or computer. It’s not mandatory every device should work well with the device; some devices work its best with specific list of devices whereas some others are designed specifically for synchronizing with the computer.


There are chances of life becoming much complicated without the help fitness tracker to keep a track on your physical activities. So, if you are keen interested to keep track of your fitness goal, its better suggested to get a suitable fitness tracker suiting your budget and requirement. Consider this health tracker as your motivating partner and use it to give better structure to the fitness goal and also to monitor heart rate as well. In case, if you are involved more into diving and swimming then its better suggested purchasing waterproof fitness trackers and ensuring you get quality amount of rest while sleeping.

Maintaining your health is now pretty much easy with above mentioned aspects and types. Choose the one suiting you the best without burning your pocket.

An Excellent Buying Guide for the Best Fitness Watch

There are some wearable categories which offer a wide array of choice when it comes to the best fitness watch. There are so many brands and models are increasing on the regular basis, from the Fitbit to Misfit, selecting one among them are becoming very tricky. If you would like to just monitor the daily activity levels, lose weight or get fitter, then the best option is to go with the fitness watch.

What to track?

You have to seriously concentrate on the aspects of your activity and fitness which you require this fitness watch to do for you. Even if you just need to keep track that the calories which you have burned, the distance which you have covered and how many steps which you have taken each day. While other types of trackers offer a built-in heart rate tracking that serves as an extensive indicator of how hard that you are working and it also allow you to workout in various zones for speed, endurance or fat-burning.

Other features which are offered by the Exercise tracker is the capability to log in the location through GPS. It is actually good for the users who need more accurate measurements of the distance which they have cycled or run. The trackers which have a built-in GPS, with the help of these trackers others can make use of the details with the help of your phone.

When it comes to activity tracking, bear in mind that not all the devices can monitor each and every activity. While some other covers the things such as cycling, running and walking, in such cases you can’t choose the exercise such as sleep quality, gym-equipment based activity or yoga, and you have to examine out the tracker’s compatibility along with your fitness schedule.

Important factors must be considered while you are buying the Workout watches

The following are some of the factors which you have to consider before buying the best fitness watch:-

  • Select the right design

Most of the trackers wrap around the wrist, there are some dongles it can be easily clipped on to the clothing and it is comfortable to wear. So, it is better to select the one which is ideal for your needs.

  • Water resistance

In case, if the swimming is one of the major forms of your exercise, then definitely you need a waterproof exercise tracker. But, it is also essential to consider if you need a device, then you should not get worried about the device while you are taking a shower or other activities. Every time if you take out the activity tracker off, then there is some chance to forget to put them back to your wrist, this might lead to inaccurate tracking on that day. So it is better to pick the Waterproof tracker because it helps to track the activities exactly.

  • Smart features

These days, you can also find the best and smart features in a wearable fitness tracker, his type of exercise tracker helps to boast a few smart features that might be sufficient for you. These types of fitness trackers helps to notify the incoming messages or calls on your wrist, so it is not essential to stop and check the phone while you are riding. A few of them boast the features that might permit you to leave the smart phone at your home while you are going for a workout.

  • Companion Apps

The smart phone app for the fitness tracker is essential because it is possibly going to be where you would like to review the data more frequently. Yes, a few trackers incorporate the screens in order to display the tracked details, however, it is usually limited and the lack of ability to compare the previous data can make you wonder while you are making the progress.

A few companion apps are considerably better comparing to other apps. This is just because it displays more details, make that info easy to use and at upon or it can be more friendly or simple to use. You can find the apps easily for the Fibit and Jawbone. Both of them are best to use, when it comes to these regards. For a number of workout watches, you might have to install the PC or Mac apps in order to run it.

  • Price

Most of them used to get attracted to the design rather than its features, when it comes to the matter of the fitness trackers. But in some cases, the more expensive offerings will boast most attractive features. So based on what you need to track, how you would like to use the tracker, it might not cost as much as you expect.

Conclusion: As you can view, in spite of the impending threat of the workout watches, there are so plenty of activity and fitness trackers are available, during these days. This guide will definitely help to determine that which factors are going to be essential for you, to know whether that’s what you would like to track, where you have to wear the tracker, in addition to this most importantly what you have planned to do with the information.

If you don’t have much knowledge about the fitness tracker, then the inexpensive model is the great option for you. You will surely realize out if you take a constant look at your after one week, how you have planned to use the details in order to modify your behavior and also about whether you require a certain style of tracker which are sufficient in order to justify the price.

For a few advanced features like heart rate tracking are going to be must, though for some people it might be seems like a quick way of draining the battery. The similar thing goes for the GPS tracking; if you mostly work out at the gym, then it is possibly not going to be worth for the additional cost.

Best Fitness Bands – What You Must Know

Fitness bands are usually small wearable gadget which is made to monitor fitness activities. They estimate data related to steps, sleep time and quality, calories burnt and consumption. In simple words, they record and monitor fitness activities.

Most wearable fitness bands work in synchronizing with smart phones or desktop apps that normally analyze the obtained data. The best fitness bands for you are incorporated with games, as this lets you to have enjoyment while gaining from the innumerable benefits of fitness bands. Most of them would enjoy wearing their fitness band, due to its included cool games.

Some of the fitness bands are even associated with social network via their phone apps, which lets users to show their fitness achievement over social media network. Most of the fitness bands can be used on wrist as a wrist health band; there is even waist and arm bands varieties, but the wrist watches varieties are more usual, fashionable and simple to utilize. They can be easily worn on wrist like a daily wear digital wrist watch.

1. Significant Factors to Consider Before Buying Fitness Band

When availing a fitness band, there are some significant factors to consider. There are plenty of options out there, making it highly hard to pick the right fitness band for you. And if you’re willing to buy from online shop then it’s good to buy from Amazon online shopping, because they offer good quality products and services.

  • Comfort-ability: This is the first factor that each one must consider, because most of them are playful and generally don’t need any foreign gadgets hindering their activities, so it’s extremely advisable to regard the comfort-ability of the fitness band before making a buy.

You must have a look on the slap of the bracelet to see if it is something that you can wear without sensing any uncomfortable.

Another point worth mention is the hook, ensure the hook doesn’t press or compress over the arm, since you would be using it for a longer period, both during day and night.

  • Features: Relying on your factor for getting a Fitness Band. There are some basic attributes in a typical fitness band, features such as mile or steps counting, calories counting, sleep and fitness monitor, time display, motivating and goals varieties.

The most significant factor is to really know what you need to accomplish with the Best Fitness Bands and avail the one with the attributes geared towards your aim.

  • Power: Relying on the brand, some of them are integrated with powered battery whilst some are rechargeable. When it comes to rechargeable battery fitness band you can make use of it, up to seven days before running out of charge for another recharge. While the powered battery fitness band would incessantly have an avg. life span of five months before obtaining a replacement for battery.

For the fitness band, it is suggested to obtain a powered battery band as you can concentrate on motivating yourself to do more workouts rather than abiding the duty of charging band every week.

  • Synchronization: it is crucial that you obtain a fitness band which properly sync with your smart phone app for easy access of data. Since the major goal of owning Health Band to stay active throughout the day, so you need to make sure that the gadget works well with smart phone apps.

Obtain a fitness band that sync well with both iPhone OS and Android OS; this will let you to monitor your fitness workout on the go.

  • Waterproof: If swimming is one of the fitness workouts that you carry out regularly then you will surely want a water resistant fitness band. But it is even something to regard if you just need a gadget you do not have to think about when having a shower or while washing up something.
  • Fitness gadget fare: As with so many stuffs, you tend to obtain what you reward for when it’s the matter of fitness bands. The more costly offerings boast more splendid features. However, relying on what you need to track, and how you need to utilize your band, it may not cost as much as you anticipate. The inexpensive band on the list may range from dollar 40 when compared to the costly one which comes in at dollar 200.

2. Advantages of Fitness Band:

Most of the fitness bands are made as wearable gadgets that obtain date and sync the date to phone app or a computer app, the date obtained can then be examined to develop health performance.

The significance of the data obtained from this gadget cannot be exaggerated. Generally, you will obtain the real time data on the amount of calories that you’re burning throughout the day, you will get the details regarding the hours you’re slept and quality that they acquire on a regular basis, and the amount of kilometers you run or walk through.

With this sort of detail, you can adjust your fitness monitor to have more protein or carbohydrate as the case might be, along you can place measures in place to make sure that you get more sleep during night and quality. It has also been proven that this fitness band plays a vital role in motivating each to do much more with respect to metrics acquired from the earlier activities.

As it’s right now, the advantages of fitness bands are on the high end, some of the band even designed with a built-in GPS, which lets you to locate your place based on synced data.

Conclusion: Albeit health band are essentially considered as a fitness gadget, yet they are many more things to consider before moving ahead towards purchasing. It would be better to be aware of all the options by considering the best interest of your imagination. Always, make it a point to find out proper fitness band in order to ensure that suitable fitness bands are purchased

Conclusively, fitness bands are considered as great and affordable accessory which enhance the proper fitness workouts, quality sleeping time etc.

Buying Guide – Get Moving With the Best Fitness Tracker

Gone to seed rather than going for speed? A fitness band is a helpful tool for measuring and monitoring your physical activities. Before you make a purchase, consider your activity goals. Are you trying to fine-tune a workout regimen? Then the right activity band can aid you to accomplish your particular objectives.

Fitness bands range from simple to advance with rate points to suit. Here are some factors to regard on how to avail the best fitness tracker to suit your expenditure, lifestyle, fashion sense and fitness.

Bear in mind that an activity band is like gym membership: it’s only beneficial when you make a proper usage of it.

How fitness trackers do work – let’s have a look

All bands use some special in-built detectors to monitor your each and every movement, frequently synchronizing and connecting wirelessly with a smart phone or computer gadget to store details about your regular activities. The sorts of Activity monitors may differ from band, but can contain a same detector to number of steps that you have taken, hours of sleep you slept, calories burnt, skin temperature, perspiration levels and heart rate.

Almost every band utilizes an accelerometer to estimate your front to back, side to side, up down and steps movements.

Some of the additional detectors might incorporate in fitness bands are:

  • Monitoring heart rate to trace your pulse during workout throughout the day,
  • GPS to trace your place, where you’re currently locating,
  • Gyroscope to find out whether if you are biking, swimming, reclining, sitting, standing etc…,
  • Barometer to find out your altitude, that’s utilized to estimate how many stairs that you have climbed to reach your office.
  • Magnetometer is used to detect some particular movements as well as find out in which direction you are moving in.

Some of the fitness trackers allow you to synchronize with external smart bathroom scales, heart monitor and other gadgets that provide more precise readings. Trackers can provide you insight into habits which make-up your lifestyle, when you pair it with companion mobile app or software.

Other models provide fitness tracker watch like notification for email, IMS, texts, incoming calls. And along they offer motivational support in the pretext of badges, challenges, communication with online buddies, and a vibrating notification when it’s a period to wake up and go. Plus they can also share info remotely with your specialists.

Types of trackers that you can choose from

Activity trackers are made to suit a range of needs, if you like to know how many steps that you’re taking each day, then find for an all-day activity tracker.

If you need information’s regarding stride, pace and speed related to your steps, and no to display the path that you traveled, and then find for a training band. These brands can offer data tailored particularly to the regular activities of avid skiers, marathon runners, weight lifters, or golfers. If you need a gadget geared to your desired sport or activity, then don’t be frightened to necessitate, odds are great you will surely find one.

Essential features to regard before buying any of the fitness trackers

Once you’re done to the functioning that you need, you can fine-tune your choices based on your taste.

  • Compatibility:

Before you invest money on any gadgets, always make it a point that the gadget is very well simpatico with your lappy and smart phone, because some trackers synchronize only with iPhone. Whereas some only with android. And many of don’t work well with windows.

  • Style:

Many Activity monitors bands are made to be used on the wrist, whereas some are specially made to be used on clothing by clipping or as pendants. Earlier, gadgets tended to appeal purely functional, but now the suppliers are more concentrating on style. Find for a greater sort of colors, shapes and materials and some brands are made in collaboration with authentic fashion designers. Pick a look that you will sense comfortable wearing regularly.

  • Display:

With the more advancement technology, now the trackers are made to disclose their workout info using symbols, numbers and words on watchface-like display. But other trackers post that info through a simple LED lighting display or only through an application. When you synchronize your computer or smart phone, the Fitness tracker watch companion application not only archives info, yet it also aids you analyze and interpret it. Before making your final decision, have a look at the bands companion application on the apple application shop to assure it lives up-to your anticipations.


Activity bands are not foolproof. They’re made using algorithms and detectors to estimate footsteps, hours slept, stairs climbed, punches thrown etc… it means that there is some degree of not accurate. If you want hard data, then you might need to follow a function-specific gadget. In general, heart-rate Activity monitors that strap to chest and pass data to a fitness tracker are more accurate than the in-device detectors applied to wrist.

  • Multisport tracking:

If you’re involved in some many activities, like preparing yourself for a triathlon, then no necessity to purchase multiple bans to match every workout. Consider a water proof tracker which can gauge elapsed time, distance, speed to aid you trace a different metric while swimming, cycling or running.


Whether you are keeping track of your present health status, beginning fitness session or training for an activity completion, then there is a Best fitness tracker or a health band to suit your requirements. But before making any decision you got to know about the obtainable choices to get the proper tracker to accomplish your workout goals.

Conclusively, if you like to purchase after knowing its benefits and usage then you can make an online shopping from Amazon, because there you can find a wide array of health and activity bands. In addition, it’s good to buy especially from this store is because it offers the best quality products at the reasonable price and also offer home delivery service you can experience the standard quality service.

Best Activity Tracker – Buying guide

Day-by-day, you can find a number of a new activity tracker arrives in the market as well as online. These types of tracker promise you, that it will go to help to teach how to become healthier and help you to move more. You will find so many devices to select from, it will differ vastly based on the costs and it is difficult to find the one which is ideal for you with all the characteristics based on your needs. In order to help you to traverse the ever-growing plenty of choices, here is what you require to know before you purchase the best activity tracker.

Know about the Individual Goals

Before, you buy the activity tracker; you have to know exactly what are the things which you can perform with it while you are being practical about the goals, Most of the research has suggested that while you are buying the fitness or activity tracker which are available on the market, you have to focus on the activities which they perform currently and also the one they need.

“An activity tracker is one of the motivational products for the people in order to obtain more exercise and also to live a healthier lifestyle”. If you like any particular activity such as swimming, then ensure that the activity tracker and software are designed for it or not. If the people who have his own favorite activity which is less common like jumping rope, then they have to examine that whether the activity is identified by the software.

If they are new to the exercise or you are searching to move more, they will obtain everything they require from the fundamental trackers which tracks the calories and steps. But, for the people who would like to active regularly they need the best activity tracker device which incorporates the advanced features, like GPS tracking or heart rate monitoring. These types of features will not only go beyond the surface-level insights, but also offer the details which you require to obtain better while you are working out.

Select the best Fitness tracking devices based on the reviews

You can review dozens together of the fitness tracker each and every year, but the best and excellent one are incorporated in the list. It doesn’t matter whether you need a fundamental Exercise bracelet in order to track the steps and regular activity or a completely on GPS watch for the fitness work and serious running, there are so many things on the list for you.

You have to keep in mind that, each and every fitness tracking devices has been completely reviewed and tested, so you should not forget to check the link or the complete review. A few exercise bracelet incorporates a pair of heart rate monitoring headphones. If you have decided to buy a fitness tracker, then it is better to read more about the tracker which you have chosen and also take a look at the customer reviews, then buy appropriate fitness tracker based on your needs.

Extraordinary Exercise bracelet – Features you require

As the advent of the technology, you have moved a bit from the previous days where the word called “tracker” was synonymous as a “Pedometer”. A step-counting is definitely still useful, the exercise bracelet is more enlightened. These bracelets collects, the huge amount of data and it come along with the dedicated apps which analyze the activities and support you to include healthier habits in your regular lifestyle. A few comprehensive companion apps will allow you to track the calorie and food intake. You have to keep in mind that, the Diet is also as essential as exercise.

Most of the trackers incorporate a gyroscope and accelerometer in order to monitor the record steps and general movement, as similar to Pedometer. The additional standard features incorporate the capability to track the sleep patterns and also to count the calories which are burned. The rest of the things are based completely based on how much you are active during the day, as there are so many health benefits are associated to keep you more active all over the day.

These days, there is an increasing in the number of Exercise bracelet and they are coming with altimeters, that can measure the modifications in the altitude and you can able to track the number of steps that you have climbed. Only the advanced exercise tracker is targeted at heart rate sensors, carry GPS and keen athletes. These types of trackers are designed in order to bring the precise experience to users and also ample selection of training choices. These are geared towards the clients trying to enhance their performance, so it can incorporate many analytics and data, which might be intimidating for the people who started out the fitness journey.

How much you have to spend on Exercise Bracelet?

You can find a number of exercise bracelet on the market and also in the online, they are available in various ranges. If you have decided to buy the fitness tracker, then you can obtain plenty of less and more expensive models. The amount of money which you spend is completely depends on the level of detail which you need your exercise tracker to capture.

If you need to monitor the steps which take and calorie which you have burned while you are traveling to and from the work, then you have to take a look on the basic exercise bracelet which are less expensive. If you are a casual runner and you would like to enhance fitness then go for the best tracker which are more expensive compare to the basic tracker. If you are a serious athlete then you must go with the expensive one which is ideal for your budget. Before the purchasing the best activity tracker, it is better to consider the things which are mentioned above and also consider your personal goals, then go with the specific one which are ideal for you and your budget.

The Best fitness watch- Advantages

There is no doubt the inactivity can cause a number of personal and health problems, including the acute illness, onset of chronic, weight gain and it may also minimize the productivity in our daily life, work and school. Bare in mind that, the continuous activity can avoid and it may also reverse most of these problems. Moving around through running, walking, even fidgeting in the seat, will surely help to boost the person’s complete health. You will not only have to be continuously active, in addition to this you have to make some sort of gains by practicing those activities.

The Fitness wristbands are one of famous way in order to monitor your progress on the regular basis. Based on the tracker, the wearer can track the caloric intake, distance travelled, calories, and steps and in addition to this they even track the sleep and heart rate. A few of them even provide the GPS tracking in order to match the pace and distance. The fitness trackers appear as a needless investment for the one who have already had an athletic incentive.

Now-a-days, also the fitness tracking movement has become alive and it offers so many advantages, too. It doesn’t matter whether you are searching to get active or less weight, the fitness trackers are the best way to become healthier and it helps you in so many ways.

Amazing Benefits which you can obtain out of the Best Fitness watch

  • Accountability

It is a huge one for the one who require a little push out of the door in order to take a walk during the morning time. Most of the fitness wristbands will generally work along with the third party applications. It can make challenge for a person to work out and also share your planned workout programs to keep him liable for the exercise program. Most of the research has proven that the social exercise supports us to do more regular kind of exercise. In addition to this, When you have engaged in the activity, then you can able to post it on the social media with your active relatives or friends.

  • Healthy Eating

As every now that leading a healthy lifestyle incorporates a healthy diet and regular activity, the Fitness wristbands provides feature a hydration log and a fuel, to keep an individual in a track of the quality and quantity of everyday fuel. You have an option to enter the food option; the amount of water should be intake in a day, and estimate the quality of the diet to motivate the better choice.

  • Goal setting

One of the major features of the fitness tracker is nothing but a capability in order to set the goals and attain them in a proper manner. It doesn’t matter whether you are losing a 10 pounds of weight or intensifying the non-exercise activity, by tracking the sleep, fuel and exercise which are available and learning what it will take and how to attain the goals which you have set. Goal setting helps to keep an individual to concentrate on the progress and also about the personal fitness evolution. This is the major difference between being fit and engaging in an active lifestyle.

  • Tracking your Z’s

The quality of your sleep may affect almost all the things from safety, mood, energy, carvings and metabolism. Most of the fitness wristbands help to track the individual sleep patterns, it will not show how long you have slept, but also inform you whether it was a light or deep sleep all over the night and how many times you have woken up. Monitor the regular steps and knowing about the quality of the sleep is less than that of optimal and it can inspire the life changing sleep habits that will help to enhance the performance

Let us take a look On GPS running watches

These days, you can able to find a GPS sports watch or running watch, it is a personal choice of an individual and it completely based on the amount of detail which you need from your runs. Some of the best GPS fitness wristbands are mentioned below they are:-

  • Tom Tom Spark

It is a one of the best running watches in the list. This watch incorporates a built-in optical heart rate monitor, it also plugs into the almost all running apps going and it also includes the storage space for the MP3s that it will play through a pair of wireless headphones. In short, this TomTom Spark is a more to train with compare to any of its peers.

  • Garmin Forerunner 630

It is the best one for tracking your recovery. This type of fitness wristbands has recently incorporated the smartphone notifications on the wrist and also host of the new metrics. You can easily see the data on the vertical ration and stride length that are used in order to improve the running efficiency. This type of wristbands rates performance condition and lactate threshold to avoid and try over training and it offers warning notifications while you are pushing the things very far. It is precisely for the hardcore runners who require great smart watch inspired features. If you are planning to spend the money on the GPS running watches, then this is the ideal one for you.

  • Polar V800- Best for the high-end data

It is an ideal training time piece for the swim-bike-runners, this type fitness wristband helps to track almost all the things which you require to do on the 2 wheels, 2 feet, on dry land or on the water bodies. The maximum heart rate, fat burn calories, distance and pace all of these are covered with the clean screens which are intelligently customizable.

Like this, you can find number of GPS running fitness wristbands in the online and also in the market. But while you are purchasing a particular one, then you have to do the research on the fitness wristbands reviews.

Customer’s experience

Obviously, every one of us needs good users experience while buying wearable fitness tracker. While buying the one there are plenty of technical issues consider like its installation, how to charge the device and how it can store the data. Does the fitness device synchronize automatically to your cell phone or do you need to do it automatically? Is the device water resistant? Is sleep tracking feature manual or automatic? These are some of vital queries which you need to ask for yourself.

Wearing a fitness tracker is just half the story, even the other part is equally important. It is essential to understand and how to use the device in your regular life to lead a healthy life. Another vital aspect to consider is, various fitness activity trackers will have different way of displaying the data. So, it is important to note that your smart phone app and the website interface are pretty much attractive as well as quite simple to use. Moreover, it provides you with all the essential information in which you are interested.

One of the best ways to understand about these potential issues is through understanding about the user experience and also to go thoroughly through the product reviews.

How to purchase best fitness trackers from Amazon

Forthwith, the technological advent has the process of buying pretty much easier. In this concern, Amazon plays a vital role. It offers wide array of fitness watches. In fact, it is truly quite simple to sort out best fitness trackers and choose the one which you need the most. In this concern, a majority of the online sellers provide free shipping services and also help you to save money on purchases.

The official website of Amazon displays all varieties of fitness trackers which are for sale. Nonetheless, you can even narrow down your search by looking for the product of specific features. For example, if you need an item having water resistant feature, then you need to enter the same in the search bar.

Another major benefit of buying through online is, you can easily search for the sellers offering free shipping services. In order to find such sellers, all you need to do is choose the sellers providing free shipping option and thus you can save your money on purchases. On the arrival of the product, ensure to check whether the product is arrived in good packaged condition or not.