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In a world of obsessive screen time and social media, it is no surprise that many families are growing apart due to fewer social connections. Spending your time with your family is not only beneficial, but it also promotes your mental and physical wellbeing. The concept also applies when seeking medical care. As you book your appointment to see Dr. Sudha Challa from Lenox Medical Clinic, you likely wonder about the health benefits of going as a family. Here are some of the reasons:

1.      It improves your mental health

Your family is your first contact when you have a mental problem because they have grown up knowing how you respond to situations when under distress. You rely on them for advice and support, particularly if you need to see a doctor. A quick phone call to your sibling or parent asking them to drive you to the hospital is a good start. During your session, at least you will have someone with who you are more familiar to provide you with the mental support you need.

2.      It lowers the risk of behavioral problems

One of the leading causes of behavioral problems is family abandonment or neglect. Children who spend less time with their parents have shown a high risk of behavioral issues such as substance abuse, truancy, and violence. When they receive positive reinforcements for good behavior, they grow up adopting healthy patterns. When they form a bond with their family members, it creates a safe space for pent-up emotions, preventing behavioral issues.

3.      It boosts self-confidence

Going to see your doctor as a family builds confidence for all its members. Parents and the doctor can teach their kids to build self-esteem through specific problem-solving and communication skills. Assuming that parents and doctors are their kids’ role models, they can model their ability to have self-worth without degrading others. Everyone grows knowing they have each other’s support.

4.      It helps kids learn future parenting skills

Children learn from what they see and hear. If you emphasize the need to see your doctor as a family unit, chances are your kids will apply the same when they finally become parents. In so doing, they adopt essential caregiving skills that they can apply one day. They can also use the same knowledge when interacting with their siblings and the people around them.

5.      It reduces stress

Did you know that people in strong relationships with their families have better health coping mechanisms for stress? When one of the members has a problem, the first thing they do is call their immediate family. Their response to your stressful situation is a sign that they have created a healthy outlet.

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Seeing a family doctor can be beneficial for your physical health and mental wellbeing as well. Not only does it allow you to spend time with your loved ones, but it also helps them know what is troubling one of their members. The result is unmatched bonding that … Read More...

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Birth control methods have made it possible for couples and single women to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Planning for pregnancy is essential as babies come with significant financial expenses. Today, women have multiple options for hormonal and non-hormonal birth control methods, including oral contraceptives, condoms, implants, spermicides, and vaginal rings. Deciding on which way is best for you can be challenging. Consulting with Dr. David Afram may help you make the best decision while paying attention to factors such as cost, possible side effects, and your future pregnancy plans.

What is birth control?

Birth control involves different ways to prevent pregnancy from occurring until one is ready or desires to. Birth control methods fall under two major classes – hormonal and non-hormonal methods. Hormonal birth control methods such as the combined and progestin-only pill work by preventing ovulation. Non-hormonal methods such as using diaphragms prevent the sperms from getting to your uterus. Although hormonal methods can be effective and reliable, some women may opt for non-hormonal birth control methods due to:

  • Personal and religious beliefs.
  • Health problems.
  • Undesirable side effects such as mood swings, weight gain, and irregular bleeding.

Types of non-hormonal birth control methods


The diaphragm is among the barrier birth control methods that block the semen from getting to the uterus. It is 94% effective, meaning that only 12 out of 100 women using a diaphragm can get pregnant. It is shaped like a saucer and made of silicon. The first placement should be done with your healthcare provider and is best used with spermicide to increase its effectiveness. The diaphragm can be re-used for up to one year, making it cost-effective. On the downside, women who use a diaphragm are at risk of urinary tract infections.

Contraceptive sponge

A sponge is made out of foam which feels like your vaginal tissue. It works just like the diaphragm and cervical cap by preventing semen from getting to your womb. The differentiating factor between a sponge and a diaphragm is that the sponge already contains spermicide and can be bought without a doctor’s recommendation. Using the sponge during your menstrual cycle may irritate you. This birth control method is less effective in women who have had children before. You may discontinue its use whenever you want to get pregnant. A contraceptive sponge does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

Intrauterine copper device

This is a T-shape plastic device that your doctor places inside your uterus. Its outer covering – copper, destroys the sperm, preventing them from fertilizing the egg. Although less effective than hormonal IUDs, it still prevents pregnancy more than 99% of the time. IUD is one of the most effective birth control methods and can last up to 10 years. Some women may experience cramping and bleeding in between periods after placing the IUD. Your doctor can help remove the device at any point when you decide to get pregnant.

Birth control methods protect against pregnancy but not sexually transmitted diseases or infections. Condoms are the … Read More...

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When it is summertime, one of the things you always look forward to is spending time outdoors wearing your shorts or skirts to avoid the frustrations of the summer heat. You will also want to get sun exposure. Unfortunately, if you are a woman, you might find yourself spending too much time daily shaving your legs, the bikini area, and the underarms. On the other hand, if you are a man, the summer season may have nothing to do with the frustrations experienced when shaving your face frequently. Whatever your reasons are, Dayton laser hair removal has got you covered.

Undergoing laser hair removal removes the hair and permanently reduces the quality and quantity of the remaining hair. It is a simple treatment option that both men and women can benefit from. So, why should you consider laser hair removal? The following are the reasons why you should:

Saves money

Without laser hair removal, you may find yourself spending a lot of money annually on razors, shaving creams, and other necessities for removing hair. Those costs are bound only to pile up if you do not like having the slightest hint of hair. Luckily, the price for laser hair removal accounts for far less. The treatment is also permanent, meaning you will save money for a while, thanks to less hair growth.


Think of all the time you may have to spend every week traveling to and from waxing appointments. Even worse, think of the hours you spend if you opt to do everything yourself. When you add all that time over a lifetime, you will be shocked by the time hair removal takes. However, with laser hair removal, you save a lot of time that you can use on other duties, thanks to how permanent the results are. The good thing with the laser procedure is that it can target multiple hair follicles at once, making it quicker and better than other options.

To achieve clear and smooth skin

Many options of hair removal cause ingrown hairs, redness, irritation, and discomfort on the skin. The shaving, the waxing, and the hair are responsible for the irritation you feel on the skin. Thankfully, laser hair removal ensures you no longer have the hair, so there will not be anything ingrown, and you will not experience redness or irritation.

It is virtually painless

Laser hair removal is pretty safe and painless, unlike plucking hair or waxing, which is associated with tearing the hair out of your skin or shaving that may cause accidental cutting of your skin. Most patients say that the procedure is virtually painless even without the application of the anesthetic cream. There is a cooling factor that counteracts the heat from the laser. It provides comfort while soothing the skin. In addition, if you follow your specialist’s guidelines, you minimize the risk of any side effects significantly.

If you are tired of your shaving regimen or the endless waxing appointments, laser hair removal has you covered. It … Read More...

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Did you know that 50% of people aged 50 and older have varicose veins? While the condition is more common in women than men, anyone can still develop and suffer from it if they have a risk factor. So if you have varicose veins, the last thing you should focus your thoughts on is how unsightly they look. Receiving treatment for varicose veins in the Upper East Side should be your top priority. Here are a few facts about varicose veins that the Upper East Side Cardiology would like you to know:

  1. Causes of Varicose Veins

The circulatory system composes the arteries and capillaries, which collect blood from the heart and distribute it to other body parts. On the other hand, veins transport blood back to the heart. Since the veins in your legs are working against the gravitational pull, it makes sense that they would get overworked. This might lead to pooling in the veins, which may cause varicose veins. With time, the veins in your legs may weaken or rupture.

  1. Varicose Veins Differ From Spider Veins

As is expected, not all veins appear or function similarly, which makes it easier to confuse spider veins with varicose veins. The former appear red or purple and are usually thinner and flatter. On the other hand, varicose veins are blue and may protrude out on the legs. So when going for treatment for either condition, it is essential to know which types of veins affect you.

  1. Varicose Veins May Occur in Any Part of Your Body

While it is common to get varicose veins in the legs, they can still pop up in other body parts. You may see them on the legs due to gravitational pull, but they can still appear on the face or neck.  So if you see big and protruded veins popping out of your legs, arms, neck, or face, see a vein specialist immediately.

  1. Your Lifestyle Can be a Risk Factor for Varicose Veins

While genetics can significantly determine your risk for varicose veins, your lifestyle can also aggravate them. To prevent varicose veins from affecting your circulatory system functions, consider maintaining a healthy weight. If it helps, engage in physical exercise. And if you spend too much time sitting or standing for more extended periods or wearing high heels, consider alternating to flats or engaging in physical exercises. Finally, avoid any clothing that puts pressure on your waist or thighs.

  1. Varicose Veins Might Cause Pain or Otherwise

Even though some people may seek treatment for varicose veins for esthetic purposes, some sufferers may not experience any pain due to the veins. However, symptoms like inflammation, fatigue, itchiness, aching legs, or heaviness can make you qualify for vein specialist intervention.

A Vein Specialist Can Help

Whether you want vein treatment for cosmetic or medical purposes, understanding the facts about them can help you get the medical intervention you need. To find out if you qualify for a varicose vein diagnosis or treatment, schedule a consultation with … Read More...

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There are many reasons that your ability to move around comfortably and freely could become hindered. Injuries, accidents, surgeries and even just normal aging can have an impact on the way your body moves. Here are some tips for maintaining your mobility.

Improve Strength

One of the best ways to keep your body flexible and in good working condition is to have a regular exercise routine. You need a combination of strength training and cardiovascular work. If you don’t know where to begin, a personal trainer can teach you some exercises that will increase the muscle strength that supports a strong core.

Stay Flexible

Another important factor in mobility is your level of flexibility. A daily stretching routine can help you keep muscles long and loose so that they can react more quickly, helping you to maintain balance and avoid injury. Flexibility improves the body’s ability to withstand stress and keeps muscles ready to perform as needed.

Get Therapy

Some mobility issues cannot be resolved with a daily exercise regimen. If the help you need goes beyond what you can do for yourself, physiotherapy Burlington ON, may be necessary. Professionals who specialize in the way the body moves can find the underlying issues that are causing your pain, stiffness or lack of free movement. Then they propose treatment options that target your specific problems so that you can be on the road to recovery in no time.

Fight Inflammation

Many people, particularly those with joint pain, experience reduced mobility due to inflammation. Eating an anti-inflammation diet is a good start to combatting this problem. Limiting sugar and stress are also ways to reduce swelling in your joints. Finally, maintaining a healthy weight can relieve some of the pressure that leads to swollen joints.

Whether you are wanting to improve overall health or fight the effects of aging, your mobility plays a role. Maintaining or improving your mobility is a great goal no matter why you set it.… Read More...

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